The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 792

Chapter 792: Dusong Mangpojes Fear Ii
Chapter 792: Dusong Mangpoje's Fear! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Never in Dusong Mangpoje's life had he encountered a situation like this. He basically recognized all the Imperial Great Generals of the world, but he did not recognize this black-robed elder. However, the energy bursting from that old man was ruthless, cruel, and suffused with a boundlessly aggressive nature.

For a moment, Dusong Mangpoje felt like he wasn't looking at a human, but tens of thousands of swords and sabers exploding outward. In the heart of that explosion of swords and sabers, however, was a pitch-black hole.


Before Dusong Mangpoje could react, another tsunami of energy exploded from the other side.

That old and tottering white-haired elder with the inflexible expression began to rapidly rise in cultivation: True Martial realm, Profound Martial realm, Imperial Martial realm, Saint Martial realm In an instant, both elders had reached the peak of the Saint Martial realm.

"Dusong Mangpoje, I spared your life in our last meeting, so why haven't you learned anything?" said the Wushang Village Chief in a thunderous voice.

"It's you?!"

Dusong Mangpoje's body trembled as if he had been struck by lightning, countless images beginning to flit through his mind. As he examined that aged face, he finally recognized who it was.

Around half a year ago, he had mixed into the capital with the First Prince, but Wang Chong had exposed his identity, forcing him to flee. He first had the First Prince return to the Tibetan Plateau and then led off the pursuing soldiers by himself.

At the time, he had mistakenly wandered into a mountain valley, where he had almost been killed. Dusong Mangpoje had never imagined that the mysterious elder who had defeated him in the mountain valley would show up here.

The shock was so great that, for a moment, this -Tsang Great General showed a little consternation.

"Not good!"

Dusong Mangpoje trembled as an enormous fear seized his body. He suddenly understood why Wang Chong had been so confident, daring to step onto the plateau with only five thousand cavalry to challenge all the Tibetans of the northern region.

Dusong Mangpoje had believed this entire time that Wang Chong was relying on the Tang Great General Fumeng Lingcha, but only now did Dusong Mangpoje realize just how wrong he was.

The flight after two consecutive victories had simply been a part of Wang Chong's plan.

He had been relying not on Fumeng Lingcha, but on these two monstrous old men. Everything about this, including Wang Chong attempting to open the rear gate of the fortress and flee, had just been bait to lure him out.

In this battle, Wang Chong's goal had not been Dayan Mangban, but a Tibetan Great General. Although Dusong Mangpoje had not participated in those previous battles, Wang Chong's gaze had been fixed on him from start to finish.

The Great Tang actually has such a formidable individual! With him here, our -Tsang will find it very difficult to do anything in Qixi.

An icy chill began to surge through Dusong Mangpoje's trembling body. He had long ago heard of Wang Chong's name, and he had also heard of the massive battle he had fought against Dalun Ruozan and Huoshu Huicang, but in the end, he had still been too dismissive.

Wang Chong's cultivation was simply far weaker than his.

But now, Dusong Mangpoje could finally sense just how terrifying this youth of the Great Tang was. He was terrifying not because of his martial arts, but because of his intelligence and foresight that always seemed to have control over the situation.


With this thought, Dusong Mangpoje immediately began to retreat. If there were just one opponent, Dusong Mangpoje would definitely have stepped forward to fight to the death, but with two experts at the Imperial Great General level, he was simply no match.

No single Great General could deal with two Great Generals at once.

This had been a trap!

"Hahaha, Dusong Mangpoje, isn't it a little bit too late to run?"

A roar of laughter came from the open gate. At some point, the 'fleeing' Wang Chong had stopped and turned around to face Dusong Mangpoje.


As if in response to Wang Chong's voice, the earth quavered and time seemed to stop, after which the world seemed to explode.

As countless people looked on in fear, a ball of light even more dazzling than the sun burst out from the rear gate.

For a moment, the area around the triangular gap was quiet, the massive explosions drowning out all noise, silencing the screams and shouts, the crashes and horse whinnies.

Vast amounts of light and heat, accompanied by berserk streams of energy, pressed against the walls, making them groan and crack. For the sake of toughening these walls, Wang Chong had added hundreds of toughening and defensive inscriptions within them.

