The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 771

Chapter 771: The Great Army Attacks

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What is the situation on Fumeng Lingcha's side?" Dusong Mangpoje asked as he put down the tea cup.

"Replying to Milord: our people disguised as Hu merchants have been keeping an eye on the Qixi Protectorate headquarters this entire time," the kneeling messenger said. "In addition, we also requested the aid of the Arabs in keeping watch. We just received word that Fumeng Lingcha has already left the protectorate headquarters and is currently heading toward the front lines on the plateau."

"And what of Gao Xianzhi?" Dusong Mangpoje said.

Along the northern edge of the plateau, the -Tsang Empire only cared about two people: Fumeng Lingcha and Gao Xianzhi. These two Imperial Great Generals were not that far from each other, and they could reinforce each other if the situation called for it.

"Gao Xianzhi is currently vigorously training his soldiers in preparation for battle. Based on the reports from our spies in Anxi, he's likely planning to attack the kingdoms west of the Cong Mountains, so he should have no time to worry about Qixi. In addition, the relationship between Gao Xianzhi and Fumeng Lingcha has never been good. It has always been Qixi going to the aid of Anxi, and Anxi will rarely go to the aid of Qixi. The chance of this happening is extremely low." The scout gave his honest assessment.

"Then let's move out. There's no need to worry about General Dayan. I will help him keep an eye on Fumeng Lingcha. Without the threat of Fumeng Lingcha, General Dayan shouldn't encounter any problems."

Dusong Mangpoje gave a faint smile as he pushed aside his tea cup and rose, walking out of the black tent.

His army rumbled, kicking up its own cloud of dust as it set off for the northern lines.

"Hurry! Pour the solder!"

"It's in the wrong position. Move the second module to the left a little."

"Keep going! The second level is nearly complete! Hurry and get the beehives ready."

In the northeast corner of the Tibetan Plateau, at the triangular gap, the eight to nine thousand craftsmen were working like bees. In the course of several hours, a small-scale 'City of Steel' had emerged, glimmering with a silvery light as it took shape.

This was a mini-fortress, much smaller than Wushang's City of Steel, around one-twentieth the size.

Although it was small, as a military fort, it was enough to hold around fifty thousand soldiers, more than enough for Wang Chong's purposes.

Wang Chong had arrived at this number after careful thought. Moreover, this fortress was constructed on that triangular gap on the northeast corner of the Tibetan Plateau, preventing the Tibetans from using it to enter and exit the plateau.

However, the Great Tang was capable of using the triangular gap to enter the fort so that it could be defended against -Tsang. If all went as expected, this would be the first fortress between the Great Tang and -Tsang.

Wang Chong's modular construction method once more displayed its might. In some few hours, a fortress was beginning to slowly rise from the plateau out of nothing.

Although the construction was still not complete, two levels had been finished. With each floor being three meters tall, the total of six meters was already enough to grant it some basic defensive capabilities.

The third level was still being worked on and was well on its way to completion. Once the third level was completed, the fortress would be nine meters high, and the miniature City of Steel would have put its first roots down into the plateau, endowed with significant defensive capabilities.


While the craftsmen were busy, a shrill cry suddenly came from the distance. Wang Chong, standing on the wall, followed this sound and saw that several birds of prey were currently flying in his direction.

It wasnt just vultures this time. There were also many rock eagles, gyrfalcons, large hawks, sparrow hawks There were fifty to sixty, forming a massive flock.


Zhang Que was standing to the side, that rock eagle of his perched on his shoulder. His entire body was taut as he stared at the massive flock of birds, and he twisted his head to look at Wang Chong. The birds that had appeared this time were far too numerous. The eagle team alone would be very hard-pressed to deal with them.

"Haha, there's no need to worry about them. Just let them come."

Wang Chong smiled and waved his hand.

"In addition, Li Siye, get ready. Our guest of honor has arrived."

"Yes, this general will go."

Li Siye clasped his fist in his hand and then descended from the wall, his armor clattering.

"All soldiers, hear my order! Quickly gather and prepare to meet the enemy!" Li Siye's voice rang out like a bell over the plateau. Li Siye took the lead, riding his Ferghana steed to the front of the army.

Behind him, the five thousand Wushang Cavalry swiftly formed up.

In the rear, the eight-thousand-some craftsmen seemed to sense that something was amiss, and they became slightly anxious. Only Wang Chong remained calm.

"Dayan Mangban, it's about time you showed up."

Wang Chong clasped his hands behind him and smiled.

