The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 845

Chapter 845: Gudu Li Die

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bangbangbang! Countless sabers, swords, and halberds came in from all sides, but they were either knocked away by the white layer of light over the Wushang Cavalry or dodged. Some of the Wushang Cavalry even reached out and pulled their opponents right off their horses.

In terms of skill on horseback, there was almost no one who could surpass the Wushang Cavalry.


There was an earthshaking boom as the orderly army that Gudu Li had gathered was broken through, not even lasting four seconds. Fumeng Lingcha had put these Qixi cavalry through the most rigorous training and tempered them in the flames of battle.

In the view of Gudu Li and the other Hu generals, these twenty thousand cavalry were the strongest steel wall of Qixi, more than enough to deal with Wang Chong.

But none of them had expected to see that rather than steel, this wall was apparently made of paper, instantly torn through by Wang Chong's five thousand men! Through absolute strength, Wang Chong had utterly crushed the thousands of Qixi cavalry.


All was in turmoil, with screams and neighs filling the air, the stark difference in strength causing all twenty thousand soldiers of the Qixi army to panic.

"Damn it!!"

"Get out of the way! Those Han bastards are charging over!"

"How could this be! Ah! It's too frightening! Get out of the way!"

The five thousand Wushang Cavalry were absolute victors, delivering a massive shock that bored into the souls of all the Qixi soldiers. For the first time, this Hu army that believed itself to be invincible in Qixi experienced an earthquake of a blow!

Their rout was as swift as a landslide!

With just a single charge, Wang Chong's men had punched through the center of Gudu Li's army, causing it to fall to pieces.


Gudu Li's eyes had turned red at this sight.

"Don't be afraid! Kill them! Charge together, get up there, kill them all"

Gudu Li shouted with all his might, his entire body in panic. In Qixi, the strongest people were the Hu soldiers. They had defeated the Tibetans and the Western Turks. These were true soldiers of steel, veterans of one hundred battles!

Gudu Li didn't believe that a mighty army like this could be so easily defeated.

He was still struggling at death's edge, still attempting to rally the army and use his advantage in numbers to crush Wang Chong and the Wushang Cavalry. But at this moment, amidst the din of battle, Gudu Li suddenly heard the galloping of a horse.

A powerful energy was surging toward him like a wave, sweeping through his army. With no warning whatsoever, he suddenly felt an intense danger.

His heart shivered, and he immediately pulled out his sword. But Gudu Li's reaction was still too slow. The moment he pulled out his sword, there was a cold flash of light, and a blood-red horse rose into the air, its giant of a rider slashing down with a sword larger than a man.

Even the sun in the sky seemed to dim as that massive sword exploded with a searing and dazzling light. With an unstoppable momentum that could shatter momentums, it crashed down upon Gudu Li.


There was a massive boom. Gudu Li only had enough time to gather all the Stellar Energy in his body into his sword and bring the sword up to block. And then, time seemed to stop and the sounds of battle seemed to fade away.

In this moment of stopped time, countless gazes gathered on Gudu Li, flabbergasted, confused, or incredulous.

In the center of the battlefield, the future Invincible Great General Li Siye sat upon his Ferghana steed, his expression cold and aloof, his massive Wootz Steel sword aimed downward. Kneeling beneath his sword was the leader of the Qixi rebels, Gudu Li. His hands were both raised, his sword held aloft, his entire body seemingly frozen in place.


The first to shatter was that well-tempered sword in Gudu Li's hand, and then a line of blood began to travel down from his forehead, an invisible thread dividing his body into two. His eyes wide open in disbelief, Gudu Li fell apart, the halves of his body thudding to the left and the right.

Boom! Dust plumed into the air as a stream of Sword Qi shot out of the earth and into the sky, leaving behind a fissure six to seven zhang long behind Gudu Li's corpse.

The Sword Qi that Li Siye had sent into the earth had only just now exploded with its true strength.

"One who dares to gather troops for a mutiny is so punished!"

Sitting upon his horse, his sword pointed at Gudu Li's corpse, Li Siye exuded mighty waves of icy-cold killing intent, his grim and callous voice echoing over the Qixi Protectorate.


At the start, with Gudu Li still maintaining morale, there had still been some Hu who had been willing to fight to the death, even though the Wushang Cavalry had punched completely through the army. But now, their leader had fallen, and the last thread of hope that the Hu cavalry had clung to was cut.

"Kneel and surrender. Or else, die!"

Wang Chong's voice rang in their ears, frigid and devoid of emotion.


The Qixi cavalry immediately began to throw down their weapons and kneel trembling on the ground. The one or two at the start soon became a vast sea of kneeling soldiers. Gudu Li was dead, and these cavalry from the City of Steel were simply too powerful, not something that mere humans could fight against.

"What are you doing! Have you forgotten who harmed the Protector-General?"

"Bastards! He's a Han! Get up, everyone get up!"

Two Hu generals were both stunned and furious at this sight and immediately began to curse. But with two swift thrusts, both of these Hu generals found swords running through their bodies.

"Rebels and traitors, not even death can redeem your crimes."

Huang Botian stepped on the body of a Hu general, a scornful look on his face as he slowly pulled out his sword. Huang Botian was a native of Wushang Village and had a very simple mind. He had long ago found himself disgusted by the disobedience of this lot. If not for the fact that Wang Chong had not given the order, he would have disposed of them much earlier.

"Bastard!! Wang Chong, you're dead for sure! I don't believe that you would dare to kill all of us" another Hu general bellowed, but before he could finish, a spear had stabbed through his throat and nailed him to the earth. Even in death, his eyes were still wide open in disbelief that he had been killed without a second thought.

This bastard! Is he not worried about the Imperial Court's investigation

This was the last thought of his life.

With the deaths of these generals, the remaining generals began to flee, losing all resolve to fight against Wang Chong.

Only now did they realize that they had deeply underestimated this Han youth. His blows struck with the force of ten thousand jun, but vicious and decisive. Their confidence and tricks had been meaningless against him.

"Take another step and die!"

Wang Chong trotted his horse forward, a faint smile returned to his lips. His voice was neither loud nor soft, nor was there any hint of anger within it, but in the ears of those Hu generals, it was like a peal of thunder. Those fleeing Hu generals instantly came to a quivering halt, the blood draining from their faces.

Even though there was no one there to obstruct their path, their feet seemed to be nailed to the ground. A massive fear had seized them, stopping them from taking even half a step, and the last remnants of their courage were dashed to pieces.

Only the fiercest and most courageous of the Hu would dare to gather soldiers for a mutiny. These people were a fearless lot, but Wang Chong had managed to instill a deep fear within them. Although the Young Marquis of the City of Steel had the face of a seventeen-year-old, he was a most terrifying devil in their eyes.

Wang Chong's iron hand had utterly pulverized their resolve.


The horse hooves seemed to be thundering atop their hearts. All the Hu cavalry lowered their heads in fear, not even daring to look. If they had no impression of Wang Chong in the past, one could now be certain that Wang Chong now loomed as an invincible god in their hearts.


Wang Chong rode his horse through the battlefield as though he was taking a leisurely ride, his eyes scanning the battlefield. With this simple order, those Hu generals on the edge of the battlefield who had tried to flee immediately got down on their knees.

With the kneeling of these Hu commanders, the rebellion they had instigated also came to an end.

Wang Chong paused at Li Siye's side and ordered, "Li Siye, you take care of the rest!"

"Yes, Lord Marquis."

Li Siye nodded, and his body immediately exploded with a domineering aura that dealt a deep shock to the Hu commanders. Li Siye had a background in the army, and before he had begun to serve Wang Chong, he had already gained a great deal of experience in Beiting. Although he was still no good at administration, he had no problem reorganizing soldiers.

Wang Chong nodded and continued forward.

This battle had been resolved without his even needing to lift a finger. This was absolute power! At this stage, there were many things that no longer needed his personal interference. Li Siye, Huang Botian, Xu Keyi, and the others could settle it all.