The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Assassination In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 81: Assassination in the Middle of the Night!


The machetes spun a giant round across the night sky before returning to the hands of the masked men.

Only then did the few masked men recover from their shock.

Kill him!

Speaking a language foreign to Wang Chong, they charged straight toward Wang Chong with a machete each in their hands.

Protect the young master!

Without a word ado, Shen Hai and Meng Long charged forward and stood beside Wang Chong.

Meng Long! Catch it!

With a nimble movement from his legs, Wang Chong kicked the sword which fell onto the floor over to Meng Long. Catching it in his hand, Meng Long engaged the masked men.

The battle was extremely intense. Wang Chong didnt join in due to his low cultivation. In his current state, he was no match for these black-clothed men.

On the other hand, Shen Hai and Meng Long were ferocious commanders who have resigned from the military. Even though their fighting prowess has declined due to their injuries, their experience and partnership were flawless.

Furthermore, the guards of the Wang Family Residence was still gathering in the area. A few of the guards were currently heading toward Wang Chong upon seeing that he was in danger.

To think that the blades of Charax Spasinu could be used in such a manner as well.

Wang Chong glanced at the machetes in the hands of the masked men. It worked like a boomerang, returning to ones hands after revolving around the battlefield. If used properly, it could catch ones opponent off-guard.

This was the first time Wang Chong saw someone using the machete in such a manner. Wang Chong could tell that this method of usage has high requirements on the skills of the user. Otherwise, not only would one be unable to kill ones opponent, one might even be killed by the returning blade.

This must be the butterfly effect.

Wang Chong thought.

In Wang Chongs previous life, he didnt come into contact with the Hyderabad ore. This time, he interfered in the matter and changed the fate of the world by purchasing the rights to the distribution of the Hyderabad ore and forging the Wootz steel sword, thus attracting these assassins from Charax Spasinu.

Meng Long, Sea Stack Gazing the Moon!

Shen Hai, White Ape Turning its Head!

Wang Chong suddenly spoke.

Meng Long raised his sword, and it stabbed into the chest of the masked man, who had just begun to leap upward. On the other hand, Shen Hai tilted his head and dodged a spinning machete by a hairs breadth.

Upon seeing this result, Meng Long was still fine, but cold sweat trickled down Shen Hais back. If not for Wang Chongs timely reminder, he would have been decapitated by the machete.

That fellow isnt ordinary, get rid of him!

The gaze of the masked men turned cold. Their attention immediately shot toward Wang Chong. If not for his sudden words, one of the two guards would have already died.


Wang Chong sneered. Although he couldnt understand the language of Charax Spasinu, upon seeing the masked men trying to shake off Shen Hai and Meng Long to get to him, he immediately understood their intentions.

Thus, before they could do anything, Wang Chong made a move.


Carrying a sword in his right hand, he charged toward Shen Hai and Meng Long.

Young master, dont!

Be careful!

The two of them were astonished. Those here were experts of at least of Origin Energy Tier 8, and they were skilled in assassinations as well. Wang Chong was unable to deal with a single assassin by his own, not to mention, he was outnumbered and their partnership was incredible.

Wang Chong was putting himself in peril.

Brat, youre courting death!

A masked man standing in between Shen Hai and Meng Long noticed the charging Wang Chong. With a cruel smile, he swiftly hacked his machete toward Wang Chong.

The cold gleam of metal reflected in Wang Chongs eyes. The might of that single hack was so powerful that even the air was cut into two, creating a huge gust of wind.


Wang Chong stepped forward lithely and swiftly, dodging the machete that was coming straight at him. At the next instant, Wang Chong suddenly dashed forward and slashed at the assassin. With eyes widened in shock, the masked man was split into two.

Its that sword!

Everyone, be careful!

Upon seeing that sight, the surrounding black-clothed masked men were astounded. They immediately recognized the Wootz steel sword in Wang Chongs hands. The Charax Spasinu and the Abbasid Caliphate highly valued the workmanship of swords. As such, their swordsmiths spent immense effort on the creation of each and every sword, and every sword created was a top quality product.

Even though their weapons wasnt a match for Mosaides saber, they were still elites among the lot. Only the sword at the Bluebottle Pavilion was able to cut through it as though it was nothing.

The masked men immediately panicked.

Initially, they didnt think highly of Wang Chong. However, upon knowing that he was wielding that fearsome sword, terror immediately overwhelmed them, causing them to hesitate.

Kill them!

Upon sensing the other partys panic, Wang Chong reacted swiftly. This was an ideal opportunity to launch an offense. Upon hearing his words, Shen Hai and Meng Long, having absolute trust in Wang Chong already, immediately charged into the group of masked men.

This caused them to panic further. In the blink of an eye, Shen Hai and Meng Long has already wounded two of them.

However, just as the duo was prepared to slaughter them, an abrupt change occurred. Peng peng, the masked men suddenly threw out several black balls.

