The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Obnoxious Big Aunt

Chapter 87: Obnoxious Big Aunt!

The Four Quarters Embassy was silent, but Wang Chong knew that this was the most heavily guarded locations in Central Plains.

Who knew how many Imperial Army experts were stationed here? Glancing from afar, one could see distortion in the space above the Four Quarters Embassy, and even the sun and stars looked slightly strange from here.

The Four Quarters Embassy has a simple design, and one could easily enter its compounds by flipping over the wall. However, when one truly entered the embassy, one would realize that countless peril awaited for them within.

One might be able to enter easily, but the same couldnt be said about getting out!

Everytime Wang Chong entered the embassy, he would feel as though he was entering a steel enclosure.

To think that I would return here.

Looking at the Four Quarters Embassy, Wang Chongs thoughts wandered and complicated emotions flashed across his eyes. Wang Chong had never liked the Four Quarters Embassy.

The reason was simple. The atmosphere here was too solemn, and it never felt like a family gathering. Rather, it seemed as though he was attending a court assembly instead.

Furthermore, his grandfather, or the old master (this was how Wang Chong addressed him inside) was too incorruptible and upright.

Wang Chong was rebellious, inept, and often caused trouble. This made the old master particularly unfond of him. Thus, every time Wang Chong came here, he would be treated as though he was invisible, and he would be sidelined.

No one noticed him, and no one was concerned about him.

Because of this, Wang Chong grew more and more averse to coming here.

There were many things that one would only find important after losing them.

Wang Chong only felt the weight of that old master after his death. The entire Wang Clan lost its pillar of support, and the heavens crumbled upon them, causing them to fall all the way down.

It was until then did Wang Chong awakened and realized the significance of the old master to the clan.

Humans had to learn from their mistakes to grow.

Only many years later, when he was no longer young, did Wang Chong understand the intentions of his grandfather.

He has lived an upright and incorruptible life. Wealth, standing, and authority, none of these interest him. Even so, no one disliked being surrounded by children and grandchildren, and no one disliked living a blissful and leisure life after retirement.

The reason why he held on for so long, remaining in the Four Quarters Embassy even during his declining years, was for this family. It was for the offsprings of the Wang Clan!

Thus, in his previous life, many years after the death of his grandfather, when he roamed about the capital of the Great Tang once more and saw that the empty, unguarded Four Quarters Embassy, its weed-filled interiors, and that it has become nothing more than an ordinary residence, big uncle and little uncle fell to the ground and wailed in agony!

Wang Chong could never forget that sight.

In the past, Wang Chong felt fearful of this location, but after having lived his life once, his view of this location has completely changed.

It didnt just represent the kinship flowing in his blood. To Wang Chong, this was also a sliver of hope for the empire.

If Wang Chong wanted to change the fate of the empire and the Central Plains, he had to receive the acknowledgement and assistance of the old master in the Four Quarters Embassy!

This was Wang Chongs only choice.


The yelling of the coach pulled Wang Chong back to reality. Retracting his head from the windows, Wang Chong sat quietly beside his mother as the carriage headed slowly for the Four Quarters Embassy.

This wasnt the first time the Wang Familys carriage was brought to the Four Quarters Embassy, and the insignia on the carriage was recognized by many in the Great Tang Empire. Even so, the carriage still underwent stringent checks. Only after double confirming that there were no errors was the carriage allowed into the compounds.

You should alight here! We will inform you once Duke Jiu issues his summon.

Before they could reach far in the Four Quarters Embassy, they were stopped by black-armored Imperial Army sentries. With impassive looks, they crossed their sword before the carriage, blocking its path.

They were currently at the outer perimeter of the Four Quarters Embassy. Even though they were from the Wang Clan, they were only qualified to walk up to here. They had to wait here for Duke Jius summons before they were allowed in.

Without rules, it was impossible to accomplish anything great. Even though Wang Chong wasnt used to these formalities, he knew that these were set by the current Sage Emperor to prevent anyone from sneaking in.

The emperor thought highly of the Four Quarters Embassy.

Wait here. When big aunt and the others arrive, well enter as one. Remember, dont run about.

Madam Wang ordered. She was already used to the formalities here, so she wasnt too surprised.

Wang Chong and his little sister nodded their heads. Opening the doors of the carriage, they alighted from within.

The Four Quarters Embassy was extremely firmly guarded. With a single glance, there was a sentry every five step, and a patrol every ten. In other words, the interiors were completely filled with Imperial Army guards.

Those silent gazes from all directions made one feel as though every single one of ones movements was being scrutinized.

In his previous life, Wang Chong always felt discomfort from their monitoring, but after going through innumerable tribulations in his previous life, such minor matters could no longer shake him.

Mother, Ill help you.

Standing by the carriage, Wang Chong assisted his mother down. Madam Wang nodded, and a surge of gladness struck her heart.

Her child has truly grown up. In the past, he would have never been so considerate.

If one were to disregard the Imperial Army guards whose presence filled in entire compound, the interiors of the Four Quarters Embassy were actually quite beautiful. The trees were lush, and in between the trees, there was a neatly paved bluestone path.

