The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 779

Chapter 779: Dayan Mangban Attacks

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Lord Marquis, has your cultivation finished?"

A hint of surprise flashed through Li Siye's eyes as he noticed that Wang Chong was loosening up.


Wang Chong nodded.

"How much time has passed? Has anything happened on the other side?"

"Lord Marquis only began to meditate a few moments ago. Not even twenty seconds have passed," Li Siye said. "As for the Tibetans nothing yet."


Wang Chong was dazed as he now understood why Li Siye had appeared surprised. Although he felt like a long time had passed, it had actually been just twenty seconds In Li Siye's eyes, he had barely sat himself down.

But the flow of time in the mental space had always been different from the flow of time in reality.


As they were speaking, a plaintive horn blared from the Tibetan army, echoing across the battlefield. Unlike the previous horns, this horn carried with it a stifling pressure.


The earth began to tremble, and even the grass in front of Wang Chong and Li Siye started rustling.

Wang Chong's expression turned grave and he immediately stood.

"Pass on my order for all soldiers to get ready! Dayan Mangban is about to attack!" Wang Chong sternly said.

Sensing the gravity in Wang Chong's voice, Li Siye quickly took off. The moment he left, buzz! A powerful aura emerged from the Tibetan army two thousand zhang away, clear and distinct. Looking over, Wang Chong saw the black tide of the Tibetan army split apart, allowing a snow-white steed with crimson hooves to trot out.

A familiar figure was mounted on this warhorse, its eyes locked onto Wang Chong. Even at this distance, Wang Chong could sense that chilling killing intent and the fiendish air around him.

Is the attack finally beginning?

Wang Chong had immediately recognized Dayan Mangban.

Although he had defeated Dayan Mangban twice, Wang Chong was not the slightest bit relaxed. Dayan Mangban was a famous general of -Tsang, a brave, fierce general, and -Tsang's 'Asura War God'.

In those previous two incidents, Wang Chong had used schemes or group attacks to deal with Dayan Mangban, but they had never once engaged in a proper cavalry battle.

More importantly, Dayan Mangban was the sort of person who would learn from each experience, and with no white fog of barley powder, Wang Chong wouldn't be able to use another dust explosion to deal with him.

'Brat, your death is certain!'

Although Dayan Mangban had said nothing, Wang Chong could clearly see the murderous intent in his eyes. Bzzt! Dayan Mangban raised his right hand, giving the signal for a different force of cavalry to trot out.

Every soldier of this force was riding an extremely muscular horse, larger in every aspect than the surrounding highland steeds.

Their bulging muscles contained an explosive strength.

And their riders were also different from the rest of the Tibetan cavalry.

Owing to the environment of the plateau, the majority of Tibetans were shorter than the average Han, but each of these riders was extremely tall, and their eyes were dark and cruel. Just by standing in their ranks, they exuded a murderous and baleful aura that soared into the skies and exerted an intense pressure.

No ordinary cavalry could exude this kind of intense aura. The only force that could compare to them across the entire plateau was Wang Chong's five thousand Wushang Cavalry.

"The White Braves!"

In the distance, several officers from the Qixi Protectorate army narrowed their eyes as they whispered out that name. Heba Ye was particularly affected, his pupils shrinking into pinpricks.

No one had a deeper impression of the White Braves than the Qixi Protectorate army. It had needed the deaths of five thousand soldiers and General Pulan He to learn the power and ferocity of the White Braves under Dayan Mangban's command.

To the Qixi Protectorate army, that event was a nightmare. Although there had been only around two thousand White Braves, each of them had been like a demon out of the underworld.

Although the soldiers of the Qixi Protectorate army had charged into the fray, they were thrown to the sky like ragdolls before the White Braves. Although they had gone up in groups, they had completely failed to stop the advance of the White Braves.

This impressive strength, the frightening techniques, and callous heart Even the veteran Qixi soldiers trembled in fear at the might of the White Braves.

That was a bloody night that none of them wanted to remember, including Heba Ye and the other Qixi Protectorate army officers.


