The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Wang Chong Wins Out

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In Wushang's City of Steel, everyone was still waiting in silence. They had lost contact with all five targets, and their morale was at its nadir, though no one was willing to come out and say it. Yet at this very moment, the completely unexpected occurred.


A scout rushed into the hall. "Lord Marquis! We've received news that the last two targets are not returning to Qixi. Our forces have not seen any sign that they're coming back!"


"How could that be? Given the time that's passed, they should already be back!"

"That shouldn't be. Has the situation changed? What's going on here?"

This news sent shockwaves through the gathered officers, and all of them were struck dumb. Even the slowest of them could sense that something wasn't right. Quite a few hours had passed since those targets had begun to make their way back, and logically speaking, they should have arrived or been about to arrive at Qixi. That they had still not returned could only mean one thing: they had never planned to return to Qixi in the first place.

And things were only just getting started.


"Lord Marquis, Zhang Que has sent a report that the three missing targets have reappeared and are currently beginning to return to Qixi. Lord Zhang requests orders on what he should do next."


"Lord Marquis, Xu Keyi has sent a report that those two targets that we didn't inspect who turned back have suddenly reappeared on the road. Lord Xu requests orders on what he should do next."

These two pieces combined left all the officers in a daze.

The twists and turns had happened far too quickly, and no one knew what was happening or why it was happening.


Wang Chong suddenly began to laugh, a smile finally appearing on his face.

"As expected, Fumeng Lingcha, you took the bait!"

Although no one else in the hall had understood what was going on, Wang Chong knew that he had guessed right, bet right, and done right. Fumeng Lingcha's actions of having three of his men speed up and the other two go back was truly an attempt to lure his opponent out, but in this contest, he had still lost.

"When evildoers rise one foot, the righteous rise one zhang. Fumeng Lingcha, in the end, you still couldn't restrain yourself," Wang Chong laughed.

He could be almost certain that ordering Xu Keyi to send back the horseman who had crashed the carriage had played a critical role. Otherwise, there was no explaining how Fumeng Lingcha had so quickly decided to resume his plan after the order had been carried out.

"Tell Xu Keyi and Zhang Que to go according to the original plan. Follow those two targets, but until they reach the point that they originally turned around, they shouldn't be alarmed. As for the other three since they've already turned around, there's no need to worry about them!" Wang Chong declared, his orders immediately rousing his men to life.

"Your subordinate understands!"

The scout quickly left.

All the officers in the room had rather ashamed expressions. It was now very obvious that Wang Chong's judgment had been correct. If they had pursued those missing targets, they would have failed and attracted Fumeng Lingcha's attention. When they thought about how they had been so certain that Wang Chong was wrong just moments ago, they felt even more embarrassed.

Wang Chong waved his hands and indifferently said, "Haha, it's fine. There's no need to worry about such minor trifles. Get moving!"

In an exchange with a crafty individual like Fumeng Lingcha, even Wang Chong, with all his future knowledge, had to commit all his focus, much less his subordinates. This sort of performance was very normal. It was still not the time for them to participate in contests of this level.

With this, everything is settled!

Wang Chong looked out the door. It seemed like the dark clouds over the City of Steel were finally dispersing, and he felt a sense of relief washing over him.

Xu Keyi quickly sent back news that they had found the man with the black tattoo on his right wrist. It had been one of the two people they had been tracking, and both Xu Keyi's men and Zhang Que's rock eagles were currently following him.

But there was still one last problem. Wang Chong had no way of confirming whether the letter was in that person's hands or Fumeng Lingcha had sent the letter separately.

"Lord Marquis, since we've confirmed the target, we could just capture both of them at the same time," Cheng Sanyuan proposed. "That letter will definitely be with one of them."

