The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 912

Chapter 912: Formation Phenomena

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As Wang Chong had expected, it took only a few moments for Li Siye to sense what Wang Chong was thinking. He turned away, his large and strong palm clasping around his massive sword as his expression hardened. "Hyah!" Li Siye immediately pushed his horse to go even faster, leading his five thousand Wushang Cavalry in the charge against the Celestial Wolf Cavalry.



At the same time, behind the Celestial Wolf Cavalry, Huoba Sangye suddenly raised his arm and ordered his golden-red-armored Mutri Great Cavalry to halt.


This order was so abrupt that the Mutri Great Cavalry officers around Huoba Sangye turned in shock to their commander. Was the Mutri Great Cavalry's task on the battlefield at the moment not to work with the eight thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry and completely annihilate the Tang army?

"It's too late now. The Turks' Celestial Wolf Cavalry got ahead of us."

Huoba Sangye's eyes were like blazing suns while his face was solemn and serene.

"Don't forget that in coming to this battle, we have defied the Tsenpo's decree. In defeating the Tang, we Mutri Great Cavalry do not need the help of others!"

"But, Great Minister and the Great Generals hope that we work together with the Celestial Wolf Cavalry to defeat the Tang!" one of Huoba Sangye's deputies urged.

Huoba Sangye looked ahead and emotionlessly asked, "Does the Celestial Wolf Cavalry appear to need our help at the moment?"

The officers followed his gaze, where the Celestial Wolf Cavalry were charging with an incredible momentum, the Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation bolstering their strength. Even the Mutri Great Cavalry were surprised at their power.

In terms of momentum, the eight thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry completely dominated the Great Tang's Wushang Cavalry.

The Mutri officers instantly understood, and they seemed a little more at ease.

"Let's wait until the Celestial Wolf Cavalry actually need our help!"

Huoba Sangye's voice rang out in all their ears.


All his officers replied in unison.


From his vantage point on the hills, Huoshu Huicang could see what was happening. Frowning, he stepped forward and whispered into Dalun Ruozan's ear, "Great Minister, this Huoba Sangye… should we urge him on a little?"

Huoba Sangye was far too proud, as were the Mutri Great Cavalry. At what should have been a time for Ü-Tsang to closely collaborate with the Western Turks , Huoba Sangye had decided to have his Mutri Great Cavalry stop and watch from the rear, completely ruining the mood.

This was also not a good development for the Turko-Tibetan alliance.

"Relax! Huoba Sangye knows what he should do! In addition, Shamask and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry will not like it if someone intervenes at this time," Dalun Ruozan impassively said, his expression relaxed.

Although Huoba Sangye had stopped, this had little effect on the battle overall. With the Tang surrounded, the trend of the battle was set, and no one could stop it.


Huoshu Huicang still wanted to argue otherwise, but then Dalun Ruozan shot a glance past him. Huoshu Huicang subconsciously turned to follow his gaze and saw that nearby, Duwu Sili had his head held high, an apathetic look on his face. As he stood beneath the golden wolf banner with his hands held behind his back, he exuded an aura of pride and disdain.

Huoshu Huicang now understood and fell silent.

Dalun Ruozan was correct. Duwu Sili's Celestial Wolf Cavalry were one of the three greatest cavalry forces of the Western Turkic Khaganate. In terms of battlefield record, Duwu Sili had even defeated the Beiting Protector-General once. Someone of his ability almost certainly had a very high opinion of themselves, so how could he permit outsiders to assist his Celestial Wolf Cavalry?

"It's about ready!"

This sudden voice caused Huoshu Huicang to turn his head back around. The massive golden wolf head in that distant cloud of dust had begun to roar, and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry now seemed unstoppable under the power of their formation, capable of toppling mountains and reversing the seas.

The two sides were getting closer and closer.

In the face of the Celestial Wolf Cavalry, the five thousand Wushang Cavalry seemed like a frail sail boat in the midst of a violent storm, liable to be smashed upon the waves at any moment.

Celestial Wolf! Wushang!

The battle between these two supreme cavalry forces had attracted everyone's attention.

Wang Chong, Dalun Ruozan, Duwu Sili, and countless Great Tang, Tibetan, and Turkic generals were all watching this clash of champions!

