The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 786

Chapter 786: The Heart Of The Great Bon Is Broken

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The only person who was still able to interfere in this battle between Wang Chong and Dayan Mangban, two Saint Martial experts, was Li Siye, the future Invincible Great General.

During the battle of the City of Steel, Wang Chong had had to rely on Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi, and his other officers, more than two hundred people organized into teams and using formations to surround and attack Dayan Mangban, to eventually force him back. But Li Siye was different.

He was currently the strongest subordinate under Wang Chong, and no one could replace him.

Li Siye was so strong that not even a Brigadier General like Dayan Mangban could ignore him. His techniques were vigorous and bursting with destructive Stellar Energy. Although Dayan Mangban managed to block each one, he had to consume a significant amount of Stellar Energy to do so. The Asura God of the plateau was left feeling vexed and apprehensive, yet there was nothing he could do about it.

"This damned thing! I'll kill you first!"

Dayan Mangban's killing intent exploded and with a boom, he pushed away Wang Chong. Then he turned his spear around and thrust it at Li Siye. This attack was both extremely sudden and extremely fast, the spear creating vortices in the air and even twisting light.

The destructive energy on the tip of the sear was enough to pulverize metal!

Li Siye had not yet reached the Saint Martial realm, so if he were struck by this attack, he would end up heavily injured or dead.


To Dayan Mangban's surprise, the ever-vigorous and aggressive Li Siye seemed to predict this attack. His Ferghana steed suddenly backed up, dodging Dayan Mangban's murderous blow ahead of time.

Boom! The energy shooting out of the spear transformed into a black dragon that continued on like a fierce river for several dozen zhang. As it thundered across the battlefield, horses reared up and whinnied while both White Braves and Wushang Cavalry were thrown into the air like weeds.

The pitch-black spear energy immediately threw part of the battlefield into chaos.

"Bastard!" Dayan Mangban cursed, but he knew that he had missed his chance. On the other side, Wang Chong was already back on the attack, those violet flames instantly attaching to Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy like oil and setting it ablaze.

With the Stellar Energy Igniter, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and the Stellar Energy Piercer, although Dayan Mangban was clearly head and shoulders above Wang Chong, Wang Chong was still able to slowly whittle away at his strength and prevent him from displaying his full power.


While Wang Chong, Dayan Mangban, and Li Siye were embroiled in their battle, elsewhere on the battlefield, five massive explosions could be heard, sending vast waves of energy spreading in every direction. The explosions shrouded the entire area in gravel and dust, and five fierce gales began to howl.

And with these five explosions, something seemed to break. That thin shroud that had covered the White Braves immediately dispersed, and they felt their divine strength leaving them like they were punctured balloons. In a few seconds, they had dropped back down to their original level of strength, maybe even weaker.

Caught off-guard, all the White Braves were momentarily dazed, confused as to what to do.

"Not good!"

Dayan Mangban had been fully invested in his battle with Wang Chong and Li Siye, but when he heard those five explosions and sensed the change in the White Braves, his composed face immediately paled.

Dayan Mangban clearly understood that those five explosions meant that the Heart of the Great Bon had been broken, the formation shattered. Although there were six ritual tools to the Heart of the Great Bon and one of them still remained, in truth, the single remaining one was meaningless now that five had been lost.

One ritual tool was not enough to assume the formation and buff the entire army.

And even more disastrous was that in past battles, the enemy had either never known about the Heart of the Great Bon or were unable to break the Great Bon Formation, so the Heart of the Great Bon had never been in danger. But now that it had been broken, it was no longer a simple problem of lower defense. The forced interruption had caused the strength of the entire army to fall.

This situation was extremely lethal.

"Hahaha! All soldiers, hear my order! Ten Charges Ten Victories, scatter the Tibetan formation!" Wang Chong roared.