"That's not necessary. Fumeng Lingcha has definitely sent his trusted subordinates, so we just need to confirm that it's these two. There's no point in stirring Fumeng Lingcha's wariness for a minor matter like this. In addition, both Wushang and Sand Pass are too close to Qixi. We can't guarantee that Fumeng Lingcha has no other tricks up his sleeve to ensure that the letter is transported safely. Careless movements are far too dangerous, and Fumeng Lingcha might react excessively," Wang Chong said, but he kept a few reasons unsaid. This matter involved not just Fumeng Lingcha, but that prince in the capital. A problem in Qixi that could stir that prince's doubts would also lead to a failure in this matter.

As was said many times, removing an Imperial Great General like Fumeng Lingcha was no simple task.

"Li Siye, write a letter to King Song with a drawing of the target. Let him handle what comes next."

"Yes! This general will go!"

That vigorous voice came from behind him, and then Li Siye left, his armor clattering.


A few moments later, a carrier pigeon flew off toward the capital.

With everything taken care of, Wang Chong felt like he had been relieved of a great burden.


Another scout strode into the room, bringing with him a gust of wind. "Lord Marquis, a lady called Xu Qiqin outside has requested a meeting with you. She says that she is your friend."

"What? So fast?!"

Wang Chong's eyes brightened in joy. As the scout looked on in astonishment, he flew out the door.

Buildings stood tall in the City of Steel, and the place was bustling with activity. This barren land was gradually taking shape into a proper city, undergoing a complete transformation.

Although Fumeng Lingcha had taken the credit for the battle of the triangular gap, those scions who mingled with Wang Chong understood what had really happened.

This major victory had provided a massive boost to construction within the city. Many of the great clans now had incredible faith in the safety and defenses of the City of Steel.

If not even this army that could slaughter the brave and fierce Tibetans was strong enough, then there was probably no force in the world that would ever be strong enough.

Many clans in the capital had increased their investment, putting in seven or eight times the initial amount, some of them even ten times.

This massive amount of capital bolstered the construction speed of the City of Steel to new heights, and the difference from before was like that between night and day.

Wang Chong strode past ornate buildings, gardens, ponds, and transplanted flowers. Finally, at the open city gates, he saw that familiar figure.

She was wearing a white dress, her pitch-black hair falling like a waterfall down to her waist. She had her side facing him as she stood by the gate, her exquisite curves clear. Next to her, an orderly stream of carriages loaded with goods was flowing through the gate. As she oversaw the process, her every movement was calm and confident, and she seemed like a beautiful fairy who had descended to the mortal world. The barren and remote land of Wushang seemed to become fresher and more beautiful at her presence, as if it had transformed into a garden of blooming flowers.

"Xu Qiqin!"

Wang Chong inwardly rejoiced, his excited voice ringing through the City of Steel.

That figure in the distance seemed just a tiny bit strange, but also wholly familiar. After three months, Xu Qiqin had become even more moving, and Wang Chong couldn't help but smile at the thought.

Xu Qiqin's body trembled as she heard the voice, and she subconsciously turned her head. At that moment, the picturesque landscape of her face seemed to be illuminated by the light of the spring sun, bathed in the cool breeze.

This smile was so dazzlingly beautiful that Wang Chong stopped in a daze.

"Wang Chong!"

Xu Qiqin strode forward, the joy on her face evident.

"This is the City of Steel you spoke of? It's even grander than you described in your letters!"

Xu Qiqin had a smile on her lips, and she acted like she had already spent some time in the City of Steel. Her eyes glimmered with admiration as she looked around at the city towering around her. Although she had imagined what this city would look like, seeing it for herself made Xu Qiqin realize that it was far more stunning than she had expected.

When she thought about how all this was Wang Chong's handiwork, she couldn't help but admire him even more. That youth who had defeated her in chess within Deflecting Blade Manor was becoming more and more dazzling, more and more handsome. Nothing was impossible in his hands, and everything was easy. There seemed to be nothing in the world that he couldn't do.

"It truly is grand, but there's still some grandeur that only you can bring to reality. Let's go. I'll take you on a tour. In addition, you must be tired from your long journey. In a while, I'll have someone arrange your living quarters," Wang Chong said. He had brought Xu Qiqin from the capital to Wushang for the sake of handling the affairs of the Western Regions.