The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 922

Chapter 922: Battle Of Great Generals I
Chapter 922: Battle of Great Generals! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"The world's clouds roil; the Celestial Wolf Swallows the Stars!"

Duwu Sili swept his halberd forward and struck. Rumble! Light and shadow twisted around him, and clouds began to gather from all directions, summoned forth by Duwu Sili's halberd as it shot toward Wang Chong, imbued with endless destructive energy. The air shook as the mournful howl of a wolf rose from the void, and the halberd transformed into a massive wolf head that hurtled relentlessly toward Wang Chong.

In the face of Duwu Sili's mighty blow, everyone couldn't help but feel like they were ants, standing before an enormous mountain that thrust into the clouds. All the horsemen felt a primordial fear that came from the deepest parts of their souls.


While everyone's hearts were filled with fear, Duwu Sili had leapt forward on his horse, coming down on Wang Chong with a thunderous momentum.


Wang Chong made no attempt to dodge. His four massive arms came together, stirring four fierce gales as they exploded toward Duwu Sili. The air compressed and time and space seemed to groan as those four divine fists blew by, leaving behind black scars in the air.

The immense Godking Yama was not at all clumsy under Wang Chong's control, but moved with agility and grace, as if it was a part of Wang Chong's body. Only someone with incredible mental strength could pull off such a feat.


Wang Chong's Godking Yama and Duwu Sili crashed into each other once more. Kacrack! The sky itself seemed to be falling apart under the waves of energy unleashed by the collision.

"Ah!" Ten-some Tibetan and Turkic cavalry who were too close cried in panic as they were swept up like leaves in the furious wind and sent flying. The others fearfully took in this sight and backed up even farther.

A battle between Great Generals was no laughing matter. Carelessly getting swept in would end with one's body being pulverized.

In the air, Duwu Sili and Wang Chong were still battling…


Under countless disbelieving gazes, Duwu Sili's warhorse, without even touching the ground, charged again and again at Wang Chong. Each time, just as it was about to hit the ground, an invisible energy would pull it up and allow Duwu Sili to attack again. It was like some invisible chain connected Duwu Sili and his horse to Wang Chong's Godking Yama!

The Celestial Wolf's Divine Procession!

This was one of the supreme divine arts of the Western Turkic Khaganate, rumored to have been created by one of its legendary shamans. When one cultivated this technique to the ultimate level, one could be like Duwu Sili and battle in the air with one's horse. The horse's hooves did not need to land on the ground in order to constantly battle. It was like it was flying in the air.

"Too powerful!"

"He can actually fly! How is this possible!"

"This is the strength of a supreme Great General of the Western Turkic Khaganate!"

The strength that Duwu Sili had displayed caused Li Siye, Huang Botian, Kong Zi-an, and Hong Youqi to feel an extreme shock. They had heard that the Celestial Wolf Great General was one of the three strongest Great Generals amongst the Western Turks, and that he had even defeated An Sishun, but only now did they truly see just how dreadful he was.

Physical laws seemed to have no bearing on him. Even other Great Generals would begin to smell the odor of death as they faced down this terrifying fighting power.

All of them suddenly understood how Beiting Protector-General An Sishun had lost.

Duwu Sili might not have been as intelligent and strategic as Dalun Ruozan, but his strength allowed him to disregard schemes and tactics. This was a person who could truly rely on purely his strength to alter the course of a battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosion after explosion could be heard. Only those who truly fought against Duwu Sili understood just how much pressure he exerted. Duwu Sili was quite small in front of Wang Chong's Godking Yama, but it was the Godking Yama that was constantly being pushed back.

The Celestial Wolf Great General really is a powerful one!

Wang Chong was currently exerting himself to the utmost to battle against Duwu Sili.

Even his old seniors from the Great Tang had fully acknowledged and praised Duwu Sili's strength. Purely in terms of strength, he was probably even stronger than Big Dipper Great General Geshu Han. He was publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest Great Generals on the continent, with only a scant few capable of sitting on equal level.

But not only was Wang Chong not afraid, he was ecstatic.

In his last life, Wang Chong could not even dream about fighting with the Celestial Wolf Great General, nor had there ever been such a chance. To any warrior of the post-calamity generation, exchanging blows with supreme Great Generals like this was something to be very proud of. Duwu Sili's fighting style was fierce, sharp, straightforward, simple, and extremely lethal. Each of his blows had the potential to be fatal.

