The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 781

Chapter 781: A Clash Of The Strongest Cavalry

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Those cavalry from Wushang are in danger!"

By Fumeng Lingcha's side, Heba Ye and the other generals of the Qixi Protectorate army looked worriedly on at the seemingly unstoppable White Braves. Although they were opposed to Wang Chong, Wang Chong having even offended their Protector-General, all of them couldn't help but feel sympathy.

After all, they were all people of the Great Tang, and moreover, the Qixi Protectorate army would eventually have to fight with Dayan Mangban as well.


The earth shuddered under the charge of the White Braves, their five thousand seeming like an army of tens of thousands, their momentum unstoppable. If the White Braves could contend against twice or thrice their number, then these White Braves in formation were finally displaying the abilities worthy of their status as the guardians of the royal capital, defenders of the Tibetan Plateau, the strongest of all the soldiers of -Tsang.

Right now, the White Braves were capable of contending against eight times, nine times, even ten times their number.

This was the true face of that terrifying army that could contend against the elite Arabian Mamelukes.

The earth was shaking so intensely that it seemed ready to sunder apart. In front of these White Braves, any commander would feel an endless pressure and a deep-rooted fear.

It's finally here!

On the other end of the battlefield, behind the countless steel walls, Wang Chong's eyes narrowed in an expression of unprecedented gravity as he gazed at the charging White Braves.

The Great Bon Formation!

Dayan Mangban had finally revealed the formation he had used to battle against the Mamelukes on the plateau, that formation passed down from the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, the most powerful formation of the plateau!

'Bon' referred to the 'Bon religion', the oldest religion of the Tibetan Plateau. Its origins were far older than the -Tsang Empire, even older than the religion of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple.

All Tibetans believed that the Great Bon1 was a religion that belonged to an extremely ancient civilization of the plateau that had vanished long ago, and the Great Bon had been an existence similar to the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple of the current era. All information about that civilization, including the Great Bon religion, had completely disappeared, with only a few snatches of information being passed down. This information was preserved in the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple for those who came after to revere it.

The Great Bon Formation was a powerful formation of the Bon faith that the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple had preserved, and the White Braves had used secret techniques of the Bon faith to cultivate it.

The mysterious white symbol emblazoned on the sides of the White Braves' steeds was the symbol of the Great Bon.

These were tales that had only begun to emerge from the Tibetan Plateau in the era of the great calamity!

When Dayan Mangban's White Braves used the Great Bon Formation, they became the strongest cavalry force on the plateau, and also one of the strongest cavalry forces in the world! Not many soldiers could stand atop this towering precipice, with the White Braves being one of them and the Arabian Mamelukes being another.

Wang Chong's Wushang Cavalry was also one of them!

But in his previous life, Wang Chong had never had a chance to lead his Wushang Cavalry in a battle against the Asura Dayan Mangban's White Braves.

This is also fine! Let me see whose soldiers are stronger! Who can truly claim to have the strongest cavalry in the world!

Wang Chong, mounted on his White-hoofed Shadow, stared at the approaching White Braves with a look of unprecedented anticipation in his eyes.

By the time of his ascendancy in his last life, the stars of all the generals had fallen, leaving the starry night dim. Although he had been praised as the supreme War Saint throughout the ages and had obtained the recognition of his seniors, as a commander, he still had some regrets. He had never been able to truly test his abilities against those powerful adversaries.

The Wushang Cavalry had been acclaimed as the number one cavalry of the world, a title they had obtained through their battles with the otherworldly invaders and acknowledged by all the people of the world. But the Wushang Cavalry had never fought against the White Braves of the Tibetan Plateau, never fought against the Arabian Mamelukes who had defeated the Great Tang, Gao Xianzhi, and his Anxi Protectorate army, and had never fought against the Turkic Wolftooth Cavalry, so their reputation felt a little undeserved.

But now, he could finally fulfill one of his regrets.


With a clang, Wang Chong unsheathed his sword and aimed it forward, the silvery-white Wootz Steel gleaming beneath the dark clouds with a cold light. The energy of his soldiers gathered together, and the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation began to change.

The formation from before had only been at its basic stage, and it suddenly began to exude an energy several times more somber and intense.

Wang Chong's gaze was fixed on the approaching army, as were those of his five thousand Wushang Cavalry.

Thirteen hundred zhang, twelve hundred zhang, eleven hundred zhang, one thousand zhang

As they got closer and closer, the White Braves in the Great Bon Formation began to get faster and faster, the energy bursting out of their bodies growing stronger and stronger. Above them, the air began to twist, and a massive white '' manifested in the air, exuding an ancient and oppressive aura.

