The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Ten Charges Ten Victories

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


At this moment, Dayan Mangban's teeth were clenched, his eyes brimming with shock. The Great Bon Formation was a secret art of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple and belonged to an ancient religion of the plateau. It was only through its properties that the White Braves were able to reach such a terrifying maximum speed.

This was almost the maximum speed that any cavalry could reach, and Dayan Mangban didn't know of any cavalry that could be any faster than his White Braves.

But in the space of one hundred zhang, Wang Chong had exceeded this limit, shattered it.

Yet it still wasn't over. Boom! There was a flash of light, and suddenly, a killing intent as vast as the seas exploded out from the Wushang Cavalry.

Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation!

This was a formation from the era of the great calamity, one forged from the combined essence of countless formations and the combined intelligence of countless people. It had been hailed as one of the strongest war formations in that apocalyptic world, and now, for the first time in this world, it was revealing its power and glory.

'Ten charges for ten victories! Devils weep and gods are vanquished!'

During the great calamity, there were ten supreme battlefield formations, filtered out from the world's thousands of formations and further improved and refined. These formations resided at the peak of the field as the kings of formations, and the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation was one of these.

'Ten charges for ten victories; devils weep and gods are vanquished' was a phrase that described the terrifying offensive power of this formation. Almost no formation was capable of stopping it.

This was a purely offensive technique, sharp and fierce beyond compare. Upon obtaining this formation, Wang Chong had modified it even further to make it even more powerful.

At the same time, he had made it more suitable for his Wushang Cavalry, converting it into one of humanity's strongest formations against the otherworldly invaders.

Wang Chong had used this formation to create many legends, leading his Wushang Cavalry in killing countless numbers of those otherworldly invaders, who had such incredible vitality and such formidable defenses that in the early stages, they were said to be undying.

And although the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation was not the most powerful of the Ten Great Battle Formations, it was the one most suited for breaking through enemy formations and shattering defenses. In addition, the Wushang Cavalry had just been trained up and had not been tempered through countless battles, so it would be very difficult for them to train in any of the other ten formations. The Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation was the only one within their capabilities.

It was for these reasons that Wang Chong had chosen the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation.

But even so, the power of the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation was practically unequaled in this world.

Tibetan plate armor was the thickest in the world, with no other country being able to compare, and the Great Bon Formation was a perfect match for this aspect. While it was both a formidable offensive and defensive formation, it was particularly strong on the defense. It was by this method that Dayan Mangban could lead the White Braves in dealing a heavy wound to the Arabian Mamelukes.

This was both a model campaign and an extremely influential one, so every student of the art of war would have to study it. As the final Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, Wang Chong had researched all the campaigns of the world and the strategies and tactics employed within them, and this battle had been among them.

Wang Chong had analyzed the Great Bon Formation and determined that while its offensive capabilities were not outstanding, its inherent defensive power paired with the Tibetan plate armor made for a peerless defense. This was the perfect counter to the Mamelukes, who had fierce attacks but weak defenses.

It was like the sharpest spear was clashing against the toughest shield. The Great Bon Formation was that shield, and anyone who couldn't break it would only end up being battered to death. This was a legendary battle, a clash of the world's strongest cavalry on the unique geography of the plateau.

In his analysis, Wang Chong had determined that if he wanted to deal with the White Braves, the best method was to use the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation.

Although this formation was not the strongest of the ten formations, perhaps was even the weakest, it was the most powerful charging formation. As long as one could scatter the Tibetan Great Bon Formation and dispel its buff, the White Braves, while still formidable, would not be as fearsome.

Thus, the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation was truly the best choice for dealing with Dayan Mangban.


A powerful energy emerged from the five thousand Wushang Cavalry, one able to stand on equal terms with the White Braves.

Previously, the Wushang Cavalry might have just been considered elites among elites, but now, their strength had swelled to such heights that they could now be ranked with the best cavalry of the world.

"Bastard! There's no way such a thing is possible!"

Dayan Mangban was grinding his teeth together, furious at this sight. The White Braves were the guardians of the royal capital, one of the best cavalry forces of the -Tsang Empire.

All the White Braves were hand-picked, and Dayan Mangban had paid a massive price to raise this supreme force.