Almost no one on the battlefield was capable of stopping Duwu Sili, which was why Wang Chong had personally entered the fray.


Wang Chong did not use any of his supreme techniques, like the Great Yin Yang Art or the Vast Heaven Earth Art. Instead, he made simple actions like blocking, striking, raising, and jolting, applying the techniques and theories he had learned in his last life to fight against Duwu Sili. The Godking Yama at seventy percent strength had drawn Wang Chong up from Saint Martial Tier 7 to only the most basic level of a Great General. There was still a large gap between him and a supreme Great General like Duwu Sili.

But though Wang Chong's move were simple, they were applied with extreme skill. Each blow was so exquisite that they were able to neutralize each of Duwu Sili's heaven-shattering strikes. Before Duwu Sili had even struck, Wang Chong could already predict the move he was going to use. Although he seemed in great danger, apparently about to be heavily wounded at any moment, Wang Chong's position was actually as steady as Mount Tai, and he was in no danger whatsoever.

Although the battle seemed intense, the outcome would actually need some time to decide.


But while Wang Chong was engaged in fierce combat with Duwu Sili, two other prodigious storms of energy were approaching the eastern battlefield. Dusong Mangpoje and Huoshu Huicang, mounted on their divine steeds, had finally arrived, and they quickly locked onto Wang Chong.

Both Dusong Mangpoje and Huoshu Huicang had suffered losses to Wang Chong, and they understood just how terrifying his strategic and tactical mind was.

"Don't worry about the rest. Kill him first!" Huoshu Huicang fiercely declared.

Boom! The earth shuddered as a golden Buddha suddenly emerged onto the battlefield.

The Vairocana Buddha Golden Body Mantra!

Huoshu Huicang had employed his strongest technique without the slightest hesitation. Although he was a Great General, Huoshu Huicang's desire to kill Wang Chong surpassed everything else. As long as he could kill Wang Chong, he didn't care about anything else. In a flash of golden light, Huoshu Huicang's Vairocana Buddha rushed toward Wang Chong.

At almost the same time, Dusong Mangpoje had transformed into a giant black Buddha, also charging at Wang Chong.

Three illustrious Great Generals had actually chosen to attack Wang Chong at the same time. This matter was unprecedented, and it fully conveyed just how ardently the Tibetans and Western Turks wished for Wang Chong's death!


Just when Wang Chong seemed about to be surrounded by dangerous foes and placed in great peril, an enormous energy appeared behind Wang Chong, causing the earth to quake.

"Huoshu Huicang, your opponent is me! You disgrace your status as Imperial Great General. For three to fight against one, don't you think that's a little too one-sided of a battle?"

Anxi Vice Protector-General Cheng Qianli's voice came from behind Wang Chong like a ringing bell, and in a flash, an enormous figure the size of a mountain brushed past Wang Chong and stood in the Vairocana Buddha's way.

The Supreme Desolation God!

An immense god stood in front of Wang Chong, its body covered with a blue-ish energy and its muscles bunched up like coiled dragons. Most striking of all were the thick black chains covering its body, wrapped around ancient armor. They made the horned Supreme Desolation God appear as if it had risen from the underworld.

Not even Wang Chong had imagined that the Vice Protector-General of the Anxi Protectorate could use this powerful God Formation.


In the blink of an eye, Cheng Qianli in his Supreme Desolation God immediately began to do battle with Huoshu Huicang's Vairocana Buddha.

"Great General Dusong, long time no see! Your opponent is me!"

At almost the same moment, a sharp and dignified voice came from Wang Chong's other side. There was no furious wave of energy or enormous manifestation of a god, only a tall and slender figure shooting forward like a lightning bolt, the sword in his hand immediately forcing the black Buddha that was Dusong Mangpoje back several steps.

"Gao Xianzhi!" Dusong Mangpoje cried out in alarm. The person he wished to see the least was Gao Xianzhi. This was the strongest person in the Tang army at Talas, and the title of Anxi War God was enough to explain his concerns. This was not their first encounter, and Dusong Mangpoje had been more on the losing side than the winning side. He had not expected Gao Xianzhi to come to this battle.