Even from a distance, it exerted a suffocating mental pressure.

Most frightening of all was that the energy of the White Braves was fusing into one. The mass charge of five thousand soldiers was truly the most dreadful of all.

Yet Wang Chong's eyes remained calm in the face of these White Braves, immovable as a mountain.

Nine hundred and fifty zhang, nine hundred zhang, eight hundred and fifty zhang, eight hundred zhang!

Their momentum continued to increase as they got closer, but Wang Chong remained unmoved. His eyes were half-closed as he waited for the right moment, waited for the moment where Dayan Mangban's momentum reached its peak and he would no longer be able to turn around. This time, he did not only want to defeat Dayan Mangban, but also completely resolve this danger to Qixi.

Seven hundred and fifty zhang, seven hundred zhang!

Less than two thousand meters now stood between them, a distance that was now creeping into dangerous territory.

Six hundred and fifty zhang, six hundred zhang!

"Wang Chong, hand over your life!" A thunderous voice rang out through the sky. Dayan Mangban was pressed up against the back of his divine steed, his spear leveled as he roared.

"Hmph!" Wang Chong snorted, at the same time swinging down his sword and giving the signal to attack.


There was an earth-shaking boom as the five thousand unmoving Wushang Cavalry suddenly surged forward. At this moment, every other sound was drowned out, and the entire plateau seemed to dim.


Horses cried out like massive beasts ripping off their disguises. With a force that could sunder mountains, the Wushang Cavalry charged forward.

Clangclangclang! Thousands of halos began to descend, winding around the hooves of the Wushang Cavalry. In an instant, the originally silent cavalry had ascended to astonishing levels, their energy expelling the pressure exuded by the White Braves.

If one said that the aura exuded by the Wushang Cavalry had been like that of a child in comparison to the White Braves at their peak, then the moment Wang Chong gave the order, the rapid rise of energy in the Wushang Cavalry had made this child into an adult.

Although they still could not compare to Dayan Mangban's Great Bon Formation, they now had the right to contend against the White Braves.


Dayan Mangban's pupils constricted at this sight, his mind reeling from the shock. But this was only the beginning


There was another metal clattering as the White-hoofed Shadow reared up on its legs. Wind gusted and light flashed as a dark red halo began to expand, spreading from beneath the White-hoofed Shadow to all the Wushang Cavalry.

The Halo of Dusk Stallion!

As the cavalry charged, Wang Chong had immediately unleashed this supreme cavalry halo. Clangclangclang! Three Halos of Dusk Stallion were released, bolstering his entire army.

Wang Chong would let everyone experience the power of the Halo of Dusk Stallion.

Ten zhang!

The five thousand Wushang Cavalry had accelerated to extraordinary speeds. Speeds that normal cavalry would need five hundred meters to reach had been achieved by the Wushang Cavalry in only ten zhang, thirty meters.

Twenty zhang!

Streams of air howled beneath the hooves, traveling for more than one hundred zhang. The five thousand Wushang Cavalry were already beginning to blur as they reached the speed limit of normal cavalry.

Thirty zhang!

By this time, the Wushang Cavalry had reached a speed that would leave most cavalry stunned and sighing in praise. But the Halo of Dusk Stallion was bolstering the Wushang Cavalry to even higher speeds.

Fifty zhang!

The earth shuddered. At this moment, the Wushang Cavalry were like bolts of lightning, leaving long white trails in their wake, and yet they were still getting faster

"How could they be this fast?!"

The explosive speed and power of the Wushang Cavalry had left everyone stunned. The soldiers of the Qixi Protectorate all became apprehensive, subconsciously standing straight. On the other side, Dusong Mangpoje couldn't stop his eyes from twitching.

Everyone knew that cavalry were stronger the faster they were. They had never seen or heard of something like this, with cavalry reaching such high speeds in the space of just fifty zhang.

And the five thousand Wushang Cavalry were only getting faster.

Eighty zhang!

The clouds of dust stirred by the army now reached a hundred feet into the air.

One hundred zhang!

The Wushang Cavalry had finally reached their maximum speed, and the earth seemed to groan under their power. At this moment, the speed of the Wushang Cavalry had completely surpassed Dayan Mangban's White Braves, reaching a speed no other cavalry in the world had ever reached.

1.Bon is a religion of Tibet which traditionally claims to have existed before the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and is claimed to have been the religion of the Zhangzhung Dynasty. Currently, the Bon religion shares many its overall teachings and terminology with Tibetan Buddhism.