Two hundred zhang!

One hundred zhang!

Seventy zhang!

At fifty zhang, the situation suddenly changed.


Everyone suddenly heard a stentorian bellow ringing in their ears.

"Ten Charges Ten Victories, begin!"


The earth began to quake as Li Siye ordered his soldiers to take on the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation, and a flood of energy brimming with baleful and murderous energy soared into the heavens. In that moment, all the Wushang Cavalry began to explode with an energy ten times stronger than before, and their strength, speed, and dexterity all began to rapidly increase.

In addition, the energy exuded by the Wushang Cavalry began to condense in the air, forming one, two, three, four… forty-nine illusory images.

A second later, these illusions had solidified into forty-nine enormous and golden spears!

Several months had passed, months in which the Wushang Cavalry had spent every day training in the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation, reaching a totally new level of power. Not only had the number of spears increased from ten to forty-nine, but the buff it provided to the Wushang Cavalry had increased as well.


Thunder began to crackle in the air as dark clouds suddenly began to gather over the Wushang Cavalry, casting down shadows that shrouded them. Their strength swelled, and in a few moments, they had reached a stage where they were equal with the eight thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry.

And their strength continued to increase. A few moments later, they had surpassed the Celestial Wolf Cavalry, reaching a stunning level of strength.

But it was still increasing!

Back in the rear of the army, underneath the Qixi war banner, Wang Chong had been keeping a close watch on Li Siye. The moment Li Siye had released the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation, Wang Chong had connected with the White-hoofed Shadow beneath him, causing it to raise a hoof and stomp on the ground.

Clangclangclang! Three black-red halos, their edges peerlessly sharp, exploded outward from Wang Chong's position, rapidly engulfing the battlefield. It took the blink of an eye for the halo's strength to catch up to the Wushang Cavalry, and the Halos of Dusk Stallion swiftly began to appear under their feet.

Buffed by Wang Chong's halos, the already formidable Wushang Cavalry swelled in strength once more. Besides that, the dark clouds overhead also grew thicker and more restless.


Shamask, hidden behind the Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation, gave a nasty grimace.

"This is impossible!"

Shamask's eyes narrowed and his body shuddered as, for the first time in this battle, he lost his composure.

This Wushang Cavalry was completely different from the one present in the intelligence reports. At the very least, Ü-Tsang's Qinghai Soldiers and White Braves were definitely not as powerful as this!

"Get ready for battle!"

Shamask was far from the only one to be shocked. Five hundred zhang in the rear, Huoba Sangye's body had trembled, and as he stood up straight on his horse, his face turned extremely grave, his eyes shining with a sharp light.

The Wushang Cavalry's transformation had utterly surpassed his expectations. He had believed that the Celestial Wolf Cavalry could easily defeat the Tang, but he now realized that the situation was full of unknown variables. There was no guarantee that the Celestial Wolf Cavalry could defeat the Wushang Cavalry!

"Impossible! Since when did the Central Plains have such a powerful formation!"

The Tibetan and Turkic commanders on the hill stared in astonishment at the dark clouds above the Wushang Cavalry. The Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili was particularly stunned, his body trembling after receiving an unprecedented shock.

Formation phenomena!

Legends said that formations were, in some mysterious way, linked to the heavens and earth, and would elicit a response from the world. This sort of celestial phenomenon would not have a very large range, and it would not last for very long, but it indicated that the formation that had triggered it was as strong as it could be. Duwu Sili had only heard about these kinds of formations from the previous generation of shaman priests.

But such formations existed only in the legends.

Duwu Sili had traveled across the world and encountered all sorts of experts, and he knew the famous experts of the Great Tang like the back of his hand. Even when the Great Tang War God Wang Zhongsi had used his formations, he was still a little way from reaching the level of causing formation phenomena.

And outside of Wang Zhongsi, the other Tang experts were even further away from that legendary level.

It was said that when one reached the highest level of understanding of the Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation, one could also trigger a celestial phenomenon, but though Duwu Sili had pondered for many years, he had made no progress, could not find any way to improve the formation. But to his surprise, here, in the foreign land of Talas, he saw this supreme level of strength from this Great Tang youth called Wang Chong.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would have never believed that the formation phenomena that he had pursued his entire life would show up here.