The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 830

Chapter 830: The Death Of The Black Wolf Yabgu

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Agudu Lan's eyes blazed with rage. Wang Chong was merely a youth who had recently gotten a little famous in the Great Tang, but he was a Yabgu who had served the Turks for ten-some years. Based purely on age, he could be considered Wang Chong's uncle. Even Fumeng Lingcha had to pay him a little respect, so he could not possibly accept being played around with by a mere junior.

"Whether or not I can leave, I will kill you today!"

Waves of searing energy began to rise from Agudu Lan's body. He put aside any thoughts of retreat and began to use the strongest technique of the Mount Sanmi Divine Art.

"Mount Sanmi falls; the godly realm descends!"

The massive image of Mount Sanmi manifested in the air, exuding its aura of infinite weight. And above Mount Sanmi was a massive figure, one that inspired a primal dread as it descended from the heavens.

Mount Sanmi had fallen, and the godly realm was descending!

According to the myths of the Great Steppe, when Mount Sanmi fell from the godly realm during the war of the gods, it had unleashed a calamity on the steppe, a dreadful apocalypse for the Turks.


Agudu Lan was surrounded by a fierce aura, and his body began to swell as he transformed into a god. Gathering up all his strength, he dodged Elder Fang, Elder Du, Li Siye, and Huang Botian. The scimitar in his hand was suddenly overlaid with the image of Mount Sanmi, and he slashed down at Wang Chong's head, his strike seeming to contain all the power of the godly realm.

In the face of all this, Wang Chong fearlessly grinned. Although he was still weaker than Agudu Lan, he had the formidable defensive capabilities of the Karmic Battle Armor and his Saint Martial cultivation, so Agudu Lan's attack would be much less effective.

"Haha, come!"

Wang Chong made no attempts to dodge, gathering all the energy in his body and shooting toward Agudu Lan like a meteor. The moment before their clash, the violet flame of the Stellar Energy Igniter erupted from Wang Chong's body. This violet flame originated from the Strength of Lu Wu and had an inconceivable effect against Saint Martial experts.

Wang Chong had used this move during the battle of the triangular gap to bring Dayan Mangban down to around tier 4 or 5 of the Saint Martial realm. It would be just as effective against Agudu Lan.

But just when Wang Chong was ready to clash with Agudu Lan, buzz! There was a flash of light and a cold gust of wind, and then Agudu Lan was gone. When Wang Chong was able to get a clear view of the situation, he realized that Agudu Lan was trying to run.

That vigorous resolve, those heroic words to fight until the death, had just been part of a strategic smokescreen so that he could make his escape.

"Hahaha, Agudu Lan, I truly overestimated you. But do you really think you can escape?"

Rather than being shocked, Wang Chong was all too happy to see this sight. A general who kept on trying to flee could only use seventy percent of their strength. He had been a little surprised, but Agudu Lan was looking down on him too much if he thought that he could escape without paying a price.

"Elder Fang, Elder Du!" Wang Chong immediately called out.

"Yes, Lord Marquis!"

Elder Fang and Elder Du had grim expressions, having prepared exactly for this moment. Boom! As Agudu Lan turned to flee, one of the elders immediately kicked one of the surrounding rocks into the distance.

"What's this?"

Agudu Lan could see some black object out of the corner of his eye, and he inadvertently gave it a wary glance. When he saw that it was a stone, he was suddenly overcome by an indescribably strange feeling.

What is this brat doing?

Agudu Lan was an old hand of the Western Regions, yet he had never seen anything so strange. But there was no time to think, and since that stone wasn't headed in his direction, he cast the matter to the back of his mind and continued to flee.

In the rear, Wang Chong only smirked, not even attempting to chase him down. Agudu Lan might have been the Black Wolf Yabgu, but his experiences were still a little shallow. Not only was he unaware that this was one of the illusory and befuddling formations of the Central Plains, he had apparently never heard of them either.

Set! Wang Chong mentally called out as he watched the large rock hit the ground. Rumble! The surrounding area began to shake, and dust shot into the sky, transforming into a shroud that walled off every direction. Agudu Lan, who had almost run twenty zhang by now, was immediately obstructed by this wall of dust.

The clear path before him had instantly vanished, and everything around him was hazy and dim.

"Not good!"

