The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Wushang Versus Mutri

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Get ready! Everyone, listen to my orders. The Tibetan formation is similar to the Western Turkic formation in that it only affects our eyes and has no effect on our strength. In a little while, everyone listen for my whistles. No matter how many people are in front of us, just charge forward. If we can't use our eyes, just close them and listen with our ears!"

Li Siye's eyes shone with a determined light as he hardened his resolve.

When warriors met on the road, only the brave would emerge victorious. The Great Tang had nowhere to retreat. If not even the Wushang Cavalry could stop the Tibetan Mutri Great Cavalry, if nothing stopped the Mutri Great Cavalry, only disaster awaited the Tang army.

Li Siye had no choice except to fight!


The two cavalry forces charged closer and closer to each other.

"Milord, what should we do? Should we also go in? Work with the Mutri Great Cavalry to deal with the Great Tang?"

The Celestial Wolf Cavalry stopped in the distance and turned to their captain. The Mutri Great Cavalry had given the Celestial Wolf Cavalry a chance to catch their breath, and even reassemble to attack again. If the Celestial Wolf Cavalry now turned around and worked with the Mutri Great Cavalry, they could definitely defeat the Tang.


The eyes of the vice commander of the Celestial Wolf Cavalry twinkled with desire, but he quickly shook his head and rejected the idea.

"The radiance of the Tibetan formation doesn't just affect the Tang, but us as well. After all, we're different from the Tibetans and use a different formation. If we force our way in, we might not only be of no help, but might even end up mistakenly attacking the Tibetans. It's not worth it!"

At the start, he had found it strange that the Tibetans had stopped and watched from the sidelines, but he suddenly understood that it wasn't because they weren't willing to help. Their formation was just too unique, its energy too tyrannical. It was a complete mismatch for the Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation.


Putting aside the Celestial Wolf Cavalry and their hesitation, on the battlefield, a dragon gave a mighty roar in the heavens, causing everyone to look over to see what was happening. Li Siye was leading the Wushang Cavalry, commanding them by whistle, in a charge against the blazing sun of the Mutri Great Cavalry.

At present, the only person in the Wushang Cavalry who could remain unaffected by the light of the Great Scarlet Sun Formation was Li Siye, who was relying on the Skanda Halo to reach the Saint Martial realm.

Ten meters, eight meters, five meters…

Time seemed to suddenly slow to a crawl.


The Tibetan Great Scarlet Sun Formation was far too dazzling for anyone to see what was going on in the battlefield. They could only see a force of several thousand cavalry crash into an enormous blazing ball of fire. Shockwaves of energy swept in every direction as they crashed against each other with such force that even the distant second defense line trembled.

Countless horses whinnied and neighed in panic.

The waves of heat rolling off the clash of these two cavalry forces spread for several thousand zhang, causing all the grass in this area to wither. Even the Tibetan and Turkic warhorses began to neigh, their eyes shrinking in fear as they began to flee.


After a brief moment of silence, the sounds of innumerable collisions could be heard, as thick as the rain. Countless warhorses crashed into each other in the blinding sunlight and then galloped past each other.

"Everyone, keep up! Don't fall out of formation!"

"Close your eyes! Follow General's whistles!"

"Maintain the formation! Kill!"

The battlefield was a scene of complete chaos. The Mutri Great Cavalry's Great Scarlet Sun Formation that borrowed the power of the sunlight was clearly showing its advantages at this moment. Although the formation rendered more than half the battlefield blind, the Mutri Great Cavalry were completely unaffected.


Their large and lengthy scimitars constantly swung through the air, dragging behind them the dark shadow of death as they accurately struck the Wushang Cavalry. These weapons were completely different from ordinary Tibetan weapons. Though they were still scimitars, they were on a whole different level in terms of size, sharpness, and weight.

These scarlet scimitars struck with the weight of ten thousand jun, and each one was suffused with a searing energy that traveled through the scimitar into the body of the enemy.

Even the White Braves would find it impossible to endure this scorching power.

This was one of the reasons the Mutri Great Cavalry was able to become the strongest cavalry force in the Ü-Tsang Empire!


One rain of collisions came after another. The entire battlefield reverberated with the sounds of the impacts.

"Careful—their scimitars are strange! …Ah!"

"What sturdy armor! General, our Wootz Steel swords can't cut through their armor!"


The Mutri Great Cavalry were not merely hard to deal with because of the blazing energy in their scimitars. Their golden-red armor was also brimming with this scorching power.

The Wootz Steel swords wielded by the Wushang Cavalry were extremely sharp, capable of cutting through steel several feet thick. The Celestial Wolf Cavalry had armor made from the best steel and strengthened through many toughening inscriptions, yet the Wootz Steel swords could still cut halfway through this armor. But the situation with the Mutri Great Cavalry was completely different. The sharp Wootz Steel swords could only leave shallow indents on their armor, around half an inch thick.

The armor of the Mutri Great Cavalry was much tougher than they had imagined.

"I did not think, Great Minister, that the Tibetan Plateau could also produce such powerful equipment!" Duwu Sili suddenly said, squinting.

Although the Tibetan Great Scarlet Sun Formation was dazzling and brilliant, it had little effect on a supreme Great General like Duwu Sili. What surprised Duwu Sili most of all was this Tibetan armor.

Duwu Sili's Celestial Wolf Cavalry had just clashed with the Tang, so he understood just how sharp those swords were.

"General's praise is too much. It's just some suits of armor. They are hardly worth mentioning."

Dalun Ruozan faintly smiled and explained no more.

Dalun Ruozan had prepared much more for this battle than many people could imagine. He knew the Wootz Steel swords were forged from the Hyderabad ore obtained in the distant Sindhu, and they were so sharp that they could cut through iron like it was mud. Their terrifying power had been displayed long ago in the war of the southwest, and since Dalun Ruozan was preparing to deal with Wang Chong, he could not possibly leave the Wootz Steel swords out of his plans.

Ü-Tsang resided on the plateau, a barren land that lacked resources, a far poorer land than the Great Tang. Even so, Ü-Tsang had an advantage that no one else had. Over countless years, many meteorites had fallen from the skies and landed upon various places in the vast lands of the plateau.

These meteorites had been of very little interest to anyone, and most of them were left where they were, until Dalun Ruozan gave the order to have all these meteorites and their metals gathered.

The amount of Meteoric Metal on the Tibetan Plateau was probably far smaller than the meteorites that Wang Liang had transported from overseas, but it was more than enough to equip seven thousand Mutri Great Cavalry.

Dalun Ruozan had consumed a great deal of energy to mix the Meteoric Metal with the armor of the Mutri Great Cavalry and reforge them into the current suits of armor.

The current scene might have been a surprise to Duwu Sili and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry, but it was completely within Dalun Ruozan's expectations.


In the distance, the two cavalry units had finally charged past each other, having reached the conclusion of their clash. The Great Tang's Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation had received a savage blow, losing half of the golden spears, and the dark clouds in the sky had also completely dispersed. But the Mutri Great Cavalry had not fared too much better, and the scarlet light was now half as dazzling. It was still radiant, but it was much less blinding.

In this battle, the two sides had been evenly matched. Neither formation had shattered, and both sides had suffered very few casualties.

Huang Botian turned around and shouted, "Li Siye! How should we fight now?"

The Wushang Cavalry had successfully utilized the Arrow Formation to charge through the Mutri Great Cavalry. The Meteoric Metal armor Wang Chong had equipped them with had played an extremely important role. Just like their Wootz Steel swords against the armor of the Mutri Great Cavalry, the scimitars of the Mutri Great Cavalry had similarly found it impossible to cut through the Meteoric Metal armor.

"The current situation is not good. Their Stellar Energy is infused with a searing flame energy. We have to think of a way to break their core!" Kong Zi-an loudly shouted out.

This was not their first time fighting with an elite Tibetan cavalry force. They were no stranger to the fiery energy running through the Mutri Great Cavalry. This was not normal Stellar Energy, but derived from some special ritual tool.

Dayan Mangban and the White Braves had used a similar method at the battle of the triangular gap.

"Don't worry about that! If we just charge at them a few more times, we'll shatter their formation! Their weapons and armors aren't as strong as ours. With each charge, we can break more of their armor, and if we charge enough times, we can rout them!" Li Siye ordered, his voice firm and determined.