Upon smashing onto the floor, a dense smoke immediately gushed out from within.

Be careful! Its sleeping gas!

Wang Chong was astonished. He didnt expect the masked men to bring this kind of hidden weapon with them. He could barely warn them before the smoke shrouded the entire surroundings, leaving his vision blurred.

Without any time to think, Wang Chong immediately covered his nose and retreated backward.

This is a good opportunity!

Kill that lad and claim his sword! It will suffice as long as we accomplish our mission!

The masked men were overjoyed. They immediately dashed through the smoke, seemingly unaffected by it.

This is bad!

Wang Chongs capabilities have yet to mature, and there were still some flaws in his teamwork with Shen Hai and Meng Long. He could still exploit their weakness to strike them from time to time, but it was impossible for him to face three powerful martial artists who were at least Origin Energy Tier 8.


Without thinking, Wang Chong immediately tried to flee.

Are you sure you can make it?

Little bastard, you think you can get away after killing our comrade?

With a savage expression, the three masked Charax Spasinu men tailed Wang Chong with their machetes. One of them aimed at Wang Chongs neck and tossed his machete.

Gongzi, hurry up and flee! Bastards from Charax Spasinu, how dare you all act so impudently before me!

Suddenly, a furious howl echoed, and it sounded deep and domineering. Just as the masked men threw the machete out toward Wang Chong, a window around a hundred zhang away suddenly opened. With a whiz, a thick steel arrow emerged amidst black smoke. Tearing through space, it struck the machete which was right behind Wang Chong in the blink of an eye.
(100 zhang -> 333.3m)


Struck by the thick arrow, the machete was reduced into powder by the tremendous impact. Before they could react, peng! Another thick arrow shot through thin space and struck one of the masked men.

From his side profile, it tore through his heart with frightening accuracy. Before the masked man could even say anything, he fell to the ground, breathing his last.

Not good! Its a master archer!

The two remaining masked men were astonished. As though meeting with something terrifying, they immediately fled into two different directions, one to the left, one to the right. One of them flitted alongside the walls while the other one climbed onto the roof.

Peng! Peng!

However, the room a hundred zhang away was as though a fearsome black hole. No matter how hard they ran, it seemed as though it was impossible for them to escape. Before the masked men flitting alongside the wall could get far, a thick, black, metal arrow pinned his head onto the wall.

In the meantime, the other masked man who has scaled the roof has already traveled more than a dozen zhang away. Half of his figure has already been shielded by the ridge of the roof, and a moment later, he would completely disappear from the other partys sight.

However, just as he was leaping over to another roof, a thick steel arrow abruptly whizzed through the sky and pierced his neck. Fresh blood spurted in midair, and the overwhelming force of the arrow sent the masked man flying a dozen zhang away. Eventually, he knocked against the outer walls of the Wang Family Residence and slid downward.

Just like that, three Origin Energy Tier 8 masked men were sniped down.

Tuoba Guiyuan?!

Wang Chong halted in his footsteps. Turning around, he traced the origin of the arrow to the dark room a hundred zhang away and he was astounded. The masked Charax Spasinu men might not know, but Wang Chong knew that it was where the full-bearded swordsmith, Tuoba Guiyuan, lived.

He is an expert in archery!

Wang Chong was astonished.

In Great Tang, there were three types of soldiers that played a crucial role in battlefields; the heavy infantry, the archer, and the cavalry.

The thought never crossed Wang Chongs mind that Tuoba Guiyuan was an archer. Furthermore, from the looks of it, he seemed to be highly accomplished in that field.

Gongzi, rest assured. I will not allow a single of those assassins to escape!

Tuoba Guiyuans bright voice echoed from that dark window. As he spoke, thick metal arrows shot out one after another amidst black smoke with astonishing might.

As though the scythe of the grim reaper, wherever Tuoba Guiyuans arrows landed, a masked man would fall. Regardless of how many sleeping gas pellets they threw or how hard they ran, it was futile.

I have really picked up an expert this time!

Wang Chong was amazed by Tuoba Guiyuans archery skill. He only knew that the other party was skilled in swordsmithing, but he didnt think that he would be such a powerful expert as well. With him and the two powerful Sindhi monks, Arloja and Ablonodan, the Wang Family Residence was truly a safe sanctuary now.

This is truly an unexpected gain!

Recalling Tuoba Guiyuans frightening archery skill, and how he managed to survive the oppression of the Zhang, Li, Huang, Cheng, and the other swordsmithing clans in his previous life and make a name for himself, Wang Chongs astonishment suddenly faded.

Sheathing his Wootz steel sword, Wang Chong walked over to Shen Hai and Meng Long. The duo was lying on the floor, unmoving.

Taking a closer look, both of them were injured, but thankfully, it wasnt severe. However, due to the potency of the sleeping gas, the two of them was still unconscious.