The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 84

Chapter 84 The First World Constraint

Chapter 84: The First World Constraint!

Where do you think youre going!

The female assassin was astonished. The purpose of her trip was Wang Chong, and regardless of whether it was to kill him or to have him craft a sword for her, she couldnt allow him to escape.

Peng! Enduring the aches in her body, the female assassin stepped against the ground and charged forward to pursue Wang Chong.

Beneath the bright moon, Wang Chong flitted close to the surface, heading straight toward the treasure vault of the Wang Family Residence.

The face of the female assassin immediately turned cold. Without even thinking about the matter, she immediately followed him. However, she barely traveled a few zhang when a dark gleam flashed across the sky. A thick metal arrow carrying immense force was cutting through the empty space, bolting toward her.


In the blink of an eye, the female assassin swiftly shielded herself with the broken sword. When the sword came collided with the large thick metal arrow, she was forcefully sent flying.

Tuoba Guiyuan, the two masters, stop her! Dont allow her to escape!

As Wang Chong dashed along the grass patch, he roared loudly. The first half of his words was spoken in the Han language whereas the rest was spoken in Sanskrit.

Roar! Patroness, why dont you rest here for a while!

Arloja and Ablonodan roared furiously. Black smoke gushed from them as they sprung straight toward the female assassin, as though an arrow released from a bow.

Peng peng!

The three powerful might encountered one another violently, and the explosion of the air even reached Wang Chong, who was around a dozen zhang away.

When Wang Chong turned around to take a look, Arloja and Ablonodans cassocks were flying in the wind. Unable to keep their balance, they retreated several steps. At the same time, the female assassin made use of this opportunity to dash outward. In midair, she deflected another one of Tuoba Guiyuans thick arrows with her sword before she executed the Spectre Steps, causing her body to blur swiftly and meld along with the shadows beneath the wall.

Brat! This isnt over yet!

A resentful voice echoed across the night sky. She sounded so infuriated that her silver teeth had probably chipped from the immense force pushing them together. In the blink of an eye, the Eastern Islands female assassin disappeared without a trace.

That fellow is powerful!

Upon seeing this sight, Wang Chong was astonished. He was aware of Arloja and Ablonodans strength, yet the female assassin was able to fend the both of them off at once, pushing them backward.

Gongzi, whos that woman? Shes so powerful that even my arrows were useless against her!

With a quiver of arrows behind him, Tuoba Guiyuan rushed over.

The fundamental requirement for archers was to have outstanding eyes, and Tuoba Guiyuan was a master archer. Even so, when the other party executed the Spectre Steps, he was unable to discern between her and her shadows.

Is it the Western Regions merchant Mosaide? That fellow sure is sly. To think that he sent such a powerful assassin on top of those masked men.

Shen Hai and Meng Long rushed over with swords in their hands.

Its not Mosaide!

Wang Chong shook his head.


The group stared at him in shock,

That person is an Eastern Islands assassin. No matter how influential Mosaide may be, its impossible for him to hire an Eastern Islands assassin to deal with me. Besides She didnt recognize the Wootz steel sword in my hand at all.

Wang Chong said as he lifted the Wootz steel sword to look at it.

There were too many flaws in the Eastern Islands female assassins identity. Initially, Wang Chong was misled by her into thinking that she was sent by Mosaide. However, what Mosaide wanted was his Wootz steel sword whereas that person wanted his life.

If not for her noticing the seven chi blade draft he left on the table, and that the assassin, skilled in swordsmanship, was attracted by the novelty, she would have killed him long ago!

Then, who was the one who sent the assassin?

A deep crease appeared on the foreheads of Meng Long and Shen Hai.

Wang Chong simply shook his head. Even though he didnt know who sent her after him, given the circumstances and the strength of the assassin, he reckoned that it was likely to be Yao Feng or Su Bai.

Su Bai was currently locked in the Court of Judicial Review, and no matter how capable he could be, it was impossible for him to send out an order from there to have his subordinate hire an assassin. If so, the only possible candidate was

Thinking as such, a dark shadow flashed across Wang Chongs glabella.

Well talk about this matter in the future. Reinforce our defenses for the next few days, that person would probably return.

Shen Hai, Meng Long, and Tuoba Guiyuan nodded in response. Even now, they still felt frightened by the situation.

If not for Wang Chongs wits to have Tuoba Guiyuan and the two Sindhi monks to deliver those machetes to the hands of Shen Hai and Meng Long, no one would have thought that Wang Chong was in danger.

The female assassin probably could never imagine that there was no weapon rack in the corner of the Wang Family vault. Taking into account the fact that Wang Chong didnt open the doors while speaking, they immediately realized that something was amiss, so they immediately brought Tuoba Guiyuan, Ablonodan, and Arloja back to Wang Chongs study.

Masters, Ill be troubling you for the next few days.

Wang Chong turned around and spoke to the two Sindhi monks in Sanskrit.

Dont worry, gongzi. Well stay right next to you for the next few days to ensure your safety.

Recalling the previous situation left the duo fearful. The current Wang Chong was of tremendous importance to them and Sindhu. No matter what, they couldnt allow anything to happen to him.

The guarantee of the two Sindhi monks reassured Wang Chong. With Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan, he wouldnt have to worry about the female assassin within this period of time.

Perhaps, its time to find some assistants

Wang Chongs eyes twinkled as a thought flashed through his head.

This situation had given Wang Chong a wake-up call. If it was back then, given his standing and strength as the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, an assassin of such strength wouldnt mean a single thing to him.

However, everything had changed. Wang Chong had no choice but to remind himself repeatedly that he was no longer the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains. He was only a weak Origin Energy Tier 5 scion.

While he retained the knowledge of the top-notch cultivation techniques and martial arts from his previous life, before he successfully cultivates them so as to utilize them, he wasnt able to use any of them.

It was also impossible for Ablonodan, Arloja, and Tuoba Guiyuan to be by his side all the time, warding off dangers for him. Given his temporary lack of strength, he needed powerful bodyguards to prevent such a matter from happening again!

This wasnt an easy matter to deal with, but Wang Chong had a few candidates in mind.

However, I should put this matter aside for now. At least, I should focus my attention on grandfathers birthday first.

Wang Chong thought.

It was just a few days till grandfathers birthday. With Ablonodan and Arloja beside him, he shouldnt have to worry for the next few days. Furthermore, if that female assassin recalled what he told her about the Spectre Steps, she probably wouldnt have the time to harass him in the short run.

Masters, Ill have to trouble you to live beside me for the next few days then!

After which, Wang Chong turned to Shen Hai and Meng Long:

Shen Hai and Meng Long, bring little sister over here tomorrow. Also, tell my cousin, Wang Zhu Yan, to have big uncle dispatch a few experts here to guard my mothers living quarters. I fear that there might be someone who would target my mother.

Also, inform the Imperial Guards of the matter and have them send some men to patrol the area. Right, its best to get to them through Uncle Li Lin and have him settle this matter personally.

Rather than hiring more guards to the residence, it was safer to have the Imperial Army patrol the area frequently. After all, the Imperial Army was filled with experts of True Martial Realm and above.

With such powerful people patrolling the area, the female assassin would have to consider the risks involved if she were to carry out the operation.

Yes, we will go and settle the matter now.

Shen Hai and Meng Long replied.

After making arrangements, Wang Chong heaved a sigh of relief. For now, the Wang Family Residence should finally become a safe sanctuary in the truest sense. At the very least, he didnt have to worry about an attack of this level anymore.

After settling Ablonodan and Arloja into the room beside his, Wang Chong returned to his room.

Peace gradually returned to the Wang Family Residence.


Just as Wang Chong pushed open the door and stepped through the doorway, the world around him shuddered abruptly. Intense vertigo overwhelmed his mind.

Before Wang Chong could make sense of what was happening, the world around him changed. Suddenly, he felt as if he was being crushed by countless objects.

The immense pressure left him completely breathless.



The first World Constraint is incoming!

Before Wang Chong could react, a storm whipped up within the world before him. Countless daunting waves towered before him, gushing to him at an unbelievable speed.

Before the towering torrent of the world, Wang Chong felt as insignificant as an ant.


His right knee caved in, and he knelt onto the floor. At the same moment, he vaguely heard a bizarre call within his body. Despite the faint sound, an extremely powerful strength surged from his body, shielding him with a faint yellow barrier of light.


The torrent of the world gushed past Wang Chongs body. Simultaneously, the faint yellow barrier of light shrouding Wang Chongs body cracked and dissipated, taking along all of his stamina along with him.


Wang Chongs face paled. He fell onto the floor, and sweat trickled profusely down his body.

Gongzi, whats wrong?

From the adjacent room, Arloja asked, alarmed by the sound.

Its nothing.

Wang Chong replied weakly. Everything before him returned to normal. That omnipresent crushing pressure from the world only sustained for a moment before vanishing.

The entire room was dark and silent.

The first wave of World Constraint was over.

Masters, did you all see anything just now? Or did you all notice anything?

Panting, Wang Chong asked after a moment of silence.

We only heard the sound of you falling to the ground.

Arloja replied doubtfully. For some reason, Wang Chongs voice sounded extremely feeble. However, given that Wang Chong has just experienced an assassination, he wasnt too surprised by the matter. Thus, he didnt pay the matter much heed.

Arloja and Ablonodan didnt realize that their answer had enlightened the man next door.

Im the only one who could see that huge cataclysm?

Wang Chong mused.

Regardless of whether it was those overwhelmingly powerful torrent of the world or that faint yellow barrier of light, no one except for him seemed to have noticed anything amiss.

Wang Chong realized that the Power of the World was directed only against him. That World Constraint has already exceeded the level of an ordinary martial artist, such that even experts like Arloja and Ablonodan were unable to detect anything at all.

Dragging his weary body, Wang Chong climbed into his room.

Roar! Patroness, why dont you rest here for a while!
Monks have a unique way of addressing guests. The exact meaning for the addressing terminology is the one who gives, and it is a respectful address toward those who donates to the monks.