The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Assassin In The Study

Chapter 82: Assassin in the Study!

Wang Chong dragged the two to somewhere airy before walking into a nearby room. He took a teapot and poured some water on their faces, especially around their mouth and nose.

Soon, they slowly roused from their sleep.

Young master, young master, are you alright? We-we fainted

Despite still feeling groggy under the effects of the sleeping gas, the duo recalled what happened before and their faces turned red in embarrassment. They were both elites of the army, yet they fell for such a cheap trick. If not for the thick smoke which impaired the vision of the assassins and the assassins attention on Wang Chong, the two of them would have been dead by now.

There is no need to blame yourself. They came prepared. I didnt expect them to bring such a tool as well.

Wang Chong consoled.

You two should rest here for a moment. I doubt the sleeping gas contains any lethal poison so you should be alright after a while.

The potency of the sleeping gas was much greater than Wang Chong had expected. It was unlikely that Shen Hai and Meng Long would be able to do anything in the short run.

Wang Chong lifted his head to gaze into the distance. The battle was already nearing its end, and with the two-pronged attack from Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan, the masked men of Charax Spasinu fell quickly.

Gongzi, are you alright?

The moment the battle ended, Ablonodan and Arloja swiftly rushed over. Of all people, they worried the most for Wang Chongs safety.

Wang Chong was currently the savior of Sindhu. If something happened to him, they didnt know how they should account this matter to the High Priest.

Im okay. Did you all manage to find out anything?

Wang Chong asked.

We werent able to. All of them committed suicide.

The duo answered.

Most of the masked men who rushed into the Wang Family Residence died tragically. Upon seeing that there was no escape and not wanting to be held captive, they stabbed their own hearts with their machetes.

Clean up the courtyard. Make sure mother doesnt see it.

Wang Chong wasnt surprised by their actions. He called a few guards over and delegated them several instructions before leaving.

Is this the sleeping gas pellet?

From the clothes of one of the masked Charax Spasinu men, Wang Chong took out a purplish beige metal sphere sleeping gas pellet. Seeing how experts like Shen Hai and Meng Long fell unconscious upon breathing in the sleeping gas, and that they were still groggy now, it seemed to be quite effective.

Since these fellows didnt fear the sleeping gas, they probably consumed the antidote beforehand.

Wang Chong fumbled around the persons body once more and found a small pouch by his waist. There were a few dark purple pills in it. Wang Chong reckoned that it was the antidote to the sleeping gas.

Wang Chong placed these pills along with the sleeping gas pellets into a bag, hung it on his waist, and walked around the area before returning to his study.


Upon walking into the room, Wang Chongs eyes narrowed into thin slits. He could sense that something was amiss with the room. He sneaked out through the windows, and it should still be opened now. Yet, at this moment, it was tightly shut.

Also, the draft of the 7 chi long katana which he drew was also gone without a trace.

Someone entered the room!

Wang Chongs heart tightened. He immediately knew that he was in trouble. Despite the experts in the courtyard, especially with Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan, someone was still able to sneak into his study without anyone realizing anything!

This persons martial arts must be formidable!

Dont move!

Upon realizing that something was wrong, Wang Chongs body tightened and he tried to dash out. However, before he could make a move, he could feel a chill on his back. It was directed straight toward his heart.

Dont scream, dont call! Also, dont try to call those monks of the Western Regions over! Its impossible for them to be faster than my sword.

A cold and impassive voice echoed.

Wang Chongs heart turned cold and he immediately froze in place.

The other party was a female. Even though she tried her best to conceal the fact, Wang Chong could still sense it. Furthermore, her cultivation was at an incredible level.

Even though she was right behind Wang Chong, he couldnt feel her presence at all. She felt as though an inconspicuous shadow melded within the darkness.

There was only a type of person who could have such an aura.

An assassin! Furthermore, a highly-skilled one!

If youre here for the Wootz steel sword, feel free to take it

Before Wang Chong could finish his words, footsteps sounded outside.

Gongzi, are you asleep?

A voice sounded from the outside. It was Tuoba Guiyuans voice, and beside him was Ablonodan and Arloja.

We have already cleaned up the courtyard and disposed of the corpses. There isnt anyone who has escaped from the residence. If gongzi doesnt have any other orders, well take a rest now. Also, weve also found a dozen or so Charax Spasinu machetes. How should we deal with those?

Wang Chong was taken aback. Within the room, an unspeakable feeling welled up in him. In an instant, he realized something.

That person was much more skilled than he initially assumed. When Wang Chong noticed nothing at all, she has already sensed that Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan were walking over.

Wang Chongs early return has caught her off-guard. Furthermore, along with Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuans arrival, she had to restrain him to avoid facing them.

