The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 793

Chapter 793: The Death Of Dayan Mangban I
Chapter 793: The Death of Dayan Mangban! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The two experts that Wang Chong had found were far too terrifying, existences that not even Dusong Mangpoje could handle. And if Dusong Mangpoje was no match, then Dayan Mangban was certain to fare even worse!

At this moment, Dayan Mangban was even more frantic than Dusong Mangpoje.

"This can't be happening! Damn thing, how could this be!!"

Dayan Mangban's eyes were wide open, and his teeth had almost crumbled away from all the gnashing. But even though he was furious, his reaction was not one bit slow. Whoosh! Dayan Mangban immediately began to rush back to the walls.

"Dayan Mangban, where are you going! Lord Marquis has ordered that you must remain!"

The moment this voice spoke, Dayan Mangban was surrounded by rumbling as hundreds upon thousands of stones soared into the sky.

Right in front of Dayan Mangban's eyes, a massive general from ancient times formed out of the stone, blocking his path.

Stone General!

Huang Botian had finally revealed himself, immediately using his mighty Stone General. At the feet of the general, rippling halos resounded in the air.

It was clear that Huang Botian had only gotten stronger since his clash with Wang Chong in Wushang Village.


The heavens dimmed as the Stone General immediately punched, the air shrieking as the stone fist thundered toward Dayan Mangban.

"Get out of my way!"

Dayan Mangban's expression turned savage, and a vicious light appeared in his eyes. An Earth element warrior at the Imperial Martial realm would have been barely worth a glance in the past, someone he could have heavily injured with a single thrust of his spear.

But while he was fleeing for his life, such an individual was lethal.

Buzz! Dayan Mangban's body flickered as he attempted to move to the side and avoid the Stone General. But before he could leave, Huang Botian sent a second craggy stone fist rumbling through the air toward him.

This time, Dayan Mangban had nowhere to dodge.

"Seeking death!"

Enraged, Dayan Mangban sent out a punch of his own. Boom!The two fists of starkly different sizes crashed against each other, causing a massive shockwave.

Unexpectedly, it was the massive Stone General that collapsed with a yelp, the body instantly splintering apart into thousands of stone pieces.

But even though he had knocked down Huang Botian with a single punch, Dayan Mangban was not at all pleased. On the contrary, he felt only more despair.

In the past, such an Earth element warrior wouldn't have been been able to affect him, but he could not afford this sort of delay now.

Because Dayan Mangban could already see that several more people had appeared.

"Botian! Hurry and go! Leave this man to us."

"Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap!"

An elder of fifty-some years and a woman of forty-some years had suddenly appeared. The middle-aged woman threw out several large rocks, each about the size of a millstone, that crashed down around Dayan Mangban.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavens and earth shook, and before Dayan Mangban could react, those rocks had landed in some sort of formation.

"Not good!"

Dayan Mangban suspiciously scanned his surroundings and realized that someone had already planted several similar rocks around him. He paled as a deep unease began to seethe in his heart.

There was no time to think. Dayan Mangban's blurred as he shot like a bolt of lightning to escape this region. But he was far too late. Huang Botian, Elder Du, and Elder Fang had been waiting in hiding for this very moment.

Even Wang Chong's escape route and his intentional opening of the steel fortress's rear gate had been part of the plan.

It was absolutely impossible for Dayan Mangban to escape at this moment!


There was a flash of light, and the scenery around Dayan Mangban changed. After walking just a few steps, Dayan Mangban realized that there was nothing but chaos before his eyes, and the steel fortress was nowhere to be seen. It was like he had entered a completely different space.


Even someone as formidable as Dayan Mangban, a conqueror of countless cities, a man of talent and daring, was shocked and enraged by this sight.

"Open up!!"

Dayan Mangban bellowed as he charged forward, his body exploding with Stellar Energy. When a Brigadier General unleashed all their Stellar Energy, they produced a truly frightening power.

Vast waves of energy transformed into massive tides that swept in every direction.

Even metal would be pulverized in the face of this sort of attack, much less earth or rock. Yet this explosion of Stellar Energy, the strongest attack Dayan Mangban could muster, caused not a single stir in his surroundings.

