The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Godking Yama
Chapter 921: Godking Yama1!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili!

This was a dreadful existence who surpassed even Beiting Protector-General An Sishun. Even when compared to all the Great Generals of the world, Duwu Sili was ranked among the best!

In his life, he had slain innumerable experts, and there were very few people in Talas that could measure up to him. Even Anxi Protector-General Gao Xianzhi would have to fight him with his full strength and attention. As Duwu Sili attacked with his mightiest blow, everyone who saw it paled in fear.

"Lord Marquis!!"


In the rear, Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, and Hong Youqi cried out in alarm. Even farther away, Wang Yan, Wang Fu, Zhang Que, Cheng Qianli, and Gao Xianzhi also paled.

"Not good! Duwu Sili is no Wanhe Peiluo! Wang Chong is no match for him!"

Gao Xianzhi felt his heart sink as he watched from the walls of Talas. Gao Xianzhi hadn't fought many times with the Celestial Wolf Great General, but he was well aware that Duwu Sili was ranked as one of the top three Great Generals of the Western Turkic Khaganate, with very few people superior to him.

Although Wang Chong seemed very powerful, and not even a Brigadier General like Wanhe Peiluo was able to contend against him, he was still not a Great General. There was an essential difference between Great Generals and those below their level.

Gao Xianzhi had never imagined that Wang Chong would go and challenge Duwu Sili on his own, but it was too late to stop him now.

"It's over!"

Gao Xianzhi's heart was a block of ice. Wang Chong's strategic capabilities were far superior to his martial arts. One could see this alone through the well-hidden trap he had laid for the Tibetan and Turkic soldiers right in front of Dalun Ruozan.

This sort of strategic mind was extremely precious for the Battle of Talas, exactly what the Tang needed.

If Wang Chong were killed, the Tang would suffer a massive blow.


More than half of the battlefield was focused on Wang Chong and Duwu Sili. Everyone believed that Wang Chong was doomed when they suddenly heard a bout of roaring laughter.

"Duwu Sili! It's still too early for you to say such words!"


An enormous explosion resounded through the heavens. Amidst the blustery winds and the light of the rising sun, Wang Chong stood like an immovable mountain, his black silhouette exuding a storm of energy completely out of sorts with his thin physique.

Beneath, enormous war halos vibrated and resounded, resonating with the halos beneath Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, and the five thousand Wushang Cavalry. It was clear that all these halos were melding together.

Bzzzz! The air suddenly began to drone, and as everyone looked on in astonishment, a black-armored god more than forty meters tall with four arms manifested in the air, the vajra pestles formed from Stellar Energy in its hands all swinging toward Duwu Sili with the fury of a storm.


This clash produced an immense shockwave, but it was surprisingly Duwu Sili that was sent flying with his horse despite his full-strength attack. He crashed into the ground, sending a cloud of dust into the air. Everyone was stunned, even Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, and Dalun Ruozan.

They were no strangers to the sort of technique Wang Chong had used. In the southwest, Wang Chong's father Wang Yan had used this sort of technique to contend against the massive manpower of the Mengshe–Ü-Tsang army. But they had not expected Wang Chong to also know such a technique, and the god that Wang Chong had summoned had a completely different appearance from the one Wang Yan had summoned.

"The Godking Yama Formation!"

On the distant walls of Talas, Gao Xianzhi was stunned as he stared at that distant four-armed god.

The Central Plains possessed ten God Formations of prodigious power. These include the Mighty Miracle God Formation, the Vajra God Formation, and this one, the Godking Yama Formation. These ten formations needed to coalesce the strength of an army, and none of them was easy to learn.

These formations required superb teamwork, for the members to have similar martial arts, and many other strict requirements, so even extremely formidable martial artists had failed to learn them.

The Godking Yama Formation ranked in the top four of the ten formations in terms of strength, and its difficulty and requirements were similarly onerous, surpassing those of the Mighty Miracle God Formation and the Vajra God Formation. When Gao Xianzhi had been promoted to Great General of the Right Imperial Guard, he had asked about this formation before the Sage Emperor.

