The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Four Quarters Embassy

Chapter 86: Four Quarters Embassy!

Days flew passed.

In the backyard of the Wang Family Residence, a figure was flying about the place.

Dragon Ascending the Clouds!

Submerging Dragon!

Dragon Spewing Water!

Dragon Raising Waves!

Wang Chongs figure was lively and flexible. He executed the Dragon Bone Art fist technique with astounding grace, as though a true flood dragon was dancing, traversing across the fake hills and trees of the backyard.

This was already beyond the level of average fist techniques. Wang Chong has achieved a high level of mastery in the skill, allowing him to execute the moves as easy as breathing. Even the guards of the Wang Family Residence were impressed with his movements.

No one knew where the Third Young Master learned his fist technique from, but no one was concerned about the matter. To the Wang Clan, this was nothing compared to how the Third Young Master gathered an astounding sum of 600,000 gold taels within an extremely short time.

Everyone was already used to his amazing feats.

Wang Chongs movements gradually grew faster and faster, and the air in the surroundings bellowed as though the mighty waves of the sea. Leaf after leaf was lifted into the air by Wang Chongs movements, and as though boats before powerful waves, they danced alongside the air currents around Wang Chong.

This was the sign of one mastering the Herculean Punch.

Its about time!

A thought flashed across Wang Chongs mind. The blood in his body flowed faster and faster, and he had a feeling that he would reach Origin Energy Tier 6 by today.

Peng peng peng!

The air currents around Wang Chong suddenly burst. Boom! Wang Chongs body suddenly shuddered as a bundle of Origin Energy within his body burst. It felt as though he has broke through a certain bottleneck, and endless Origin Energy from the surroundings gushed into Wang Chongs body.

Kacha, the crisp sound of cracking bones sounded from his entire body. In that instant, under the aid of the Origin Energy, Wang Chongs cultivation suddenly burst forward. In the blink of an eye, he broke through Origin Energy Tier 5 to Origin Energy Tier 6.

Hahaha, the Heavens Gate has finally opened! Ive finally reached Origin Energy Tier 6!

Wang Chong was delighted.

Wang Chong rarely gets so agitated, and this was one of the few rare moments. In the Path of Martial Arts, there was something known as the Heavens Gate. This Heavens Gate didnt refer to the area where on ones head where the hundred acupoints were linked to, but the bottleneck in the connection between a human body and the external world.

Upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 6, this bottleneck would be shattered, allowing one to absorb Origin Energy from the environment.

This was the main difference between Origin Energy Tier 6 and Origin Energy Tier 5. In fact, the first five tiers could be considered to be preparation for the opening of the Heavens Gate.

When a martial artist reaches Origin Energy Tier 6, he would gain the ability to cultivate secret arts which increased ones strength, dexterity, and speed significantly, greatly strengthening ones abilities.

Take for example, the Spectre Steps of the female assassin of the Eastern Islands, it was one of the speed-type secret art that one could cultivate upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 6. It would be impossible for any Origin Energy Tier 5 to grasp the skill.

To Wang Chong, that wasnt just the case. Reaching Origin Energy Tier 6 meant that there was a huge room for Wang Chong to showcase his prowess.

He might be the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains in his previous life, but he has already lost his cultivation. Thus, Wang Chong could only start anew.

The opening of the Heavens Gate was a good start for Wang Chong.

If say, Wang Chongs four limbs were bound before, a single hand of his was free now.


Wang Chong shot out a right fist, and in an instant, something incredible occurred. Kacha kacha, the bones throughout Wang Chongs body crackled, and the length of his right arm suddenly extended by a single fold. Stabbing it into the lower crevice of the fake hill, peng!, the hundred jin boulder was lifted up.

In Wang Chongs hands, the weight of the hundred jin heavy boulder seemed like insignificant.

This was the strength of an Origin Energy Tier 6 martial artist!

Upon reaching this level, the strength of a cultivator would be increased immensely. It would be impossible for any ordinary man to lift a hundred jin heavy object easily.

Hahaha, your hard work has paid off. Gongzis aptitude is indeed outstanding. Weve only guided you on the Flexible Arm Fist a few times and youve already understood the principles behind it, grasping it the moment you reached Origin Energy Tier 6!

By the corridor, Ablonodan and Arloja walked down the steps. Nodding their heads, a look of delight hung on their faces.

The Flexible Arm Fist was one of the secret arts of Sindhu, and it was very different from the martial arts in the Central Plains. After mastering the skill, not only would one become ambidextrous, one would also gain the ability to elongate or shorten ones arms swiftly. When utilized in a practical battle, this technique could easily catch ones opponent off guard.

This was the Sindhi martial arts that they decided to impart to Wang Chong based on his cultivation realm. Initially, they thought that it would take a long while before he would be able to master it. However, the rise in Wang Chongs cultivation surpassed their expectations.

This is all thanks to the guidance of the two masters!

Wang Chong walked over with a smile.

In the other world, there was the saying of Bodhidharma traveling to the east to impart martial arts. As such, Wang Chong has always been curious about the Sindhi martial arts in this world.

Sindhu faced severe poverty and a famine, and their martial arts standard was way lower than that of the Central Plains. Even so, they had their strengths as well. Of all of the martial arts in Sindhu, what that intrigued Wang Chong the most was the Tortoise Breathing Art.

It was said that this was the secret art that Saddhus practiced. After mastering this skill, they were able to survive being buried in the ground for ten days straight without eating or drinking.

Some of the even more incredible Sindhi Saddhus were even able to remain underground for more than three months. In fact, some experts were able to remain motionless within the earth for several years, as though a corpse.

