The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 778

Chapter 778: Karmic Battle Armor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


With a thought from Wang Chong, the scene before his eyes changed once more. Five golden balls of light had appeared above the Stone of Destiny, displaying within them the words 'Mind', 'Body', 'Energy', 'Techniques', and 'Power', the five different reward categories offered by the Stone of Destiny.

Mind represented 'belief', Body represented 'body-tempering arts', Energy represented 'Origin Energy', Techniques referred to 'martial techniques' and 'martial methods', and Power represented 'vigor' and 'fortune'. Some of these categories had at first been sealed, but after the war of the southwest, the last two categories of 'Techniques' and 'Power' had been opened, making all the categories available.

Wang Chong's eyes naturally turned to the 'Energy' rewards.

This category was not as straightforward as it seemed. The Stone of Destiny would not directly provide Stellar Energy, and it certainly wouldn't directly advance a warrior to another level. Instead, these rewards were all things related to Origin Energy, like halos or Stellar Energy traits. In moments, the Energy rewards available for exchange were displayed in front of Wang Chong.

The rewards from the Stone of Destiny had changed since he last saw them.

Origin Energy Pill, only effective to warriors at the Origin Energy realm; Stellar Energy Honer, alters the nature of Stellar Energy and boosts Stellar Energy's sharpness; Stellar Energy Piercer, alters the nature of Stellar Energy and boosts Stellar Energy's ability to pierce

Wang Chong mentally read through these extremely familiar contents. The Origin Energy Pill and Stellar Energy Honer were not useful to the current Wang Chong. Only the Stellar Energy Piercer was of any use, as it had a chance of ignoring defenses, with additional purchases allowing him to increase the chance of triggering this special effect.

But what truly attracted Wang Chong were the new rewards being offered.

'Stellar Energy Igniter (Specific to Strength of Lu Wu), upgrades user's Lu Wu Energy by one level. During battle, rapidly burns away opponent's energy. Amount of energy burned is dependent on user's strength and the level of the opponent.

'Basic upgrade: Every fifteen minutes, a quarter of opponent's Stellar Energy is burned away. Effect limited to opponents of Imperial Martial realm and below. Cost: 800 points.

'Advanced upgrade: Every fifteen minutes, a quarter of opponent's Stellar Energy is burned away. Effect limited to opponents of Saint Martial realm and below. Cost: 1200 points.'

Wang Chong couldn't help but widen his eyes at this reward. He clearly remembered that this ability had not been there the last time he looked.

The Stone of Destiny doesn't undergo changes without reason. It seems like besides new categories, new rewards will also be unlocked as I accumulate more Destiny Energy, Wang Chong speculated. But what truly caught his eye were the words 'Specific to Strength of Lu Wu'.

It seemed like the Stone of Destiny would also offer special rewards according to the user's circumstances.

I already have two supreme techniques. One is the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and the other is the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, but neither triggered any change in the Stone of Destiny. Only this Strength of Lu Wu caused a change in the reward contents. I wonder where it came from?

Wang Chong's mind buzzed as he thought back to the black-clothed people he had encountered.

The Strength of Lu Wu had belonged to that mysterious group. Wang Chong hadn't expected this strength to trigger a change in the Stone of Destiny, but he had to admit that the Stellar Energy Igniter of this Strength of Lu Wu was very useful to him at the moment.

The absorption effect of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and the burning away of a quarter of an opponent's Stellar Energy every fifteen minutes might not be enough to kill Dayan Mangban, but it was enough to give him a very big problem.

It took only a few moments for Wang Chong to reach a decision.


With a thought, the reward symbolizing 'Stellar Energy Igniter' suddenly began to explode with light. At the same time, a massive stream of energy that was both blazing hot and as cold as ice surged into Wang Chong's body.

This was an excruciating feeling, but it swiftly vanished without a trace. Meanwhile, a brand-new energy had appeared within Wang Chong's body, one that was simultaneously hot and cold and was beginning to fuse with every cell in his body.

What a strange power! Wang Chong thought to himself. This strength was similar to Lu Wu's energy, similarly bursting with vitality, yet it also seemed even more powerful. Interestingly, while nothing appeared to change on the surface, Wang Chong could clearly sense that his strength had been significantly boosted.

I wonder what the effect will be? I'll try it out when I fight Dayan Mangban in a little while.

This had always been the style of the Stone of Destiny, always providing qualitative changes instead of large one-time boosts. Just the 'Stellar Energy Igniter' alone would clearly not be enough to deal with Dayan Mangban, so Wang Chong quickly resumed his search.