He had learned that the Godking Yama Formation and a few of the other formations had been gifted to a few of the founding clans in the early years of the dynasty. Later on, as these great clans declined and produced no individuals talented enough to train in these formations, the formations were gradually lost to history. Even the members of the founding clans did not know where the formation manuals had gone, much less the imperial household.

In the Great Tang, there was even a rumor that the formation manual for the Godking Yama Formation had rotted away and crumbled into pieces.

Gao Xianzhi had never imagined that this legendary technique would appear with Wang Chong.

"What is going on here?" Gao Xianzhi muttered.

It would be understandable if Wang Chong were using the Mighty Miracle God Formation, but his use of this completely different God Formation could not be explained through his background. But what was most important was that Wang Chong was still alive.

"Lou Shiyi! Take my place here!" Gao Xianzhi suddenly ordered.

"Yes, Milord!" A subservient voice came from behind him.

Without another word, Gao Xianzhi descended from the gatehouse.


In the center of the eastern battlefield, people were still stunned by the outcome of Wang Chong and Duwu Sili's clash, especially that enormous four-armed black-armored god. In the face of the giant Godking Yama, the cavalry were like tiny ants.


The warhorses began to neigh in alarm, and the charging Mutri Great Cavalry began to retreat in panic. In their alarm, one of them lost control of his horse and crashed straight into the mighty god.

Boom! An enormous sole descended and immediately crushed that unlucky horseman. That armor made of the incredibly sturdy Meteoric Metal was still no match for the terrifying might of Godking Yama, a single stomp turning it into twisted metal.

…Godking Yama… it really worked!

At this moment, Wang Chong and his horse were floating in the air, the halos vibrating and spinning around his body, resonating with the Wushang Cavalry. An immense energy suffused with the power of the world was circulating through Godking Yama, with Wang Chong acting as the nexus of this energy.

At this time, Wang Chong was Godking Yama.

Godking Yama was him!

For the first time in this world, Wang Chong was exhibiting the power of an Imperial Great General, of Godking Yama!

And this was despite the fact that this Godking Yama was not complete!

When the calamity was on the verge of descending upon the Central Plains, all the martial arts manuals had been gathered together, but despite this, Wang Chong had still not seen the complete version of the Godking Yama Formation manual. The formation manual at the time was already damaged, and even though his many seniors and countless other experts, including Wang Chong himself, had tried to fill in these blanks, the version of the Godking Yama Formation they had produced had only around sixty to seventy percent of the original's power.

Wang Chong had chosen this damaged God Formation for a very simple reason.

While the damaged Godking Yama Formation only had around sixty percent of the original's strength, the Mighty Miracle God Formation and the Vajra God Formation required tens of thousands of people to use, as well as an extremely long period of acclimatization and study. This reduced version of the Godking Yama Formation had much lower requirements, needing only four to five thousand people and much less time to train.

With a short time limit of only two months, this was the perfect God Formation for the Battle of Talas!


A cold and furious voice came from the other side. Duwu Sili had landed ten-some zhang away, and his face was now extremely cold and dark. The enormous energy contained in those vajra pestles had apparently inflicted no harm whatsoever on Duwu Sili.

But it had stoked the flames of his anger.

"I truly underestimated you! I didn't think that you would also know a God Formation!"

Duwu Sili's eyes were surging with killing intent. His right hand clenched around his black divine halberd, his joints cracking.

"But even so, you will still die!"

A blue-green energy suddenly exploded out of Duwu Sili's body, surging like a waterfall in reverse up into the air. This Stellar Energy condensed above his head into seven stars, with the largest and brightest in the middle. This was clearly the Celestial Wolf Star2. The moment these seven stars appeared, the cape on Duwu Sili's back began to flutter and his strength began to frenetically rise.


The Celestial Wolf howled, and the air vibrated. The blue-green light behind Duwu Sili instantly transformed into a savage blue wolf, its eyes bursting with a desire to maim, slaughter, and destroy, just like Duwu Sili's eyes.

1. Yama, 阎魔, is the name for the King of the Underworld in Chinese and Japanese Mythology, presiding over the Ten Kings of Hell and judging the souls of the dead, though he originated first in Hinduism.
2. The Celestial Wolf Star is more commonly known in the Western world as Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky.