The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 916

Chapter 916: Move Out Mutri Great Cavalry

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Congratulations to user! 30 points of Destiny Energy have been rewarded!"

"Congratulations to user! 30 points of Destiny Energy have been rewarded!"

"Congratulations to user! 30 points of Destiny Energy have been rewarded!"

"Congratulations to user! 30 points of Destiny Energy have been rewarded!"

"Congratulations to user! 30 points of Destiny Energy have been rewarded!"

A string of messages immediately began to pour through Wang Chong's mind. 600, 800, 1000, 2000… in a few short moments, Wang Chong had obtained a tremendous sum of Destiny Energy, and the number was still rising. In this clash of elite cavalry, Wang Chong would receive 30 Destiny Energy for each Celestial Wolf Cavalry killed.

After a stalemate, the time for harvest had finally begun, the Skanda Halo and the Cutting Formation now proving their worth. Shamask had been heavily injured, and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry's formation had been broken. Without the power of their formation, the Celestial Wolf Cavalry suffered a drop in all their attributes: speed, strength, and even dexterity.

At this level of strength, the Celestial Wolf Cavalry were simply no match for the Wushang Cavalry and were immediately routed, suffering a large number of losses.

Swooshswooshswoosh! The Wushang Cavalry fully utilized their efficiency and teamwork, bolstered in their pursuit by the Halo of Dusk Stallion. Their peerlessly sharp Wootz Steel swords slashed every which way, and blood glimmered in the sunlight as one Celestial Wolf cavalryman after another fell to them.

At the very front of the Celestial Wolf Cavalry, a figure had his body pressed against his horse, his arms drooping down as he fled like a panicked wolf: Shamask. His face was pale, his eyes suffused with a deep fear. If one looked carefully, one would discover that under the attacks of the Skanda-strengthened Li Siye and the collective charge of the Wushang Cavalry, Shamask had dropped down from the Brigadier General level all the way to the Imperial Martial realm, down to Tier 7, even beneath Li Siye.

It was easy to see how badly Shamask had been wounded.

Never in Shamask's life had he suffered such a devastating defeat!

He had not been defeated by just Li Siye, or Kong Zi-an, Hong Youqi, or any of the others. He had been defeated by five thousand people, something he would have never dared to think possible in the past.

He did not dare to look back. That he had been able to escape with his life was only because his reaction had been fast. Taking the backlash, he had decided to end the Celestial Wolf Ghost Dragon Art early. In his current situation, if Li Siye and the others caught up and gave him another wave of blows, Shamask would be doomed.

"Impossible, impossible! How could such a formation exist in this world…"

Shamask was panicked and nervous. That flurry of blows had utterly shattered his confidence!

The strange tactic of those five thousand cavalry made Shamask feel like he was living a nightmare.

But Shamask's shock and dismay at the grievous defeat of the Celestial Wolf Cavalry were far outmatched by another person. Although he had not taken part in this battle, his honor and reputation had been on the line, as had that of the entire Western Turkic Khaganate!


On the high hill, Duwu Sili was dumbstruck, his entire body quivering in rage. The Celestial Wolf Cavalry was one of the three strongest forces of cavalry in the Western Turkic Khaganate. It had never been defeated before, and Duwu Sili had never believed that his troops could lose to the Great Tang.

"Shamask! You useless thing, you couldn't even kill a trifling Imperial Martial warrior!"

Duwu Sili clenched his fists, his eyes blazing with rage.

"Chekun Benba! Go and tell Shamask that if he can't defeat the Wushang Cavalry, he shouldn't come back," Duwu Sili coldly ordered.

"Yes, General!"

With Duwu Sili's words, a Turkic general at Tier 6 of the Saint Martial realm mounted his horse and took off in a cloud of dust toward the battlefield.

Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje couldn't help but shoot Duwu Sili a glance, a tinge of astonishment in their eyes. The Celestial Wolf Cavalry had suffered a major defeat and Shamask was seriously wounded. The two had believed that Duwu Sili would either personally enter the battlefield or would at least call the Celestial Wolf Cavalry back. They hadn't expected Duwu Sili to instead order the Celestial Wolf Cavalry to fight to the death.

The pair finally felt the tough and stubborn side of the Western Turkic Celestial Wolf Great General. They also understood how he had been able to dominate the steppe, rarely suffering defeat in his battles.

Only Dalun Ruozan was unperturbed. Long before they had begun working together, Dalun Ruozan had engaged in a thorough investigation of Duwu Sili, and he knew that only this Duwu Sili was the authentic one.

"Great Minister! Should we order Huoba Sangye…"

"There's no need. He's already moved out!"

Dalun Ruozan looked forward, a faint smile on his face.

Rumble! On the other end of Dalun Ruozan's gaze, the unmoving Mutri Great Cavalry that had been watching from the sidelines had begun to charge the moment the Celestial Wolf Cavalry had been defeated. In Huoba Sangye's view, the moment the Celestial Wolf Cavalry lost, they had also lost the right to challenge the Wushang Cavalry.

"All soldiers, kiiiiill!"

Huoba Sangye rode upon his divine steed, the wind rushing past him, his body leaning slightly forward as his eyes glowed with an intense desire to fight. Behind him, a searing wave of heat rose from the seven thousand Mutri Great Cavalry following behind him.

Ü-Tsang versus the Great Tang!

Mutri Great Cavalry versus Wushang Cavalry!

This was a decisive battle foreordained by fate!

Rumble! As the seven thousand Mutri Great Cavalry charged, they exerted an aura that was even more grandiose than that of the eight thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry. All their eyes exploded with the fires of loathing and a desire to fight.


Meanwhile, Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, and the rest of the Wushang Cavalry officers had noticed the Mutri Great Cavalry approaching. Without the slightest hesitation, Li Siye recalled his men.

"The Mutri Great Cavalry!!"

Li Siye's pupils constricted at the sight of this cavalry force that set even the air itself ablaze, as he immediately recognized who they were.

The strongest cavalry force of the Ü-Tsang Empire, the only cavalry force titled as 'Great Cavalry'.

The 'Great' symbolized their unquestioned superiority!

Although Li Siye had never interacted with the Mutri Great Cavalry, he had fought with the White Braves of Ü-Tsang before. All the Wushang Cavalry had experienced the power of Dayan Mangban's White Braves. In that battle, the two had been on par with each other, and the ritual tools of the Bon religion had almost led to the destruction of the entire army.

The Mutri Great Cavalry were ranked even higher than the White Braves, so one could easily imagine how powerful they were.

"Everyone, get ready! Arrow Formation!"

Li Siye's voice resounded over the battlefield, and the Wushang Cavalry gathered behind him once more, the strength of the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation once more beginning to coalesce. One spear, two, three, four… forty-nine golden spears formed once more above the Wushang Cavalry, and a grim aura of slaughter began to swirl into the air.

The Skanda Halo could only last for an hour. Once this hour was up, Li Siye's cultivation level would fall back down to the Imperial Martial realm. Li Siye had to seize this opportunity to defeat both the Mutri Great Cavalry and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry. Only this way could he prevent the Qixi cavalry behind him from being routed.

Rumble! Under the light of the morning sun, the seven thousand Mutri Great Cavalry grew faster and faster: the Great Scarlet Sun Formation!

Huoba Sangye had immediately used the strongest formation of the Mutri Great Cavalry. An invisible energy began to flow through the air, enveloping his men, and the blazing energy of the morning sun was drawn away, condensing over their heads.

These flames turned from incorporeal to real, transforming into an enormous ball of fire that engulfed all the Mutri Great Cavalry. From a distance, it seemed like a moving sun had appeared on the earth.


Gasps of alarm came from all sides of the battlefield at this astonishing sight. Even the Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili couldn't hide his shock.

Very few people had not heard of the Mutri Great Cavalry, but because this cavalry force had always remained around the royal capital of the Ü-Tsang Empire, almost no one had ever experienced its true power.

The Great Scarlet Sun Formation had enveloped all the Mutri Great Cavalry within a ball of fire so dazzling that everyone had to squint when looking at it. This formation had a different strength from the Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation, a blazing and tyrannical power!

"Damn it! We can't even fully open our eyes. Li Siye, what do we do?" Huang Botian hollered. Even though he was at the Imperial Martial realm, he was still affected, unable to fully open his eyes or clearly make out the Mutri Great Cavalry, so one could easily imagine what state the rest of the Wushang Cavalry were in. The situation was extremely disadvantageous.

"That's right! The light around them is too intense. If we can't even see our opponents, we won't be able to attack them." Kong Zi-an's worried voice came from nearby.

Neither the Celestial Wolf Cavalry nor the Mutri Great Cavalry were ordinary opponents, and none of them had ever fought opponents like this. More importantly, the Mutri Great Cavalry seemed even more powerful than the Celestial Wolf Cavalry. The Great Scarlet Sun Formation had boosted their speed, strength, and dexterity, and their power continued to increase, almost on the verge of equaling the Wushang Cavalry.