At the two sides of the path, there were numerous green-colored ridged fake hills and boulders. A meticulously crafted clear stream flowed in the surroundings.

Glancing about, Wang Chong could even see stalk after stalk of carefully cultivated bamboos. Verdant and imposing, they added liveliness to the residence.

The old man favored tranquility, and he studied both academics and martial arts when he was younger. These were things that he fancied.

Gu gu lu!

Soon, the rumbling of a carriage echoed from behind.

Oh, isnt this Zhao Shu Hua? You sure came early! Shu Hua, you sure put in a lot of effort for father-in-laws birthday!

Before even seeing the person, mocking words sounded from the large green carriage. Wang Chong turned around and saw an extravagantly dressed middle-aged lady looking out from the windows, staring at them. Her lips were curled up disdainfully.

Big aunt!

A bolt of lightning streaked through Wang Chongs mind. The person in the carriage was no other than Wang Chongs big aunt, Xing Yuan Chun.

If big uncle never liked Wang Chong in his previous life, then what big aunt held for him was hatred. This hatred wasnt just limited to Wang Chong, but for the entire Wang Family, be it big brother, second brother, father, mother, or little sister.

In fact, even after the Wang Clan fell from grace, big aunts attitude has never changed.

Hardship should have been a time for a family to unite together, but big aunt kept nagging and complaining about everything.

During meals, she had to have the best. When it came to picking food, she would always choose the biggest portion.

When the Wang Clan fell into distress, everyone became skinny as though skeletons, but big aunt gained weight instead.

Because of this, Wang Chong shared equal hatred for her as well.

Sister-in-law, you sure know how to joke. Today is father-in-laws birthday, I wouldnt dare to be late.

Hearing her sister-in-laws voice, Madam Wangs face darkened. Even so, she didnt dare to refute her. Xing Yuan Chun was the wife of the eldest son in the Wang Clan, and her standing was higher than that of hers. In this feudal era where customs and hierarchy had to be strictly followed, Zhao Shu Hua had no choice but to lower her head.

Mother, theres no need to be polite with her. Big aunt, today is grandfathers seventieth birthday. It is such an important affair, and yet, you, as an elder, are late. Arent you being too disrespectful?

Wang Chong pulled her mothers hand and talked back without any consideration. While her mother wasnt in the position to say anything, he, as a child, didnt have that many worries.

Even if grandfather were to blame him for this matter, he would only attribute it to his immaturity and this matter would pass just like that.

Thats right! Why are you scolding my mother?

Little sister waved her fists indignantly by the side.


Xing Yuan Chun didnt expect Wang Chong to interrupt and criticize her for her tardiness. Furious, she wagged her finger at Wang Chong with a frosty face:

You two little little things, do you have no respect for your elders? Watch how you speak! I am conversing with your mother, theres no place for you two in the conversation! Zhao Shu Hua, is this how you educate your children?


At this moment, a cold and authoritative voice echoed from the carriage. Outside, the three quarreling people immediately fell silent.

Today is fathers birthday, I wont allow anyone to cause a ruckus here. Xing Yuan Chun, shut your mouth. Wang Chong, you are to remain quiet as well!

It was the voice of Wang Chongs big uncle, Wang Gen. As an authoritative official of the royal court, his words held might.

Yes, big uncle!

Wang Chong bowed respectfully. Compared to before, big uncles tone was clearly much milder. He didnt seem to blame Wang Chong for this matter.

Clearly, his advice for his big uncle and cousin wasnt completely useless. But for some reason, Wang Chong could sense worry in his voice.

Big brother, youre right. Shu Hua has acted without propriety.

Wang Chongs mother also bowed politely. Even though Wang Chongs big uncle, Wang Gen, was stern, inflexible, and hostile with the Wang Family previously, he wasnt as nasty, difficult, and fond of mocking others as Xing Yuan Chun.

Thats why Wang Chongs mother didnt really have any conflicts with him.

Wang Gen! How can you help outsiders? She talked back to me!

A shrill and disharmonious voice echoed within the carriage. Even though Big Uncle Wang Gen has spoken up, Wang Chongs big aunt, Xing Yuan Chun, didnt really buy his words, and displeasure filled her words.

Mother, cant you speak less

At this moment, another voice from within the carriage complained.

Its cousin!
(Wang Zhu Yan)

Wang Chong recognized the voice. Grandfathers seventieth birthday was a huge affair, how could Wang Zhu Yan be absent?

Fine! Even you are siding with outsiders now. You lass, see how Ill teach you a lesson.

Big aunt bellowed furiously. As she spoke, she seemed to have used her finger to pinch the other party, and Wang Zhu Yans pained exclaim echoed in the air.

After which, it was a series of naggy criticisms.

Yo, isnt that Zhao Shu Hua? And is that Chun Yuan?

The rumbling of another carriage echoed from the back. Wang Chong turned over and noticed three gold leaves pasted on the side of carriage driving over. A familiar face also popped out from the window.

There are two big aunts
Wang Ru Shuang (The oldest female sibling in the Wang Clan), and Wang Gens wife (The wife of the oldest son in the family).