Lingering in the darkness was complete silence. That person didnt speak a word, but the chill from the sword behind Wang Chongs back deepened. Her intentions were clear:

If Wang Chong were to misspeak, even if it meant being discovered by and facing off with Arloja, Ablonodan, and Tuoba Guiyuan, she would immediately kill him.

Wang Chongs heart beat furiously. This was his first time meeting with such a life-threatening situation ever since his reincarnation.

This person was several times stronger than the masked men outside. Her cultivation has already surpassed 9 tiers of Origin Energy, reaching the True Martial Realm!

Wang Chong didnt stand a chance against such an expert.

Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan were just a door away. If he wanted their assistance, this was the only chance he had.

Wang Chong needed their help, but he wasnt confident of dodging the sword at his back.


From outside, the study was completely dark. It was impossible to see anything within from outside. Tuoba Guiyuan, Arloja, and Ablonodan waited awhile for Wang Chongs reply, but upon receiving nothing at all, they asked once more.

That instant felt like eons to Wang Chong. When the chill behind him intensified, Wang Chong finally awoke from his daze.

This wasnt a good timing for Wang Chong to ask for help. It was likely that Wang Chong would be dead before Arloja and the others could barge in.

She definitely possessed the strength to do so, given how she was able to creep in without alarming anyone!

Youve been busy the entire night, so take a good rest. As for the Charax Spasinu machetes, they are elite weapons. Pass them to Shen Hai and Meng Long, and tell them to place it on the weapons rack.

Wang Chong said. Fatigue could be vaguely sensed from his tone.

The chill behind his back immediately retreated as though a wave. She seemed to be extremely pleased with his performance.

Yes, gongzi.

The trio didnt get suspicious. After answering, they turned around to leave. Their footsteps gradually sounded further and further, and eventually, they disappeared into the darkness.

As the footsteps of the trio gradually faded away, a cold sneer could be vaguely heard in the darkness. In a moment, Wang Chongs felt his heart sank.

I know that Mosaide sent you here. Youve won, you can take the Wootz steel sword on my waist. I just hope that you can let me off!

Wang Chong said. He seemed to have given up on all hopes of retaliation. As he spoke, he moved his hands to his waist to grab the Wootz steel sword by his waist.

Hmph, at least you know how to read the situation.

A contemptuous laughter echoed behind Wang Chongs back, but she didnt reject Wang Chongs Wootz steel sword.

Un? Youre trying to cheat me!

Before Wang Chong could take out the Wootz steel sword, the assassin behind seemed to have noticed something. Her eyebrows shot up and the chill at the edge of the sword abruptly intensified.

Even so, she was too late.

The reason why Wang Chong decided to send away Arloja, Ablonodan, and Tuoba Guiyuan, and mentioned about taking down the Wootz steel sword and pass it to her was to let down her guard.

Furthermore, Wang Chongs weak cultivation as an Origin Energy Tier 5 martial artist has caused her to further underestimate him.

Wang Chong couldnt possibly allow this opportunity which he has created with much difficulty to slip by him.


A metal ball silently fell onto the floor. In an instant, dense sleeping gas immediately pervaded the entire room at an astonishing speed.

These Charax Spasinu sleeping gas pellets seemed to have been specially remodeled to boost the speed at which it spreads at. At almost the same moment as it reached the ground, the dense sleeping gas enshrouded Wang Chong and the mysterious assassin behind him.

Youre courting death!

With a light bellow, her killing intent intensified. The ringing of the sword echoed in the air, and it immediately flew straight toward Wang Chongs back as though a streak of lightning.

Wang Chong would surely die if the sword were to stab him.


Wang Chong swiftly grabbed a few purple pills from the pouch and stuffed them into his mouth. At the same time, he dived toward the ground. At that critical moment, he executed the Submerging Dragon move of the Dragon Bone Art without any hesitation. Like a flexible dragon, his body swiftly fell downward, as though a dragon diving into the water.

Within the darkness, the sleeping gas pellet which Wang Chong threw played a crucial role. Sou, a cold flash shot across the air slightly above Wang Chongs back, ripping Wang Chongs clothes apart. At the same moment, Wang Chong rolled to the table, pulling apart the distance between him and his opponent.

Do you think you can escape?

A ringing sound could be vaguely heard in the air. The next moment, the table with a teapot, teacups, brush, ink slab, and paper on it was smashed with a single palm strike, and its wood fragments were blasted into the surroundings. As though a spectre, the assassin hidden in the shadows followed closely behind Wang Chong.

To dare to play such tricks before me, you must be tired of living!

With a slight jerk of the assassins right hand, a brilliant cold gleam flashed through the darkness as her sword flew toward Wang Chong forcefully.

Before the sword reached Wang Chong, the fearsome billowing air from the shock wave of her movement gushed straight at Wang Chong.

Try my hidden weapons!

In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong rolled to the side and pushed himself up. At the same time, his left palm jerked and several small objects flew across the darkness, headed toward the assassin.