Time seemed to stop for a moment. All eyes were on Dayan Mangban's arm swinging down. Rumble! The earth shuddered as the five thousand stalwart and proud White Braves surged past Dayan Mangban like a mighty flood.

They slowly began to pick up speed, and then suddenly accelerated, hooves thundering against the earth. In a few seconds, the White Braves had reached full speed.

The earth shook and dust churned. There were only five thousand of them, but when these White Braves began to charge, they seemed able to cover the earth and topple mountains. It didn't seem like they were five thousand, but fifty thousand, or even more.


As the White Braves charged, a cry could be heard behind them. In a white blur, Dayan Mangban charged out from behind the army, last to leave but first to arrive.

Clang! A metal clattering filled the air, and as the front hooves of the divine steed hit the ground, a dark red halo began to rapidly expand like a whirlwind from Dayan Mangban's feet.

The world seemed to be stripped of sound as a mighty halo shrouded the battlefield. In a blink, a massive war halo had expanded to the feet of every White Brave.

Their energy instantly swelled to inconceivable levels. Not only that, this dark red halo fused together all their energies, rendering them into a single immovable fortress.


In the distance, even the hitherto-silent Fumeng Lingcha couldn't help but express his surprise.

"This Dayan Mangban truly does have some ability!"

Fumeng Lingcha's cherished general Pulan He had been killed by Dayan Mangban, as had five thousand of his soldiers. Although Fumeng Lingcha was using Dayan Mangban to deal with Wang Chong, deep within his heart, his desire to kill Dayan Mangban was no less than Wang Chong's.

But even so, Fumeng Lingcha had to admit that Dayan Mangban was a truly daunting adversary.

This powerful halo was not something ordinary cavalry could endure. Just this alone proved that in terms of training, Dayan Mangban was far above ordinary commanders.

Fumeng Lingcha was also praised for his ability to train soldiers, and his troops were always extremely well-disciplined. It was precisely for this reason that even though the Qixi Protectorate did not have many soldiers, it was able to firmly protect Qixi.

Both the -Tsang Empire and the Western Turkic Khaganate could do nothing against the Qixi Protectorate overseen by Fumeng Lingcha.

But even the soldiers trained by Fumeng Lingcha were outshone by Dayan Mangban's White Braves.

Even Fumeng Lingcha had to admit that.

If it were him fighting against Dayan Mangban's five thousand White Braves, Fumeng Lingcha would definitely have to put in all his effort and maintain strict command over his soldiers.

"Dusong Mangpoje might be stronger, but he's not as good of a commander as Dayan Mangban. For -Tsang to have this kind of person is truly a disaster for my Great Tang and Qixi. If there's a chance, once Wang Chong is dead, I have to kill him as quickly as possible to prevent him from becoming an even bigger problem."

Fumeng Lingcha's eyes glowed with a fierce and murderous light.


As the five thousand White Braves approached in a seething cloud of dust, Wang Chong waved his hand, a grim look in his eyes.

He had never underestimated his opponents, much less a powerful foe like Dayan Mangban.

"Li Siye, get ready to use the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation!" Wang Chong solemnly ordered.

"Yes, Lord Marquis!"

Li Siye knew that Wang Chong was serious and quickly went to make the arrangements.

In all his time with Wang Chong, Li Siye had never seen him so solemn. In the past, regardless of the opponent he faced, he would always appear composed and confident, but with Dayan Mangban, he was completely different.

Li Siye could sense that Wang Chong was being particularly cautious with Dayan Mangban.

Wang Chong could tell that Li Siye was surprised, but he chose not to explain.

In his last life, he hadn't interacted much with Dayan Mangban, but had heard far too many tales about him. Dayan Mangban was a madman, but he was also an extremely fearsome opponent. In the end, he had become an Imperial Great General of -Tsang, and one who was even stronger than Dusong Mangpoje.

There were far too many stories about the cities and countries he had destroyed.

And besides, someone who could lead five thousand White Braves to stop the advance of the Arabian Mamelukes in the aftermath of the Tang defeat could not be a mediocre individual.

Any opponent who dared to look down on him was only bringing destruction upon themselves.