Scouts would precede the army, and for a Tibetan army to send ten-some scouting birds ahead of it was already quite impressive. For there to be fifty to sixty birds this time meant that behind them, an army of unprecedented size was making its way here.

Wang Chong's judgment was on the mark. A few moments later, following closely behind the birds of prey, a fierce turbulence surged out of the horizon.

This turbulence carried vast quantities of grass and dust that shrouded the entire battlefield.

Although this was the only thing on the horizon, everyone instantly felt an air of tension, an invisible pressure surging toward them in a wave.


Soon after, they could hear the cries of warhorses as a light whisper that quickly became as loud as thunder.

Bong! Bong!

As the drums banged, a massive black banner was thrust out of the horizon, visible even before the warhorses had appeared.

This banner was the height of six or seven people, with a red border and black background. Depicted upon it was a blazing white flame, like a devilish flower of the underworld, exuding the thick stench of death.

And beneath this massive banner, everyone could see a tyrannical figure, bursting with a desire to kill and slaughter, that viewed the entire world with disdain.

This person was riding a divine steed taller than a man, its body as white as snow but its hooves as red as blood.

Just a glance from this man and horse caused a chill in the deepest depths of everyone's hearts.

Dayan Mangban!

As Wang Chong looked into the distance, this name emerged in his mind. There was only one person in Wang Chong's memories who could exude such a formidable pressure from such a long distance, and that was Dayan Mangban.

That snow-white steed with bloody hooves from the Great Snow Mountain was the firmest proof of his identity.


As these thoughts flitted through Wang Chong's mind, a massive boom of thousands of galloping horses rose from the horizon. Tibetan warhorses surged out from Dayan Mangban's left and right, a massive wave sweeping over the world.


Li Siye's voice came from the front of the army, his mountainous figure like a rock in the middle of a surging river, exuding an aura of peerless might.

Clang! He raised his signature enormous sword, shining with a cold light in the gloomy sky, and the atmosphere in this northeast corner of the Tibetan Plateau instantly turned somber.

Rumble! The warhorses continued to get closer, and the atmosphere became as taut as a drawn bowstring.

Far from Wang Chong, in another area, Heba Ye became nervous. "Milord, it's Dayan Mangban. The Tibetans really did show up."

On the night of Pulan He's death, he had been in the camp and exchanged blows with that mad devil of a Tibetan Brigadier General. The experience had left such a deep impression that it haunted his nightmares to this day.

He had recognized Dayan Mangban at a glance.

"No! It's not just Dayan Mangban There's also Dusong Mangpoje." An indifferent voice came from the side. Fumeng Lingcha was riding on a black steed, a profound look in his eyes as he looked into the distance.

Great Generals were extremely sensitive to powerful existences of the same level. Although there appeared to be nothing before him, Fumeng Lingcha could already sense the presence of Dusong Mangpoje.

Although he was surrounded by a mighty force of soldiers, he was as obvious as a beacon in the darkness to Fumeng Lingcha.

"Ah!" Heba Ye paled, unable to suppress this yelp as he looked at Fumeng Lingcha. Dayan Mangban was difficult enough to deal with, but with Dusong Mangpoje here as well, this meant that almost all of the -Tsang Empire's forces along the northern border had been mobilized.

"Milord, do we need to mobilize as well?" Heba Ye asked.

"That bastard. It seems he already predicted this."

Fumeng Lingcha clenched his fists and shot a glare to his left in the direction of the triangular gap, his eyes spitting flame.

He was almost sure right now that this was all within that Wang Clan brat's calculations.

According to the laws of the Imperial Court, if Wang Chong moved out on his own to the plateau and encountered an army like Buluhu's, even if he died, his death would be in vain. Fumeng Lingcha would be able to avoid any blame and perhaps even deride the Wang Clan a little.

But now, Wang Chong was occupying the triangular gap, very close to the camp of the Qixi Protectorate army. If both an Imperial Great General and a Brigadier General of -Tsang showed up and the Qixi Protectorate army still showed no reaction, then it was truly incompetent. Whether or not Wang Chong died, Fumeng Lingcha would still have to explain himself to the Imperial Court.

In a normal situation, Fumeng Lingcha wouldn't have cared, but it wasn't too long ago that Dayan Mangban and his White Braves had 'broken through' the defensive lines of the Qixi Protectorate army and attacked Wang Chong's City of Steel.

In the end, they had also made a large swing and attacked a camp of the Qixi Protectorate army, killing five thousand Qixi soldiers and General Pulan He.