Caught off guard, Agudu Lan couldn't help but yelp in alarm. But he could not afford the slightest delay, and the moment the wall of dust descended, Agudu Lan exerted all the Stellar Energy in his body, explosively accelerating, crashing like a meteor into the wall in the hopes that he could break through.

Rumble! The heavens and earth trembled, but Agudu Lan did not crash through the wall as he had expected. On the contrary, this mighty collision set off a chain of unexpected changes. The world turned before his eyes like a revolving stone plate, carrying Agudu Lan with it.

What is going on here?

Agudu Lan might have been the Black Wolf Yabgu known throughout the Western Regions, but this problem that could not be explained through common sense and could not be solved through force still left him panicked and afraid. Rumble! After what seemed like both a second and eternity, everything finally came to a stop.

"Black Wolf Yabgu, I've been waiting a long time!"

That familiar voice, tinged with laughter, rang out in his ears. Agudu Lan's eyes widened, and when he saw Wang Chong, Li Siye, Huang Botian, and the strangely-dressed Elders Fang and Du, his heart sank like a stone.

Agudu Lan knew that he wouldn't be able to escape this time!

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!

"Great Yinyang Art!"

"Halo of Storm!"

"Stone General!"

With Agudu Lan deposited back in front of them by the formation, Wang Chong, Li Siye, Huang Botian, Elder Fang, and Elder Du utilized their strongest attacks, unleashing a storm of attacks upon the Yabgu.


Outside the formation, thousands of black wolves were leaping into the air with their teeth bared to attack the Wushang Cavalry. Each Wushang Cavalry was dealing with three or four of these large wolves, which simultaneously attacked the hindquarters, the underbelly, and the rider. Other cavalry would have had their hands full dealing with these wolves, but Wang Chong's Wushang Cavalry were well-trained and powerful, their strongest advantage being their tacit cooperation.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Spears and swords moved as quickly as lightning bolts. Each thrust or slash was fierce and accurate, always aiming for the head or heart of these wolves. A single blow was enough to immediately end the life of one of these large and powerful beasts.

The Wushang Cavalry worked together to kill these black wolves, with three cavalrymen grouping up and working together to kill five or six wolves in the blink of an eye. No matter how many wolves there were, the Wushang Cavalry were like rocks protruding out of the ocean, firm and stable no matter how many waves of wolves crashed down upon them. At this sight, the warriors of the Turkic steppe trembled in fear.

The wolves of the steppe had never been the primary fighting force of the Turks, so no one had ever hoped that the wolves could win the battle. But this wolf slaughter, this silent cooperation with no extraneous actions, was an expression of extreme callousness and determination such as Turkic warriors had never seen before.

"Run! We're no match for them."

"No! Lord Yabgu has disappeared. They've used some evil technique to imprison Lord Yabgu. We have to save him!"

While some of the Turkic warriors were intimidated by the cruelty and efficiency of the Tang cavalry, another group of Turkic warriors was madly charging toward the place Agudu Lan had been a few moments ago! Phweet! A Turkic commander whistled, immediately summoning several hundred wolves to follow him on this assault.

"Hmph, no one should think about saving that Turkic Yabgu today. Since they're seeking death, just kill them all!"

A hundred-man commander of the Wushang Cavalry leveled his spear, his eyes exuding a sharp and frigid light.


With this order, the hundred-man commander led the charge, a hundred Wushang Cavalry having already gathered behind him into a small-scale Arrow Formation. Awooo! The wolves howled as the Wushang Cavalry swept through, leaving chaos in their wake. Neither wolf nor Turk was able to withstand their might.


The other Wushang Cavalry seized this chance and began to pursue. Horses neighed and weapons gleamed in the darkness. Swishswishswish! Swords cut through flesh and the Turkic warriors screamed as they were brought down to the ground. After several charges, less than one thousand of Agudu Lan's men remained.

"Run! These aren't human! Run!"

At this sight, the remaining cavalry lost all resolve and scattered like fleeing beasts. Meanwhile, in the formation set up by Elder Fang and Elder Du, Stellar Energy rumbled as all kinds of techniques and martial arts clashed in a tempest of attacks, the battle reaching a climax.


A scream cut through the night like a peal of thunder, resounding across all of Qixi. A few moments later, the scream suddenly stopped. Within the formation, all fell silent as the battle finally came to a close.