The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 78

Chapter 78 News On Zhao Fengchen

Chapter 78: News on Zhao Fengchen!

All of the Imperial Army commanders came excitedly and departed thrilled.

Even though they failed to leave with a Wootz steel sword, they were content with receiving a discount on the auction of the worlds number one swordsmith. Not to mention, it was a 10% discount.

There were many other commanders in the Imperial Army, and several were higher ranked than them. However, with this tiny receipt in their hands, the others would have to back off!

As for the deposit of 20000 gold taels, it was no problem to them at all!

Which of the commanders of the elite Imperial Army didnt have a lustrous background? 20000 gold taels wasnt a small sum of money, but it meant nothing to people of their standing.

After sending the Imperial Army commanders off and delegating some instructions to the servants, Wang Chong stepped into his mothers room.

Usually, there would be some nannies and maids waiting by his mothers side. But this time, other than Wang Chong and Madam Wang, there was no one else in the room.

The 600,000 gold taels stacked up in a miniature mountain was a shocking sight to Madam Wang. The Wang Clan was a clan of general and ministers, and after marrying into the clan, Madam Wang has witnessed many different things. Even so, Wang Chongs ability to earn 600,000 gold taels in a snap of the fingers was still an amazement to Zhao Shu Hua and the incorruptible Wang Clan.

Even though a gentleman loves money, he obtains it through righteous means. If Wang Chong had earned his fortune through dishonest dealings, Zhao Shu Hua would berate Wang Chong and stop him.

However, she personally witnessed the Imperial Army commanders happily dumping their gold taels and gemstones on the Wang Family Residence. In fact, there were even a few who felt that they were giving too little.

Clearly, Wang Chongs wealth came from a clean source.

Chong-er, whats going on?

The room was silent. Seated on a chair, Madam Wang faced Wang Chong and spoke the words that have been plaguing her mind the entire day. Even at this moment, she has yet to recover from the shocking sight of the 600,000 gold taels.

Wang Chong was hiding too many things from her.

I should come clean now!

Standing before his mother, Wang Chongs head was lowered. Even though this wasnt the ideal situation Wang Chong had in mind, he didnt think that he should put off the matter any longer.

The matter this time taught Wang Chong a heavy lesson. Sometimes, decisions made with the welfare of the others at heart may not be truly beneficial to them.

After organizing his thoughts, Wang Chong started to talk about the affairs regarding the Hyderabad ores without hiding anything at all.

So, youre saying that you borrowed the money from those scions for the smithing of the sword?

Madam Wang asked.

Un, Wang Chong nodded in response.

Madam Wang examined Wang Chong intently, and there was an unspeakable emotion welling up in her chest. For an instant, Zhao Shu Hua felt that Wang Chong seemed foreign to her, but at the next, she felt relief as a mother.

Chong-er, you have finally grown up!

Madam Wang stared at Wang Chong, gladdened.

Which mother didnt wish for their own son to accomplish great feats? The current Wang Chong has surpassed all expectations she had for him.

Wealth has always been a fatal flaw of the Wang Clan. Of the entire Wang Clan, and this was including Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang, little uncle, and Wang Chongs own family, there wasnt a single person who was talented in commercialism.

Big Uncle Wang Gen was slightly skilled in the aspect; with several businesses under him, his financial situation was the best within the clan. Even so, it was only to that extent. He was still far from matching up to the truly affluent clans in the capital.

Somehow, the Wang Clan just wasnt skilled in managing businesses. Including Wang Chongs big brother and second brother, there wasnt in the Wang Family who possessed outstanding aptitude in that aspect. However, at this moment, Zhao Shu Hua could see talent in commercialism that exceeded anyone else in her youngest son.

That was 600,000 gold taels!

This astonishing fortune was sufficient to sustain all of the members of the Wang Clan for several decades straight!

Mother, Im sorry. I shouldnt have hidden this matter from you.

Wang Chong apologized with a lowered head.

Madam Wang shook her head.

Son, this matter has shown me that you have become mature and dependable. In the future, you need not report to me about such stuff. Feel free to do whatever you want to, mother believes in you!


Wang Chong felt moved. For a moment, he stared at his mother, unable to speak a single word.

Wang Chong stepped out of his mothers room with a lightened heart. Even though Su Bai nearly got the better of him, he managed to avert the crisis and turn the tables on him.

Through this matter, he has won the absolute trust of his mother, and his mother has permitted him to do whatever he wants to.

Not long after Wang Chong started practicing his martial arts in the courtyard, Wang Chongs uncle, Li Lin, knocked on the doors of the Wang Clan anxiously.

The commanders of the Imperial Army has been here?

That was the first question Uncle Li Lin asked upon meeting Wang Chong.


Wang Chong nodded.

Heh, those fellows sure react fast. I have rushed as fast as I could, but I still wasnt able to outspeed them!

Smiling, Li Lin shook his head.

The joys of life reinvigorates one. Ever since Li Lin was redeployed from his position as a section commander in the North Gates, he seemed to have become livelier, and the words he spoke has increased.

Uncle, has something happened at the royal court? Is it Zhao Fengchen?

Wang Chong asked.

When Wang Chong tried to pry open the mouths of the other Imperial Army commanders, their lips were tightly sealed. However, there were some things that they were unable to hide from Wang Chong.

Thats right! Zhao Fengchen has defeated Huang Xiaotian and became a marshal. He has become the only marshal promoted in the past few years!

