The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 784

Chapter 784: The Heart Of The Great Bon

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Om mani padme hum"

At this moment, while the intense battle was going on, six White Brave officers stood in six positions of the Great Bon Formation, robes peeking out from beneath their thick plate armor, each of them holding a palm-sized green pot. The surface of these pots was covered in strange inscriptions and drawings of mysterious beasts.

As these officers chanted, an indescribably mysterious strength flowed out of these pots, transforming into dark green symbols that slowly revolved around them. Meanwhile, the energies of these six officers began to resonate with each other, gradually connecting to each of the '' symbols on the White Braves' foreheads, creating a massive formation.

These six ritual tools formed the 'Heart of the Great Bon' left over from the ancient Zhangzhung Dynasty's Great Bon religion, and were how the -Tsang Empire was able to recreate the Great Bon Formation after so many years.

The -Tsang Empire had been able to use only five thousand White Braves to stop the advance of the Abbasid Caliphate's Mamelukes not only because of the White Braves' formidable strength and their thick plate armor, but also because of this Heart of the Great Bon.

No one understood the principle by which the Heart of the Great Bon operated. The Tibetans only knew by gathering together these six ritual tools, they could activate the powerful strength of the Heart of the Great Bon, bestowing an inconceivable defense on the White Braves.

Before the White Braves could avail themselves of the Heart of the Great Bon to make a counterattack, Wang Chong gave an order. "Li Siye, Ten Charges Sweeping Formation. Mobilize the six assault teams and destroy the Heart of the Great Bon!"

The five thousand Wushang Cavalry altered their formation, spreading apart like a giant turbine.

This sudden transformation disrupted the formation of the White Braves. Even though the White Braves were a supreme cavalry force that had swept over the world, they found themselves momentarily unsteadied by this assault from the Wushang Cavalry.

Not only that, under the cover of this sweeping maneuver, six teams charged out. Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, Chen Bin, Xu Keyi, and two other officers each led a team toward the six White Brave officers.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The White Braves who attempted to halt their advance were sent flying. All six of the Tang commanders led the best of the Wushang Cavalry, each of them at Profound Martial Tier 2 or 3.

While charging under the buffs from the three Halos of Dusk Stallion, each of them had the strength of someone at Profound Martial Tier 5 or 6, far above the average Wushang Cavalry or White Brave.

Although the Heart of the Great Bon granted an extremely powerful defense and could also grant a boost in strength, this boost was not so strong that these assault teams could not break past the Tibetans.

"Stop them!" an anxious voice rang out over the battlefield. When he saw the six Tang officers smashing their way through his ranks, Dayan Mangban had suddenly paled.

The Heart of the Great Bon was one of the White Braves' greatest secrets. Although the Great Bon Formation could still be used if the Heart of the Great Bon were lost, its power would suffer a large drop.

Dayan Mangban had always kept this secret under a tight lid and never used the Heart of the Great Bon unless it was an extremely critical battle. Due to this and the fact that the isolation of the plateau made it very difficult for outsiders to gather information, very few people knew of the Heart of the Great Bon.

Dayan Mangban had never imagined that an outsider like Wang Chong would know of the Heart of the Great Bon. He had even prepared six assault teams beforehand meant specifically for targeting the Heart of the Great Bon.

If the Heart of the Great Bon were broken, the White Braves would lose that boost in strength, and the Great Bon Formation itself would lose half its power. This result was not something that Dayan Mangban could accept.

"Daren, Zanbo, go!" Dayan Mangban firmly ordered. No matter what, he had to stop Wang Chong's six assault teams.

"Yes, Milord!"

Two fierce Tibetan generals with pronounced temples immediately took off with a group of cavalry. But they had barely left when the ground rumbled, and a flood of Wushang Cavalry arrived. In a single strike, the group being led by Dayan Mangban's two generals was instantly scattered.

Gallop! As the Wushang Cavalry galloped past, the two Tibetan generals were suddenly bereft of any soldiers.

As Daren and Zanbo looked around at the Wushang Cavalry surrounding them, they instantly paled.

On the other side, Dayan Mangban was boiling with rage, his teeth gnashing together.

For the first time in Dayan Mangban's military career, he had encountered a formation that could equal his Great Bon Formation. Wang Chong's Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation had an offensive power even fiercer and more frightening than the Great Bon Formation.

"Damn it! Brat, hand over your life!"