In his previous life, this was the Sindhi secret art that Wang Chong desired to learn the most, but it was unfortunate that he never got a chance to do so. Now that he was acquainted with Ablonodan and Arloja, how could Wang Chong allow this opportunity to slip through his fingers?

Ablonodan and Arloja were willing to teach him, but Wang Chongs cultivation wasnt up to the level yet.

Hong long long!

Just when Wang Chong was about to speak to the Sindhi monks, the rumbling of a carriage echoed by the door. The thrilled voice of Wang Chongs little sister could be heard clearly even across the wall:

Brother, time to head out! Grandfathers birthday! Mother told us to head for the Four Quarters Embassy now!

I got it. Im coming!

Hearing his little sisters loud voice echoing throughout the entire Wang Family Residence, Wang Chong chuckled. Anticipation flashed across his eyes.

Regardless of the turmoil outside, the Wang Clan was in joyous mood today. Large red lanterns were hung on the roofs of the buildings.

Other than that, many parts of the residence were painted with red, the color of joyous celebration.

Grandfathers seventieth birthday was a huge affair for the entire Wang Clan. Other than Wang Chongs father, who was busy guarding the borders, everyone else, big uncle, big aunt, and little uncle would all be heading over to the Four Quarters Hall to offer their blessings to grandfather.

Of course, Wang Chong was no different.

Of the 365 days in a year, this was the only day Wang Chong was allowed to enter the Four Quarters Embassy to visit his grandfather.

Even though it was frustrating, the Four Quarters Embassy didnt belong to them. As a clan of generals and ministers, while they enjoyed several privileges, they had to give in something in return.

Masters, Ill be leaving.

Wang Chong told them in Sanskrit.

Un, gongzi, we wont be tagging along with you.

Ablonodan and Arloja replied respectfully. The Four Quarters Embassy was one of the restricted zones of the Great Tang, and numerous experts of the Imperial Army guarded its compounds. Even Wang Clan offsprings like Wang Chong and the others werent allowed to enter the area easily, needless to say, Sindhi monks like Ablonodan and Arloja.

Wang Chong nodded. With his little sister beside him, the guards of the Wang Family Residence following along, and the experts of the Imperial Army sent, Wang Chng need not fear any mishaps occurring in broad daylight.

Wang Chong started walking outside.

A large red carriage was stopped at the gates of the Wang Family Residence and Wang Chongs mother and little sister were already inside. After Wang Chong dived into the carriage, it slowly started moving.

Chong-er and Xiao Yao, listen well. Today is your grandfathers birthday, and other than us, many of your grandfathers old subordinates will be there as well. When youre there, speak less, eat more, and look more. Dont bring me any trouble.

Zhao Shu Hua felt extremely nervous whenever it was her father-in-laws birthday.

Even though her word was authority in the residence, everyone knew that the backbone of the Wang Clan, as well as the leader, has always been her father-in-law.

Her father-in-law has lived a glorious life, favored by the emperor. The reason why the Wang Clan was able to rise to such great heights, becoming a clan of ministers and generals, was all her father-in-laws credit.

In the Wang Clan, her father-in-law held unparalleled authority!

Zhao Shu Hua has always respected and feared him, and she wasnt the only one. Her other sisters-in-law were the same as well.

Mother, dont worry. I know what I should do.

Wang Chong patted his mothers back, consoling her.

Whats there good to fear about grandfather? Im not scared of him!

Wang Xiao Yao pouted.

Hearing her words, Wang Chong and his mother flashed a bitter smile. Wang Chongs grandfather has always been a stern figure in the Wang Clan. Regardless of whether it was his big brother, second brother, or his cousins, they have all suffered the criticisms of grandfather.

In his previous life, Wang Chong was the same as well.

The only exception was this little sister of his.

For some reason, regardless of whether it was his grandfather or his grandmother, they were extremely fond of this powerful little sister. Despite her playfulness, grandfather has never scolded her before.

The two elders would always smile upon seeing her, and this has incurred the envy of Wang Chong, his elder brothers, cousins, and relatives.

But there was no way around it. The two elders simply doted on her.

Besides, other than being gluttonous and playful, she didnt cause any trouble.

The carriage traversed through the alleys, heading straight east. After several hours, while Wang Chong was still seated in the carriage, he suddenly felt a powerful aura surrounding him, crushing down on him as though a massive wave.

In that instant, Wang Chong felt as though he was facing the worlds torrent once more.

Weve reached the Four Quarters Embassy!

Wang Chong immediately realized it. He has been to Four Quarters Embassy before and he was extremely familiar with this aura. Shua! Parting the curtains, Wang Chong gazed at that massive mansion that stood not too far away. The infrastructure was squarish, and it was around seven to eight times larger than the average residence of ministers and generals. Despite its simple design, it felt imposing and solemn.

The very infrastructure induced deference in others, making them unknowingly lowering their voice and hurry across, fearful that they would bother the people within.

There wasnt an entire person living in the surroundings of the residence. At the top of the residence, Wang Chong could see a plain white plaque with three words written in black:

Four Quarters Embassy!

The words were forceful and grand. It felt as though it would soar out from the plaque and rise to the heavens like true dragons, trembling the world with its might!

This was the Four Quarters Embassy!

Other than the royal palace, this was the most esteemed location in entire Great Tang!

Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk from the Western Regions in the 5th to 6th century, and he traveled to China to spread Chan Buddhism. According to Chinese legends, he was the one who began the martial arts training of the Shaolin monks, leading to the creation of Shaolin kungfu.

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