The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 920

Chapter 920: The Celestial Wolf Great General

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


After a few moments of silence, all the panicked cavalry finally realized that Huoba Sangye was not joking. He even dared to kill his own men, much less the Turks. All of them began to shout and scream as they tried to get out of the way.

"All of you get out of my way! Anyone who doesn't, dies!"

Huoba Sangye's callous voice resounded across the skies. As the chief guard of the Ü-Tsang Empire's royal capital, Huoba Sangye could cross a line that Imperial Great Generals like Dusong Mangpoje and Huoshu Huicang could not. These Great Generals could never slaughter their own men.

But the chief guard of the royal capital was different. One of the important duties of the royal guards was to kill rebels, to execute those warriors of the royal lineages who had disloyal thoughts. Over the course of history, the Four Royal Lineages of Ü-Tsang had developed ambitions for the authority of the Tsenpo no small number of times.

For the sake of protecting the Tsenpo and safeguarding the royal authority, the generations of chief guards had killed many Tibetans.

In this aspect, Huoba Sangye was inherently different from Dusong Mangpoje and the others.


Huoba Sangye's tactic quickly became effective. The invisible 'wall' of disorder consisting of Tibetan and Turkic cavalry recoiled to the sides, opening a path for the Mutri Great Cavalry.

"This Huoba Sangye is truly a formidable one!"

In the rear, Li Siye was easily tossing aside Tibetan cavalry with his sword. When he saw what had happened, he couldn't help but widen his eyes, sensing that this was a rather troublesome opponent. Huoba Sangye was far more formidable than he had expected. Though his methods seemed cruel, he had not actually killed that many people.

The effects, however, had been almost immediate, a panicking army of thousands immediately opening a path for him.

But it took only a few moments for Li Siye's eyes to turn cold and his entire body to explode with a desire to fight.

"Everyone, follow me!" He immediately began to urge his Ferghana steed in a charge against Huoba Sangye. The Skanda Halo would remain active for a little longer, and Li Siye was still capable of fighting a battle with Huoba Sangye.

"Go! Everyone follow General Li!"

Huang Botian's call to action resounded over the battlefield.

A valiant and mighty general like Li Siye was precisely the sort of person the martial maniac of Wushang Village admired the most. Boom! With a fist covered in the rocks summoned from the earth, Huang Botian sent two Tibetan soldiers flying and followed Li Siye with his soldiers.

Kong Zi-an and Hong Youqi did the same.

The Mutri Great Cavalry were a terrifying fighting force, and if they were to reach the regular Tang cavalry, Sun Zhiming and the others were certain to suffer grievous casualties. Only the Wushang Cavalry were capable of dealing with them.

"There's no need. Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, all three of you withdraw!"

As the three of them were making ready to do battle with the Mutri Great Cavalry, a calm and familiar voice resounded in their ears. At the same time, they all heard a galloping sound that was different from the rest. It was graceful, yet vigorous, relaxed, and yet rhythmic, and the time between the hooves hitting the ground was rather long.

This long gap in time meant that this warhorse was covering an extremely large distance with each stride. This was definitely no ordinary warhorse.


In a gust of wind, a young, determined, and dignified figure, mounted upon a warhorse with hooves of pure white, galloped past them, catching up to Li Siye.

"Lord Marquis!!"

Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, and all the others immediately recognized this person.

"Leave this Huoba Sangye to me! You go and deal with the others!"

Wang Chong's voice was relaxed and confident as it echoed in their ears. Before they could react, however, Wang Chong had already galloped ahead. All of them could only see his lean and slender back, yet it seemed imposing, determined, powerful, unstoppable. He was a blazing sun all on his own as he charged at the scorching fire of the Mutri Great Cavalry.

"Seeking death!!!"

Huoba Sangye squinted, and when he saw that the one charging at the front was not Li Siye, but the commander-in-chief of the Qixi Protectorate army, Wang Chong, his eyes exploded with a heaven-shaking killing intent. Everyone knew that Wang Chong's strongest trait was his grasp of strategy, not his martial arts.

For Wang Chong to come charging at him was exactly what Huoba Sangye wanted!

If he could kill Wang Chong, the Great Tang army would fall apart.


