The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Assassins From Charax Spasinu

Chapter 80: Assassins from Charax Spasinu!


In the room, Wang Chong rolled open a three chi long xuan paper. Dabbing the brush in ink, he started to contemplate over the design of the second Wootz steel sword he was going to forge for the auction.

The commanders of the Imperial Army werent fools. Those who were able to climb through the ranks were people possessing true abilities. Even though they gave their money to Wang Chong generously, their expectation of the sword was extremely high.

The swords that Wang Chong forged has to satisfy their demands.

Its fortunate that the design of the swords in this world is still quite plain, I still have a huge variety of choices to choose from!

Wang Chong thought.

In this generation, despite the numerous swordsmiths in the capital, as people were more concerned with the sharpness of their weapon, they neglected the appearance of the blade. As such, most of the swords forged were of the same design.

In comparison, Wang Chong seemed to be a grandmaster in this aspect!

A good tavern didnt fear being buried in the deep alleys, a good packaging was important in all commercial activities. For example, alcohol stored in the porcelain bottle would be much more conspicuous than alcohol stored in a normal jar.

A sword with a beautiful outer appearance was entirely different from a plain-looking sword.

Since Ive already tried forging a sword, maybe I should go for a saber for the auction.

Wang Chong thought.

Saber was always one of the Two Kings of Weapons. Even though most of those in the Central Plains preferred to use swords, the standing of saber was still above that of the other weapons.

As it was much more difficult to wield a saber, if one wasnt a top-notch expert, it was difficult to bring out the true strength of a saber. Even so, Wang Chong knew that there were quite a few saber experts in the Imperial Army.

If Wang Chong wanted to solidify his standing as the number one swordsmith in the world, he must be more than capable of smithing swords. More than that, he has to prove that he was unrivaled in the art of saber crafting as well.

There wasnt a single commander in the Imperial Army that wasnt picky. An ordinary saber wouldnt satisfy them.

As Wang Chong mused over the matter, something appeared in his mind.

Of the publicly renowned Three Great Swords, other than the Wootz steel sword, there was also the katana of Japan as well.

The Japanese katana originated from the Great Tangs modao, but it was much more suited for hacking moves than the modao. However, in this world, Japan didnt exist.

Wang Chong didnt intend to simply replicate the katana, but rather, he hoped to design a new sword using the katana as the fundamental blueprint.

After contemplating for a moment, the brush started moving around the xuan paper.

A moment later, an entirely new sword unlike any other in this world appeared on the paper. This sword was shaped similar to the Japanese katana, but it was more than a single fold longer, reaching around 6 chi to 7 chi long!
(6 chi -> 2 meter)

The blade was extremely slim and long, and following suit, the hilt was the same as well.

It was impossible for an ordinary human to use this kind of sword, given that it was of the equal height as them. However, Wang Chong paid no heed to the matter.

The 6 chi weighed around 60 jin, making it impossible for ordinary humans to wield it. However, for the martial artists who possessed unparalleled strength, the design of the sword, which made it suitable for hacking movements, could unleash the true destructive might of the Wootz steel.

Wang Chong was certain that this weapon would bewitch the saber experts of the Imperial Army.

However, Ill need more materials for the crafting. At the very minimum, I will require 2 jun!

Wang Chong thought.

Wang Chong has spent just a single jun of Hyderabad ore to craft the first Wootz steel sword. However, crafting this blade would require at least 2 jun. Even though the cost has increased significantly, Wang Chong believed that the price would rise proportionately as well.

Wang Chong would only earn greater profits from the sword.


Just as Wang Chong was musing over the matter, the slight sound of the wind suddenly reached Wang Chongs ears. Frowning, Wang Chong abruptly stopped all actions.


Wang Chong immediately realized what was going on. He might have lost the incredible cultivation he possessed in his previous life, but his experience and keen senses were still present.

That was the sound of a robe battered against strong wind.

Someone has sneaked into the Wang Family Residence!

Hmph, if you think that you can enter and leave the Wang Family Residence as and when you please, you are sorely mistaken!

Wang Chongs lips curled up coldly.

Regardless of whether it was the 600,000 gold taels present in the residence or the Wootz steel sword, many people would definitely be blinded by greed. As the saying goes, possessing a treasure is a cardinal sin, if Wang Chong wasnt guarded against such thieves, he would truly be unbefitting of an ex-Grand Marshal.


Extinguishing the candle flame, Wang Chong immediately grabbed the Wootz steel sword hanging on the wall. Jiya, he discreetly pushed open the window and sneaked out.

At the forge of the Wei Clan, Wang Chong crafted a total of four swords. However, he only decorated a single one of it, embedding agates and gemstones on the hilt of the sword and plating the sheath with gold, making it look both extravagant and elegant.

As for the other three, he didnt add any additional ornaments to them. Besides, Wang Chong didnt intend to sell them. As such, he has been keeping them in the residence all along.

Beneath the frosty moonlight, Wang Chong could clearly see the nimble movements of the black figures from the roofs, on the ground, and by the walls, as they rushed straight toward the treasure vault of the residence.

They seem to be well-aware of the layout of the residence! They must have been spying during the day.

Wang Chong thought.

Every single residence has their own treasure vault which stores gold, silver, and important treasures. The people who sneaked into the Wang Clan seemed to have clear goals. Their movements precise and exact; clearly, they had scouted the compounds of the Wang Family Residence during the day, giving them a clear idea of the layout and the structure of the residence.

