The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 88

Chapter 88 The Wang Clan

Chapter 88: The Wang Clan!

Big aunt!

Gazing at that face, a delighted expression spread over Wang Chongs face. It was Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang and Uncle Li Lin.

Hehe, Chong-er, youre here. Xiao Yao as well.

Big aunt looked at Wang Chong and little sister passionately, as though they were her own children.

Hehe, Chun Yuan, they are just children, there is no need for you to quarrel with them. Just let them be. Today is fathers birthday, we should discuss on how we could avoid any accidents to please him instead.

Big aunt quickly stood out and cleared up the situation. As she spoke, she sent an inconspicuous blink at Wang Chong.

Understanding her intentions, Wang Chong smiled and pulled his little sister to the side.

In the previous life, Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang was actually quite close with Big Aunt Xing Yuan Chun. However, everything changed in this world. With Wang Chongs help, not only was Uncle Li Lin deployed from the North Gates to come under Zhao Fengchen, he was even promoted.

As such, Wang Ru Shuang might be even fonder of Wang Chong than her own son now!

The ruckus in big uncles carriage abruptly came to a halt.

Hehe, Ru Shuang is here.

Big Aunt Xing Yuan Chuns head appeared from the window. She looked at Wang Ru Shuangs carriage with welcoming eyes. Her attitude was completely different from how she treated Wang Chongs mother previously.

Wang Chongs grandfather has a total of three sons and one daughter, and Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang was his only daughter. In her body flowed Duke Jius blood.

On top of that, Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang was married out, and she wasnt in line for the inheritance. As such, there wasnt any conflict between her and Xing Yuan Chun.

In this aspect, she was much different from Wang Chongs mother.

Hehe, its been awhile since we last met, and Yuan Chun, you are looking better and better. You dont seem like youre in our age group at all. Look at me, white hairs are starting to sprout already!

Really? Big sister, you shouldnt say that of yourself. You dont look old at all

A healthy red glow was on Xing Yuan Chuns face, and a wide smile hung on her lips. Suddenly, a cold harrumph echoed from her carriage. Peng, the doors of the green carriage was opened from the inside. A tall figure emitting a deep aura walked out.

The abrupt situation left everyone stunned.


Wang Chong and his little sister were taken aback for a moment before they got a grasp of what was going on. From the doors of the carriage, the figure with an impatient look was no other than Wang Chongs cousin, Wang Li.

This child! How can you behave like that before your big aunt, hurry up and greet her!

Big Aunt Xing Yuan Chun called.

However, Wang Li seemed as if he didnt hear her words at all, and he didnt even spare a glance to Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang. Walking out of the carriage, he headed straight in.

Wang Li was both a son of the main family of the Wang Clan and he was an official of the royal court. The old master has given him special permission, thus the Imperial Army guards didnt even stop him, allowing him to walk through.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Li disappeared on the road by the bamboo forest Throughout the entire process, not a single guard paid him any attention.

It must be the matter before

A thought flashed through Wang Chongs mind. No one could be more aware than him how ambitious Cousin Wang Li was.

In the third generation offsprings, Cousin Wang Li has been competing against Wang Chongs two elder brothers, especially his eldest brother. However, despite being the eldest son of the main family, he wasnt a match for Eldest Brother Wang Fu.

Even his official rank was beneath him!

This time, due to the interference of the Yao Clan, his chance at promotion was wrecked. It was obvious what Cousin Wang Li thought of the matter.

This child

Big Aunt Xing Yuan Chun watched sheepishly as her sons figure disappeared amidst the trees.

Alright! Lets not talk anymore and alight from the carriage!

It was Big Uncle Wang Gens voice. Right after he said those words, he stepped out from the carriage. Before he came out, he glanced at Wang Chong and nodded. After which, a worried look plagued his face once more as he proceeded forward.

As the eldest son of the Wang Clan, as well as an important official in the royal court, big uncle would often come to the Four Quarters Embassy to consult the old master on some political questions.

As such, he was also another exception to the rules of the Four Quarters Embassy.

Soon, big uncle also passed by the sentry post and disappeared amidst the bamboo forest.

Ru Shuang, shall we enter as well?

Ill pass! Its a rare occasion for my fourth brother to come down from Tianzhu Mountain to attend fathers birthday, so Ill wait for him here and enter along with him.

Wang Ru Shuang shook her head. She glanced purposefully at Wang Chong.

Xing Yuan Chun didnt insist on the matter. Alighting from the carriage, she harrumphed coldly beside Wang Chongs mother before walking into the bamboo forest.

Wang Zhu Yan was the final one to alight. Only after Big Aunt Xing Yuan Chuns figure disappeared completely did she silently step out of the carriage. Without Xing Yuan Chuns presence, the atmosphere felt much more harmonious.


Wang Zhu Yan walked over to Wang Chongs mother and apologized:

My mothers words are a little nasty, but she isnt a bad person. Ill apologize in her stead, so please dont take her words to heart.

Hehe, silly child. Theres no need for you apologize, Im fine.

Wang Chongs mother shook her head with a smile.

Indeed, Shu Hua. Thats just how Yuan Chuns personality is. You should just let her words enter from one ear and leave from the other.

Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang added in.

The aunt and niece chatted for a few moment before they turned their gazes simultaneously at Wang Chong. Gedeng, Wang Chongs heart skipped a beat. Big aunts gaze was one thing, but Cousin Wang Zhu Yans eyes were filled with bad intentions, as though she was looking at a piece of fat and tasty meat.