But these powerful inscriptions were nothing more than paper to these three supreme experts of the Imperial Great General level. They shattered, whole pieces of the steel wall being crushed and crumpled.


A terrifying scream broke the silence. In front of a stunned audience, Dusong Mangpoje flew through the sky like a ragdoll.

"Withdraw!" A panicked shout rang out over the heavens. The moment Dusong Mangpoje crashed into the ground, he immediately took to his heels. Dusong Mangpoje had never felt so much unease, been in such a panic. An intense danger followed him like his shadow, saturating the air around him.

Whether it was in strength, energy, techniques, or use of Stellar Energy, those two elders had far surpassed Dusong Mangpoje's expectations. The terror and sharpness he had felt when exchanging blows with them was simply impossible to imagine.

Every bit of their Stellar Energy had been used to the absolute limit, particularly with that black-haired old man. His Stellar Energy was three times more effective.

Thus, although his cultivation wasn't the highest of the three, he actually represented the greatest threat. Dusong Mangpoje had resided at the peak of the Saint Martial realm for ten-some years now, and he was a veteran Great General, but in terms of martial arts and understanding of Stellar Energy, he wasn't even on the same level as the black-robed elder.

Before this, Dusong Mangpoje had never imagined that someone could utilize Stellar Energy in such a refined and exquisite manner, reaching a level that almost seemed to be one with the Dao.

In the face of such an experienced and mature expert, Dusong Mangpoje had no thought of battle, only of getting as far away as possible.

"You just came, and now you want to leave?"

An icy voice rang out from behind him, and Dusong Mangpoje felt like his soul had taken flight. He could sense that two storms of energy were in hot pursuit.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief had no intentions of letting him go.

Wang Chong had used a great deal of time and energy for this battle. He had requested the aid of his master the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and sent a messenger pigeon to deliver a letter to the Wushang Village Chief.

This entire process had been carried out with utmost secrecy. Both the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief had come in the middle of the night, completely unnoticed.

Moreover, they had mixed in with the eight thousand craftsmen when entering the plateau.

In the previous two battles, the pair had simply watched from the walls. Even when Wang Chong and Dayan Mangban were engaged in pitched combat, the two showed no intention of interfering. Everything had been for the sake of drawing Dusong Mangpoje into the trap.


There was a flash of light and a massive explosion. The Demonic Emperor Old Man had punched, immediately unleashing an explosive wave of energy that converted the air around him into thousands of sharp swords that lunged toward Dusong Mangpoje.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art!

The heavens seemed to dim as the Demonic Emperor Old Man attacked, and the entire fortress seemed on the verge of breaking. At the Demonic Emperor Old Man's level, every move was dazzling and accompanied by countless phenomena, no less amazing than the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Dusong Mangpoje was a peak Saint Martial expert, so he was extremely sensitive to experts of the same level. Thus, even though Dusong Mangpoje and Fumeng Lingcha hadn't been able to see each other, they could still sense each other's existence.

But this move was completely ineffective against the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man had been able to control the energy around him, blocking Dusong Mangpoje's perception. This was something only the Myriad Spirit Sea Art could do.


Energy exploded as Dusong Mangpoje barely managed to dodge the blow. Dusong Mangpoje was pushing the supreme art of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple to its limit, but he was still unable to completely dodge the Demonic Emperor Old Man's attack. A destructive wave of energy swept past, causing Dusong Mangpoje to roll in the air. Just when he had managed to stabilize himself and continue running, another attack streaked toward him like a comet.

The Wushang Village Chief's attack had come!

Dusong Mangpoje felt like his skull was going numb, and he was almost going insane as he tottered on the brink of life and death.

But there was someone who was even more afraid and insane than Dusong Mangpoje.

Just who are these people? Where did that brat manage to find such powerful experts?!

Dayan Mangban's pupils had constricted while a deep despair surged through his mind.

In that exchange of blows, he had sensed the appearance of two supreme experts at the Imperial Great General level. To Dayan Mangban, this was like a sudden blow to his head.

Although Dayan Mangban was known as the Asura War God of the -Tsang Empire, he was still just a Brigadier General, not a Great General. These two experts on the Imperial Great General level suddenly descending from the heavens on this small fort had completely overturned his understanding of the world.

This was not something someone of his abilities could contend against.


Before the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief could reach him, Dayan Mangban had turned around and fled.