The scarlet-eyed Huoba Sangye roared, his red scimitar unleashing a wave of heat as he transformed into a blazing fireball that hurtled toward Wang Chong. The Mutri Great Cavalry followed him in this charge, a massive wave that seemed intent on sweeping away everything that stood in its way!

On the other end, Wang Chong was indifferent, unsheathing his Wootz Steel sword with a clang as he charged toward the Mutri Great Cavalry with a reckless and daring momentum.

"Fire Elephant Ray!"

"Great Yin Yang Art!

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!"

Wang Chong and Huoba Sangye immediately used their strongest techniques, the two streaking toward each other like shooting stars and smashing into each other in the air. On one side was an elephant of flames more than ten meters high, while on the other were the images of the sun and moon.


Waves of heat rolled in every direction. "Ah!" With a burst of screams, Huoba Sangye and the twenty-some Mutri Great Cavalry around him seemed to smash into an invisible and immovable wall, and upon collision, they were sent flying in all directions.

Boundless fire licked at the heavens, but at the edge of this torrent of fire, Wang Chong stood like an immovable monolith, unharmed by a single one of the explosions of flame in the air. Countless people were stunned by this sight, and even Dalun Ruozan was at a loss for words.

In the war of the southwest, he had experienced Wang Chong's grasp of the art of war, but he had never realized that Wang Chong's martial arts had reached such an incredible level that even a Brigadier General like Huoba Sangye was no match for him.


More shouts came from all around. Huoba Sangye's defeat had not discouraged the rest of the Mutri Great Cavalry, only further provoked their killing intent. Rumble! The thousands of Mutri Great Cavalry surged forward like a massive wave, slashing their scarlet scimitars at Wang Chong.

This was several thousand of the strongest cavalry against one person!

No one could simultaneously deal with several thousand cavalry of this level at the same time. Even Shamask had been brought down from the Saint Martial realm and been forced to flee like a panicked wolf. However, Wang Chong simply stood before this furious wave of Mutri Great Cavalry and smiled.


Wang Chong flicked his wrist, and in a flash, winds began to howl in a fifty-zhang radius around him. The horsemen began to shout in panic as an invisible energy took control of their warhorses and forcibly altered the trajectories of their charges.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of impacts resounded over the battlefield as the Mutri Great Cavalry in Wang Chong's vicinity crashed into each other like they were puppets on strings.

The warhorses neighed and shrieked as they dropped to the ground in clouds of dust.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong was surrounded by the collapsed figures of the Mutri Great Cavalry. This development was so abrupt that the Mutri Great Cavalry in the rear could not stop themselves in time and crashed into their compatriots.

The area for fifty zhang in front of Wang Chong was a scene of utter mayhem, with practically no Mutri Great Cavalry left standing.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!

After absorbing all of Wanhe Peiluo's energy, Wang Chong had advanced to Tier 7 of the Saint Martial realm, allowing him to develop even finer control of this supreme technique. Only this technique could allow him to control the charging trajectories of all the cavalry in the radius of several dozen zhang around him, like they were playthings in the palm of his hand.

By using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, Wang Chong had rendered this battle of one against several thousand into nothing, and his leisurely expression indicated that he wasn't even tired.

However, despite this inconceivable sight, Wang Chong did not strike while the iron was hot and kill these Mutri Great Cavalry. His eyes turned elsewhere. A god-like figure mounted on a mighty divine steed was galloping toward him, a storm of blazing energy surrounding him.

"Brat, I didn't think you had this sort of ability. However, no matter how high your martial arts are, today, Talas will be your grave!"

Duwu Sili's voice was like thunder, descending from on high with a disdainful and majestic dominance.


While these words echoed in the air, Duwu Sili's steed neighed, reared up, and made an outrageous leap, soaring high into the air to cross the gap of several dozen zhang. With the morning light at his back, Duwu Sili's face was concealed by shadow, leaving only the black silhouette of him and his horse stark against the light.

The Duwu Sili of this moment was an imposing giant, his body exuding a dreadful aura that lorded over all things, and even the sky itself was blocked out. As Duwu Sili descended from the air, everyone would feel like they were lowly and insignificant beings, mere ants before a god that controlled all!