Tsk tsk, isnt this our familys little Tao Zhu Gong? Why, do you not remember your Second Sister after earning some money?
(Tao Zhu Gong is a famous businessman in the Spring and Autumn Period)

How would I dare to!

Wang Chong smiled sheepishly. Upon seeing this sight, Wang Chongs big aunt, uncle, and mother couldnt help but chuckle. Even though Wang Chong has saved the Wang Clan from a crisis and earned a huge sum of money, he was unable to maintain the same impressive image before his Cousin Wang Zhu Yan. It was as though he has met his nemesis.

Wheres my portion? After earning so much money, it cant be that you wish to dump your Second Sister aside?

Wang Zhu Yan stretched out her hands and rubbed her thumb with her forefinger and middle finger.

How could this be? Ive put aside a makeup fund just for you. Whenever you need it, inform me and Ill send it over to you.

Wang Chong said.

Thats more like it!

Wang Zhu Yan said, but soon, she couldnt hold herself back any longer and burst out laughing.

The moment Wang Zhu Yan laughed, the others followed suit. Only Wang Chong was rubbing his nose awkwardly.

Right, dont leave right after the birthday banquet later on. Ive something I need to talk to you about.

Wang Zhu Yan suddenly said.

Wang Chong was surprised.

His cousin rarely had anything that she needed him for, not to mention, on such an important occasion.


Even though Wang Chong was perplexed, he nodded in agreement.

Even though his cousin was smiling on the surface, Wang Chong could tell that she was serious. Usually, when she put on such an expression, it meant that the matter was extremely important.

Wang Chong didnt dare to be negligent.

Remember to wait for me later on. Dont forget.

Only then did Wang Zhu Yan nod her head in satisfaction. Then, bidding Wang Chongs mother and Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang farewell, she walked into the bamboo forest.

After Wang Zhu Yan left, Wang Ru Shuang walked up to Wang Chong. Her gaze was extremely gentle, and a sliver of gratitude could be seen in it.

Child, thank you!

Wang Ru Shuang said in gratitude. Since her brother and his wife wasnt here, there wasnt any need for her to hide anything at all. Regarding the issue of her husband, Li Lin, she had pleaded with the old master for countless times.

However, the old master was simply too obstinate. The decisions he made couldnt be changed, and Wang Ru Shuang had already fallen into despair. She thought that her husband would remain as a mere section leader at the North Gates until death.

The change came too suddenly!

Wang Ru Shuang could have never imagined that the one who would solve her dilemma would be the nephew whom she always thought to be rebellious and profligate.

Within an extremely short period of time, not only was her husband Li Lin deployed out of the North Gates, he was even promoted.

Even until now, Wang Ru Shuang still found it hard to believe that it wasnt just a dream.

Big aunt, theres no need to thank me. Were one family. Besides, uncle has also helped me as well.

Wang Chong glanced at Uncle Li Lin, who was standing behind Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang. Wang Chong was speaking the truth, but when those words reached Wang Ru Shuangs ears, it sounded as though he was being humble. She couldnt help but feel even more grateful.

This child Chong-er, you should visit big aunt more often, and interact more with your cousin Wang Liang. Wang Liang, your cousin is here. Come down!

At the end, she turned to her carriage and bellowed.

Wait a moment! Allow me to finish this wooden bird carving first. This is one of the hottest product in the capital now, and it is worth five silver taels each. If it can fly, itll be worth ten. Once I make a few more of these, Ill surely be able to earn a sizeable sum!

The person in the carriage sounded as though he was immersed in the task he was engaged in.

Wang Liang!

Wang Ru Shuangs face steeled as she flew into a temper.

Listening to those words, Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle. Those words could have only come out from the mouth of his Cousin Wang Liang. Cousin Wang Liang wasnt interested in academics or martial arts, the only thing he was devoted to was conducting business and earning money.

Sensitive to the market conditions, he was always able to detect business opportunities and earn a sum. The only problem was that:

Just like he said, he could only earn five silver taels to ten silver taels each time This was just pocket change!

Hearing the sound of wood being shaved from the carriage, Cousin Wang Liang was clearly still busy.

This child

Wang Ru Shuang felt helpless:

Forget it, Shu Hua. Its already about time. There should be a while before fourth brother comes, so lets enter first.

Not too far away, the Imperial Army experts split apart, opening up a path.

The old master had already relayed the news that they could enter.

The group walked into the depths of the Four Quarters Embassy.

The place where the old master resided was called Erudite Pavilion, and there were countless experts guarding the compounds. When Wang Chong and his mother walked in, big uncle and big aunt were already in there along with Wang Zhu Yan and Wang Li. They were standing in a line respectfully, and the entire atmosphere felt solemn.

Even though Cousin Wang Liang was slightly rebellious, he still put on an extremely obedient look at this moment, lowering his head and not daring to say anything.

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Cousin here cousin there big aunt here and big aunt there.
Wang Li, Wang Liang, Wang Zhu Yan are all older than Wang Chong.

Wang Gen & Xing Chun Yuan
-Wang Zhu Yan
-Wang Li

Wang Ru Shuang & Li Lin
-Wang Liang

Wang Yan & Zhao Shu Hua
-Wang Fu (Big bro)
-Wang Bei (Second Bro)
-Wang Chong
-Wang Xiao Yao

Little Uncle Wang Mi

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