In all things, preparation led to success and lack of preparation led to failure. Dayan Mangban might have tried his utmost to hide the Heart of the Great Bon, but such a thing was impossible to hide from Wang Chong. His six assault teams had finally succeeded, and with the Heart of the Great Bon broken, he had complete control over this battle.

It was finally his turn to strike.

Rumble! The Wushang Cavalry once more altered their formation, transforming from that spinning vortex into a callous and fierce wheel of swords. With a killing intent that surged like the waves of the sea, it thrust into the White Braves.


Highland steeds whinnied as they were felled, and the White Braves that had been so unstoppable just moments ago were instantly suppressed, their offense and defense both crumbling. Boom! Boom! Boom! Warhorse crashed against warhorse, metal clashed against metal, and more and more White Braves fell to the ground.

While these White Braves had just moments ago been impervious gods who could send Wushang Cavalry flying with a single punch, they were not even able to take a single blow now.

Wherever the five thousand Wushang Cavalry went, the White Braves were trampled under the hooves of their mounts. Clang!The first wave of Wushang Cavalry charged past, and the second wave was already coming, their swords whirling through the air. The heads of the White Braves flew into the air, their eyes wide open. Even in death, they dared not believe that they had been defeated on the plateau.

And their foes had been the Tang that they had always viewed with disdain.

"Li Siye, go!" Wang Chong bellowed as he once more charged forward.

Wang Chong could see that Dayan Mangban's mind was unsettled, his plans completely overturned. This was the best chance to kill him, the ideal moment to complete the 'Threat to Qixi' mission.

"Stellar Energy Igniter!

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!

"Art of God and Demon Obliteration!"

The surface of Wang Chong's body burned with violet flame as he pushed his strongest techniques to the limit. Meanwhile, the sword in his hand was as nimble as a snake, raining down various Saint Martial realm techniques on Dayan Mangban.

Moreover, Wang Chong's position was constantly shifting, east to west, back to front. The existence of the warhorse did not restrict his movements, only made them even more impossible to predict.

On the other end, Li Siye let out a furious bellow. He had clearly sensed as well that this was the opportune moment to strike, and his dantian howled as it unleashed Stellar Energy.

His massive Wootz Steel sword struck like the ceaseless floodwaters of a river, slashing and hacking at Dayan Mangban from every direction.

Li Siye's Stellar Energy was fierce and tyrannical, so each strike cleaved away at Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy.

Although Dayan Mangban still held the advantage, his Stellar Energy continued to be consumed and his reserves were no longer as deep.

"Damn it! You two bastards! It'll all turn out the same if I kill you first!"

Dayan Mangban's eyes were scarlet, and he was no longer able to suppress his rage.

Before today, he had believed that his White Braves were the best-trained soldiers, their ability to tacitly cooperate far above any other force. Only when he saw the Wushang Cavalry did he understand what it meant to truly have these qualities.

The inferiority of the White Braves was obvious. When the Heart of the Great Bon began to display its power, the Wushang Cavalry had received a great shock, but they had still maintained their formation and used their collective strength to fend off the White Braves.

When the Heart of the Great Bon was broken, the Wushang Cavalry quickly returned to their original level of strength, apparently unaffected by the experience.

In contrast, the White Braves had apparently grown too used to always crushing their opponents and had no idea how to handle being the weaker side.

In this battle against a stronger foe, the White Braves' flaws and weaknesses were fully exposed.


Screams filled the air as the thousands of White Braves found themselves powerless to respond to the waves of Wushang Cavalry. All the Wushang Cavalry worked together and left no gap, each group with its own task.

As swords swept through the air, countless White Braves were felled, their blood pooling and seeping into the earth, their shattered weapons falling alongside them.

Dayan Mangban's heart was dripping blood. Never in the history of the White Braves had they suffered such a massive wound. This was not a matter of ten to twenty losses, not even one hundred or two hundred.

In these few short moments, the White Braves had lost more than one thousand soldiers, and the White Braves only had five thousand in the first place!