Dayan Mangban roared and urged his horse forward, his eyes scarlet, seething with killing intent.

With a spirited cry, the muscular divine steed of the Great Snow Mountain charged forward like a shooting star. Bangbangbang!Wherever it passed, Wushang Cavalry were sent flying like ragdolls.

Several of the Wushang Cavalry screamed as they were sent flying from their horses seven or eight zhang into the air by Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy. None of the Wushang Cavalry could take even a single blow from him, much less stop him.

"Hahaha, Dayan Mangban, if you want to fight, I'll fight you! All soldiers, hear my order! Disperse!"

The sight of Dayan Mangban charging toward him like some demon god made Wang Chong's eyes brighten. Not only did he feel no fear, he relished the opportunity.

Dayan Mangban was the core of the formation and also the target of Wang Chong's operation. If he could kill him, he could complete his mission and vanquish this threat to Qixi.


The cry of Wang Chong's White-hoofed Shadow drowned the cries of the other warhorses. After almost a year, Wang Chong's horse had fully matured. It was tall and stalwart, bulging with muscle, and through Wang Chong's special methods, the Stellar Energy circulating within it filled Little Shadow's body with explosive strength.

Its strength and speed, the toughness of its flesh, and its defensive capabilities all surpassed those of ordinary warhorses. It was completely capable of going blow-for-blow with Dayan Mangban's divine steed bestowed by the Great Snow Mountain.

Rumble! Wave after wave of Stellar Energy flowed into the White-hoofed Shadow, and Wang Chong's halos resonated as he merged with his horse. His speed was instantly raised to the extreme, and he began to drag a white trail of energy behind like he was a comet.


Dayan Mangban was only too elated to see this sight.

"Since you're seeking death, you have no one else to blame!"

Boom! Dayan Mangban urged on his horse even faster. As countless people watched, Wang Chong and Dayan Mangban approached each other at terrifying speeds, and then crashed against each other.


The moment these two comets collided, another stalwart figure immediately entered the stage, colliding only moments after.

The sky itself seemed to be tearing apart as the massive explosion suppressed all other sound. On the edge of the battlefield, the Qixi Protectorate army and the Tibetan warriors not participating in the battle could clearly see an enormous ball of light expanding in the center of the battlefield, a sun descended to the mortal realm.


Winds raged across the battlefield, and at the edge of the explosion of light, countless Wushang Cavalry and White Braves unable to flee in time were tossed around like weeds.

"Hmph! Where did this obscure little soldier come from! Get out of here!"

Dayan Mangban harshly stared at that mountainous figure that had charged behind Wang Chong, and he turned his spear and thrust it at Li Siye.

Boom! Stellar Energy sprayed everywhere as Li Siye brought his massive Wootz Steel sword to block the spear. His Ferghana steed whinnied as it was incessantly pushed back by the enormous strength of the blow, but the blow was still successfully blocked.

"Haha, Dayan Mangban, he's not the nameless soldier you say he is! Li Siye, let's kill him together!"

Wang Chong internally gave a long sigh of relief. Dayan Mangban might have been the Asura War God of the -Tsang Empire, and even a future King of Generals, but in the history books of another timeline, Li Siye had been the Invincible Great General!


The air began to ring out around Wang Chong and the image of the sun and moon appeared to Wang Chong's right and left. Without hesitation, Wang Chong activated the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Rumble! In a radius of one hundred zhang, the air began to rapidly rotate under Wang Chong's control. The powerful attractive force began to pull on Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy, jolting and almost ripping it out of his body.

When Dayan Mangban focused his mind and attempted to steady his Stellar Energy, Wang Chong suddenly slashed, his sword flashing.

"Hand over your life!"

Without any additional words, Li Siye leveled his sword and unleashed a storm of energy. Fierce gales immediately began to howl, shrouding the entire area in a cloud of dust and gravel.

The moment the winds began to howl, Li Siye's Wootz Steel sword cut through the air, slashing toward Dayan Mangban with the power of a storm.

Boom! An invisible wall of Stellar Energy erected itself around Dayan Mangban, repelling both Wang Chong's and Li Siye's attacks. Dayan Mangban's gaze was dark and cruel, his eyes exuding the sharpness of ten thousand swords.

"Wang Chong, even if you call over ten, one hundred, or one thousand people, it's all useless! Your life will end here today!"