The various rewards from the five categories once more emerged before Wang Chong's eyes. These rewards offered different abilities and had different costs, but the vast majority were not what Wang Chong needed at the moment.

As he looked through the rewards, his brow gradually began to crease. Wang Chong didn't care very much about Dayan Mangban's soldiers, as he had plans to deal with them. The only problem he had no solution for was Dayan Mangban.

Putting aside everything else, if this operation failed, Dayan Mangban would immediately go even crazier and begin his assault on Qixi.

Dayan Mangban's actions were bold and imaginative, and not even Wang Chong could predict them. He could only guarantee that Dayan Mangban's attacks against him would be ineffective, but he could not guarantee the same for the Qixi Protectorate army. Moreover, he also had to consider the penalty of 2000 points of Destiny Energy.


Suddenly, Wang Chong's gaze paused on the very last reward in the 'Techniques' category.

'Karmic Battle Armor (Basic): can only be used by user. Can massively boost user's defensive capabilities, can fend off the thrusts of any divine weapon. In addition, armor will fuse with user's Stellar Energy and greatly boost user's strength.

'Exchange Condition: user must have achieved 'Controller of Destiny' and have obtained Basic Destiny Battle Armor (Karmic Battle Armor is an upgrade to Destiny Battle Armor).

'Cost: 1400 points.

'Upgrade (Advanced Karmic Battle Armor): Strengthen the Stellar Energy boost. When user's Stellar Energy fuses with armor, user can be boosted an entire level in strength.

'Note: Boost cannot exceed 'Saint Martial realm'.

'Note: Boost in strength is followed by an extreme drop in strength. Karmic Battle Armor's strength boost will last a maximum of two hours. In addition, after use, user will experience approximately five days of dizziness and fatigue (Karmic Battle Armor does not consume only the user's Stellar Energy). Finally, for a period of one month, Karmic Battle Armor will not be available for normal use. User should be cautious in using this ability.

'Upgrade cost: 1000 points.

'Extra Upgrade: If user pays an additional 80 points of Destiny Energy, user can store Karmic Battle Armor in the Stone of Destiny's space. At the same time, armor gains the 'equip' effect. When summoned, all pieces of armor will immediately equip themselves to user, allowing user to swiftly equip the armor in any situation.'

As he read through these lines of information, Wang Chong fell into a contemplative silence. He could not recall seeing this reward before.

Could it be

An idea came to him, and he swiftly moved his mind to the last of the five categories, 'Power', and went to the very last reward.

'Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor (Divine Destiny Battle Armor): Locked!'

Wang Chong saw exactly what he had predicted he would see. But unlike the Karmic Battle Armor, the words 'Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor' were grayed out and locked.

As expected, as I accumulate more Destiny Energy, the numbers of rewards I get access to increases, but the price also increases by a frightening amount, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

The items that Wang Chong had initially exchanged for had only cost several dozen points, but rewards like the 'Stellar Energy Igniter' had terrifying prices. The Stellar Energy Igniter alone had taken 1200 points of Destiny Energy, while the Karmic Battle Armor and its additional upgrades would cost 2480 points of Destiny Energy.

In the past, he would have only been able to sigh in regret at this armor.

But even though the cost for these items was extravagant, their abilities were also extravagant. Both the Stellar Energy Igniter and the Karmic Battle Armor could be used against Saint Martial opponents, and the 'Imperial Great Generals' of the various countries of the world were at the peak of the Saint Martial realm. People stronger than them were few and far between.

The Karmic Battle Armor had the even more astonishing effect with a correspondingly astonishing price. For 2400 Destiny Energy, it could boost a user from the Imperial Martial realm to the Saint Martial realm. Although it was just a change in realms, this difference was as vast as that between the heavens and the earth to Wang Chong.

At the very least, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art in the Imperial Martial realm was completely different from the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art in the Saint Martial realm.

Time was short, and it took only a few moments of thought for Wang Chong to rid himself of the hesitation. He first spent 80 points of Destiny Energy on the Destiny Battle Armor (Destiny Struggler), after which he spent 1400 points upgrading it to Karmic Battle Armor, and then another 1000 points for the advanced armor, and finally, 80 points for the additional upgrade.

In total, Wang Chong had spent 3760 points of Destiny Energy.

I have 270 points of Destiny Energy left, Wang Chong silently enumerated.

The stronger the abilities, the more Destiny Energy they would require, so Wang Chong did not dare to rashly spend his remaining points.


After all this, Wang Chong finally opened his eyes.