The entire Wang Family Residence was silent, as if the place where the black-clothed men entered was an abandoned mansion. Not a single maid, guard, or nanny was alarmed by their presence.

Standing in the darkness, Wang Chong sneered coldly as he silently gazed at them.

Even though there was a strict restriction on the size of a private army that a general or minister household could have, there was more than sufficient people within the residence to deal with them.

Its about time!

Just as they were about to reach the treasure vault of the Wang Family Residence, a gleam flashed across Wang Chongs eyes as a thought appeared in his mind.


Everything happened so quickly. Just as the group was about to enter the treasure vault, a furious roar broke the silence of the night. As though the rumbling of thunder, the bellow echoed in the skies of the entire Wang Family Residence.

Who is it!

Along with that roar, the air in the surroundings trembled, and black-colored ripples from a powerful explosion burst out from the Wang Family Residences treasure vault. The group of black-clothed men was caught off guard. As though a kite snipped at the strings, they flew backward.

Who dares to cause trouble on Wang gongzis residence!

Amidst the lion-like roar, two lean but powerful figures rushed out.

These words werent spoken through the language of the Central Plains, but in Sanskrit. However, it was a pity that no one understood their words.

Theyre finally out!

Seeing Arloja and Ablonodan rushing out, Wang Chong chuckled. This was what you called a true partnership. Wang Chong didnt spend the 80000 gold taels yesterday for nothing.

Wang Chong expressed his intentions of wanting the duo to help protect the Wang Family Residence so as to prevent the Hyderabad ores and the few hundred thousand gold taels from being stolen. Without a single word of complaint, the duo immediately agreed.

At this moment, Wang Chong was a collaborator of Sindhu. How could they allow someone to steal the money earned from the sales of the ore? Without any additional persuasion from Wang Chongs part, the duo immediately took up the responsibility.


From afar, Arloja and Ablonodan looked like ferocious tigers. Rushing into the group of black-clothed men, they destroyed everything that was within their reach. Even though they were severely outnumbered, they managed to ward off all of the enemies attacks. The billowing black waves they exuded sent these black-clothed men flying away as though sheets of paper, smashing them into the walls or the ground.

Come out! Theres an attack!

At the same time, the voice of the two Sindhi monks alarmed the guards of the Wang Clan. From Wang Chongs mothers living quarters, the lounge, and the quarters where the maids, nannies, and servants lived, countless guards of the Wang Family Residence charged out.

Preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure, since Wang Chong expected that someone would make an attempt on the 600,000 gold taels, the Wootz steel sword, and the Hyderabad ores, how could he possibly not make any preparations in advance?

From his mothers room to the quarters of the maids Wang Chong has assigned guards to all important locations. If not, how could Wang Chong be so relaxed as to sit idly by the side and watch as intruders invaded his residence?

Kill them!

The group of Wang Familys guards charged across the corridors toward the black-clothed men. The swords in their eyes gleamed beneath the moonlight. In just a moment, the two groups immediately clashed together in the garden.

The guards of the Wang Clan numbered one of the least among the generals and ministers households. Even so, they still outnumbered the black-clothed men by several times.

Ding ding, the sound of metal resounded by the ears. The cold gleam of metal could be seen be seen all around the courtyard.

Un? Someone is rushing toward me?

Suddenly, Wang Chongs ear twitched. He heard the movement of cloth once more, and it seemed like the treasure vault wasnt their only goal. Even Wang Chongs study was one of their targets.


Everything happened faster than words could describe. Just when Wang Chong realized that someone was headed toward him, the cold flash of metal gleamed in the darkness and several machetes spun furiously toward Wang Chong.

Young master, be careful!

Upon seeing that sight, Shen Hai and Meng Long, who was guarding Wang Chongs study, went pale, and swiftly charged forward.


Klang, Meng Longs sword deflected one of the Charax Spasinu machetes, creating the resounding reverberation of metal. Even so, there were still a few other machetes which were flying straight toward Wang Chong at an incredible speed.

Not good!

In a moment, these machetes appeared right before Wang Chong. The sharp blades seemed as though they would split Wang Chongs head from his neck. The faces of the duo paled, and cold sweat trickled down their back.


Even though Wang Chongs cultivation was lacking, his reaction wasnt slow at all. At that very instant when the machetes were right before him, Wang Chongs body flew backward into the air, doing a backflip. With just a simple Basking of the Tortoise, he dodged the consecutive strikes.

The ease and simplicity of the movement left the two masked Charax Spasinu assassins stunned!

In their view, Wang Chongs martial arts was weak to the point that it was negligible. They could have never imagined that Wang Chong could use such a simple movement to dodge their sure-kill attack so easily.

As much as I hope to translate everything, there are just some terms which are reflected in hanyu pinyin in Wikipedia. Thus Ill explain it here.

Ive mentioned the Three Great Swords in Chapter 15
Wootz steel sword = Damascus sword
Nihonto is a general term for Japanese swords. Katana falls under that category.

There is no wikipedia page for modao, but there is an extremely similar . Its said that both weapons are the same, except that changdao is single-edged while modao is double-edged. (Meaning, there isnt a blunt side to the blade)
The modao is an extremely long two-handed sword, similar to the katana. If you know whats kendo, it is pretty alike to the sword they use in there.