Li Lin didnt hide anything from Wang Chong and spoke of the truth:

Marshal Zhao and Huang Xiaotians martial arts are on par with one another. In fact, Huang Xiaotian seemed to be slightly more skilled than Marshal Zhao. However, Marshal Zhao enjoyed an overwhelming advantage in terms of weaponry. With a single slash, not only did he cut through Huang Xiaotians Winterthirst, he even split the steel armor on his body into two. He was just a hairs breadth away from splitting the other partys body into two as well!

There were many people spectating the fight then, and another marshal of the Imperial Army was there as well. Everyone was stunned by the sharpness of Marshal Zhaos sword. That bunch of fellows who came to look for you must have been present as well. To think that they would sneak here to look for you!

Huang Xiaotian and Zhao Fengchens fight for the position of the marshal was a huge affair for the Imperial Army. What was at stake wasnt just the seat of a marshal, it was also a face-off between the two factions in the Imperial Army.

Wang Chong couldnt be any more aware of that fact.

Even though his uncle didnt describe the matter in detail, Wang Chong could sense the tenseness in that fight.

Its good that Lord Zhao has been promoted to a marshal.

Wang Chong said. After which, he told of the matter regarding the 600,000 gold taels to Uncle Li Lin.

Just like that, Zhao Fengchen and Huang Xiaotians fates have been changed.

In the future, many things would change as well.

Wang Chong knew that after being promoted to a marshal, the royal court would devote its resources to grooming Zhao Fengchen. As such, Zhao Fengchens growth would be hastened, and he would achieve the position of a grand marshal much faster than before.

And given that Wang Chongs uncle has contributed to him through presenting him the Wootz steel sword, he would rise through the ranks in the Imperial Army alongside Zhao Fengchen.

With this relationship, it would become more convenient for Wang Chong to sell his swords to the Imperial Army.

Furthermore, Uncle Li Lin has always been the weakest link of the Wang Clan. If he could achieve success alongside Zhao Fengchen in the Imperial Army, the strength of the entire Wang Clan would be brought to new heights.

Todays matter is not a one-time off thing. Most probably, more people will come looking for me in the future. Thus, I hope to leave this matter to uncle. With Lord Zhao covering you in the royal court, it should be more convenient for you to deal with this matter.

Wang Chong said.

Wang Chong was prepared to pass on the matter regarding the bidding privilege and the organization of the auction for the Wootz steel sword to Uncle Li Lin to handle.

This wasnt just for Wang Chongs convenience, or that Uncle Li Lins position made it easier for him to deal with such matters. Rather, Wang Chong hoped to raise Uncle Li Lins standing in the Imperial Army through this matter.

When most of the commanders, generals, and even marshals have requests of Uncle Li Lin, his standing and prestige within the Imperial Army would rise naturally.

Uncle Li Lins promotion would probably come much faster than he himself could expect. Furthermore, with Zhao Fengchen and the Zhao Clan shielding him, few people would dare to cause him trouble.

What was even more incredible was that the commanders from the various differing factions would wish to obtain the Wootz steel sword, and this would prop Zhao Fengchen and Uncle Li Lins position in the Imperial Army upward. At the same time, they would meet with less resistance and opposition as well!

That is, if these people still desire to purchase Wootz steel swords in the future!

All in all, only in Uncle Li Lins hands will maximum benefits be derived from this matter!

Rest easy, I know what I should do. Right, your aunt asked for you to come by when you are free so as to chat with your cousin and guide him along. That fellow is arrogant, but his abilities are lacking. Your aunt and I hope that you can help us teach him a lesson.

Li Lin said.

Wang Chong chuckled. Big aunt and uncle have a son named Wang Liang. Even though uncles surname is Li, the family followed by big aunts surname. This was the usual practice when the maternal family was much more powerful than the paternal family.

Big aunt and uncle have high hopes of Cousin Wang Liang, but it was a pity that he seemed to be drifting further and further from their expectations.

Alright, I will go over when I have time.

Wang Chong said. It wasnt long before grandfathers birthday, and if nothing goes wrong, Cousin Wang Liang would be there as well. There was no difference meeting him at big aunts house or during grandfathers birthday.

After earning 600,000 gold taels, the matters that Wang Chong could engage in has expanded significantly. Finally, he could set his plan into motion.

After sending uncle off, Wang Chong immediately brought Shen Hai and Meng Long, along with a crate of gold ingots, to the White Agate Jewelry Store to look for the two Sindhi monks, Ablonodan and Arloja.

Masters! I have brought the money for the 300 jun of Hyderabad ores!

Wang Chong pointed to the crate and gestured.


Shen Hai and Meng Long carried the crate over to Ablonodan and Arloja.

Theres 80000 gold taels here! Its yours!

Wang Chong said confidently.

Despite their usual composure, Arloja and Ablonodans heart jolted violently upon hearing Wang Chongs words. But at the next moment, they felt bewildered.

Gongzi, didnt you give us 30000 gold taels before? Furthermore, didnt you devote some money to convert them into rations? Why are you giving us so much money now? This is already far beyond 90000 gold taels!

80000 gold taels, along with the 30000 gold taels which Wang Chong passed to them previously, added up to a total of 110,000 gold taels. This was already far beyond the sum they have agreed on beforehand.

This left the duo perplexed.

Alright, last finalization.
Zhao Fengchen is a general.
He is promoted to a marshal.
The highest rank in the Imperial Army is the grand marshal.