All this Stellar Energy vanished like a mud doll in the ocean, leaving nothing behind!

Not only that, as Dayan Mangban charged forward, he encountered no obstruction, and no matter how far he went, all he could see was gray. It was impossible to tell up from down, east from west.

An ancient formation!

Dayan Mangban felt his heart chill.

When he was at the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, he had heard that the Great Tang had a few secretive legacies, like befuddling formations and illusion formations. With a few tree branches or rocks, one could obscure an opponent's senses and make them see illusions. But this was just a little trick, and someone with the sharp gaze and firm resolve of a Brigadier General or Great General was not easily confused by external factors, so illusion formations were useless against them.

When Dayan Mangban had heard of this, he had laughed.

But the scenario before him was clearly of a completely different nature. Once caught, Dayan Mangban was unable to sense anything going on outside, could not reach the boundary, and could not shatter the formation. This was no longer some traditional smokescreen or illusory formation.

Dayan Mangban had been under the impression that only those formidable and legendary illusory formations of the Central Plains that had long ago been lost could have accomplished such a feat.

Dayan Mangban had never predicted that he would encounter one in this fortress built on the triangular gap.

Breaking this ancient formation wasn't impossible, but it would take a great deal of time, and for him, time was fast running out.

Dayan Mangban's heart might as well have been a block of ice.


When Dusong Mangpoje saw that man and woman appear and Dayan Mangban disappear, he paled and his body chilled.


Dusong Mangpoje immediately turned and began to charge in Dayan Mangban's direction, but he had barely made it a few steps when a massive wave of energy like a thousand swords slashed toward him.

"You still have the mind to think about saving him? None of you will be escaping today!"

A voice so cold that it made his head go numb came from behind him, so close that it felt like it had been whispered into his ear. Dusong Mangpoje trembled, and it felt like a basin of icy water had been poured over his head. He was so cold that even his breathing seemed on the verge of stopping.

The black-robed elder!

The image of that grim and absurdly powerful black-robed elder emerged in Dusong Mangpoje's mind. If he had known that this fortress contained such a terrifying existence, he would have fled with his army without even trying to attack the fortress.

Dayan, it's not that I don't want to help you, but I'm going to find it hard to keep just myself alive. This is all I can do for you!

With a burst of Stellar Energy, Dusong Mangpoje dodged the Demonic Emperor Old Man's second attack and charged forward. At the same time, his right hand reached for his scimitar and immediately threw it toward the area Dayan Mangban had vanished with all the strength he could muster.

The air shrieked as if it was about to tear apart. The scimitar transformed into a comet, wrapped in a destructive energy.

Such was the power of an Imperial Great General that this strike from Dusong Mangpoje would be enough to shatter a mountain. Even if this attack could not save Dayan Mangban, it could at least shake the formation, creating a crack that Dayan Mangban could use to escape.


But the scimitar only managed to make it a few zhang before a thin silhouette caught up to it. A massive energy instantly sent the scimitar flying away.

Dusong Mangpoje's heart sank. He had clearly seen that his scimitar had been knocked away by a simple wooden hairpin.

The Wushang Village Chief had finally struck.

Dayan, you'll have to protect yourself! I've done all that I could

A hint of struggle appeared in Dusong Mangpoje's eyes as he shot past the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap and fled into the distance.

At his level of strength, he would only need to stop for a moment to save Dayan Mangban with one mighty blow, but Dusong Mangpoje did not even dare to think about this idea.

A second's delay meant that the two monstrous figures behind him wouldn't just kill Dayan Mangban, but him as well.

When picking between two evils, one had to pick the lesser. The choice was obvious.


As Dusong Mangpoje took flight, leaping onto the wall, within the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap, Dayan Mangban was welcoming his most important 'guest'.

Buzz! There was a flash of light followed by crisp and relaxed footsteps. Several figures had appeared in the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap.

"Dayan Mangban, we meet again!"

Wang Chong faintly smiled, his clothes lightly swaying as he walked into Dayan Mangban's field of vision.

"It's you!"

Dayan Mangban's pupils constricted as he gazed at that familiar figure, as if he had been poked by a needle. He had never imagined that the 'fleeing' Wang Chong would appear here.