Of all the cavalry of the -Tsang Empire, Dayan Mangban had selected only five thousand, and he had brought them around the surrounding countries, fighting countless wars to train and hone them into the current White Braves.

With the current strength of the White Braves, Dayan Mangban was confident that he could charge them into an army of fifty thousand and emerge with a decisive victory.

There were few soldiers in Dayan Mangban's mind that could compare to the White Braves, perhaps none.

But Dayan Mangban had never imagined that on the border of the plateau that he was so familiar with, he would encounter an elite force of cavalry that was on the same level as his White Braves, and this was a Tang force belonging to that Wang Chong that he had to kill.

This was completely unacceptable to Dayan Mangban.

"All soldiers, hear my order! Kill them all! Don't leave a single one alive!" Dayan Mangban hollered out, killing intent surging in his eyes. No matter what, he could not allow any other cavalry force to sit on the same level as his White Braves.

Rumble! The White Braves' hooves thundered as they shot like a fired arrow toward Wang Chong and his five thousand Wushang Cavalry.

At this stage in the battle, there was no ground left to retreat.

"Li Siye, follow me!" Wang Chong ordered. His eyes twinkled as he stared at Dayan Mangban and the White Braves.

"Yes, Lord Marquis!"

Li Siye's energy was like a storm as he followed closely behind Wang Chong. The five thousand Wushang Cavalry were continuing to add to their speed and momentum, causing a grim and bleak energy to rise into the sky and the air to twist and contort.


When the Wushang Cavalry's energy reached its peak, a massive golden spear suddenly manifested in the air above them, the point of which aimed at the Tibetan White Braves.

Not only that, a moment after that ten-some-zhang golden spear appeared, there was a second, and then a third, slightly thinner spear, and then a fourth, a fifth Ten massive spears appeared over the army, like a school of sharks, all of them aimed at the White Braves.

Ten Charges Ten Victories!

These ten spears were the strongest attack of this formation!

Fifty zhang, forty zhang, thirty zhang

As the two armies approached, everyone else looked on. The several dozen subordinates Fumeng Lingcha had brought with him were completely entranced by this sight, even forgetting to breathe. In the rear of the Tibetan army, Dusong Mangpoje had subconsciously straightened his body, the muscles on his neck tightening as he watched with rapt attention.

The entirety of the Tibetan army was shrouded in a deathly silence, each soldier watching as those two cavalry forces of apparently similar strength approached.

The thundering of hooves drowned out all other noise, transforming into the loudest existence on the battlefield.

Twenty zhang, ten zhang

The tension in the air had reached unprecedented levels. The two armies could see the killing intent in their enemies' eyes, the desire for slaughter. Wang Chong could even see the veins bulging out of Dayan Mangban's forehead and the black horseshoes on that divine steed. He could even hear Dayan Mangban's heavy breathing.

Good or evil, right or wrongnow is the time to be tested!

As the thundering of hooves filled his ears, Wang Chong was suddenly filled with an unprecedented will to fight.

Gone were the grudges between the Great Tang and -Tsang; cast aside were the missions of the Stone of Destiny. As a pure soldier, as a War Saint who lived only for battle, Wang Chong had an all-consuming desire to battle with these famous generals, Brigadier Generals, and Great Generals that he had never fought with before. He wished to test his might against those elite armies.

Those were the regrets of Wang Chong's last life, but now, he could finally get his wish.

I will let you see what it means to truly be the strongest cavalry!

Wang Chong's staring eyes erupted with his formidable resolve.


Suddenly, there was a massive crash, the two cavalry forces smashing into each other like two furious waves. In that moment, time seemed to stop, and then there was a thunderous boom. It was like a giant and invisible hand had slammed against the ground, and the entire plateau shuddered.

As the surrounding world quaked, clang! No one noticed that a milky-white halo was beginning to expand under Wang Chong's feet, quickly spreading to the White Braves.

The energy of the White Braves swayed as it began to drop. Clang! After the first halo came a second.

The Bane of the Battlefield and the Bane of Generalsin this clash, Wang Chong had immediately unleashed his two strongest halos.


The world continued to shake and sway, the winds howling as five thousand White Braves clashed against five thousand Wushang Cavalry.