The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 947

Chapter 947: Behemoth Battle I
Chapter 947: Behemoth Battle (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The moment the Lion's Roar was unleashed, Wang Chong, the recently-arrived Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Chong's father Wang Yan, his big brother Wang Fu, Li Siye, and all the other officers nervously watched the dreadful Behemoth. The enormous beast seemed to sense something, and it appeared to momentarily slow down. But before any of the Tang could celebrate, the Behemoth launched its counterattack…


A stentorian bellow louder than the combined roar of all the Tang officers emerged from its mouth, and an enormous pressure descended from the sky. Neeeigh! Several hundred well-trained horses finally broke under the pressure, breaking free of their riders and fleeing the defense line. The Tang army itself was frightened and alarmed by the Behemoth, cries of shock and fear rising from its ranks.

"It's useless," Dalun Ruozan suddenly said. "These enormous beasts of the Arabs are different from the elephants of Mengshe Zhao. They don't have the same weakness of elephants in a fear of loud noises. Using a solution for elephants against these beasts simply isn't plausible!"

In the war of the southwest, Wang Chong had employed the same method to defeat the White Elephant Corps of Mengshe Zhao, but it was now apparent that he had been too optimistic if he believed that a similar method would work against the Arabian Behemoths. Although the Tibetans were not taking part in this battle, Dalun Ruozan had been keeping a close watch on Wang Chong's movements. Right now, not even Dalun Ruozan could think of a way to address this crisis. Deep within his heart, Dalun Ruozan wished for Wang Chong to be defeated, but he also wished that he would not lose to anyone except him…

Eight hundred zhang!

The Lion's Roar of the Tang officers had not only failed to stop the Behemoth, but had even provoked it. Rooooar! The earth quaked as the furious Behemoth charged with all its strength, the massive edifice of its body getting even faster. This embodiment of terror and destruction struck fear into all who looked upon it, making them feel like they were trapped in their worst nightmare.

Wang Chong, Li Siye, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Wang Fu… all the commanders of the Great Tang side were focused, their expressions anxious. The Behemoth's speed was very fast, leaving them little time. A method had to be thought of to deal with this beast as quickly as possible.

The most problematic thing was that the Tang were in no position to fall back or flee. If they fell back, the walls would be broken, and if they fled… the sixty thousand Tibetan and Turkic cavalry behind them made that impossible.

"Huang Botian… it's up to you!"

Wang Chong turned to those several rapidly running figures in the distance.


At a distance of around six hundred zhang, a roar suddenly rose from the blustery winds. At this moment, Huang Botian and five other Earth element Wushang villagers capable of using the Stone General technique lowered their bodies and pressed their hands against the ground, using one of the supreme skills of the Stone General.

"Earthquake Art!!"

It was not necessary to lower one's body and press one's hand against the ground to use the Earthquake Art, at least not for Earth element experts at Huang Botian and the five Wushang villagers' level. However, for the sake of unleashing a large-scale Earthquake Art, these six Earth element warriors had chosen to lower their bodies to the ground so they could exert all their power.

Rumble! Ripples began to appear in the quaking earth and rapidly began to spread out. The ripples of vibration caused the firm earth to rapidly soften.

Land subsidence!

This was one of the Earthquake Art's abilities. It could convert hard earth into soft slurry that the enemy would sink into. Huang Botian rarely used this ability, much less on the battlefield of Talas. This was because the earth of this area was abnormally hard, the layer of bedrock much thicker than usual.

To use a land subsidence technique here was extremely draining, even for a peak Imperial Martial warrior like Huang Botian. Buzz! As the earth softened and lost texture, Huang Botian and his fellow villagers began to pale, cold beads of sweat emerging from their foreheads.

Rumble! The Arabian Behemoth was getting closer and closer. Huang Botian could now sense an intense danger. If struck by the beast, even he would be finished.

"Go! Hurry!"

With this order, the six men immediately shot off in six different directions. Behind them, the dreadful Behemoth was so close that everyone else had nearly stopped breathing from how nervous they were. The subsidence technique was complete, but the Behemoth only needed to adjust its direction for Huang Botian's group to be pulverized.

Ten, nine, eight, seven…

The distance was shrinking, but the Behemoth did not do as the all the Tang soldiers had feared. The morning sun plated the rhino-shaped Behemoth in a layer of red light, and it had not even noticed Huang Botian and his men. Neither its speed nor direction had changed.


As they all watched, it roared, one of its enormous feet seemed to land on a void, and it rapidly began to sink. In the blink of an eye, everything below the neck was underground.


A burst of cheers exploded out from the Tang army in celebration.


"A good show from General Huang! It's been caught! It's really been caught!"

"Truly impressive!"

The oppressive and nervous mood instantly evaporated, and the Tang soldiers slightly relaxed. What man feared the most was the unknown. Only when one faced down this divine Arabian Behemoth did one truly understand how much fear and danger one could feel. The strength of man seemed immaterial in the face of such an enormous beast.

But a simple subsidence technique from Huang Botian's group had succeeded in using this beast's own weight against it to capture it in the earth.

"Kill it!"

The morale of the soldiers swelled, all of them anxious to strike. With the Behemoth trapped under the ground and unable to move, it could only wait to be slaughtered.

"Lord Marquis, I will bring some men to kill it!"

Xue Qianjun clasped his hands together, his eyes blazing. The countless soldiers behind him were also ready to attack. While the beast was still trapped underground, they could attack as one. No matter how formidable and dreadful it was, how heavy it weighed or how thick its skin, the only thing awaiting it was death!

Enough ants could gnaw an elephant to death!


Wang Chong suddenly raised his hand to halt his men.

His brow was tightly furrowed, his expression as grave as it could be. With the beast captured, the strategic objective had been achieved, but for some reason, Wang Chong still felt extremely uneasy, as if things were not as simple as they seemed.


No one noticed that while the Behemoth was trapped underground, the red-robed commander of the Behemoth Army, Masil, was coldly sneering, a smile dripping with derision on his face. One was being far too childish if they believed a meager land subsidence technique would be enough to deal with the Behemoths that he had personally trained.

If the Behemoths were really that easy to deal with, they would have never become one of the anchors holding down the Arabian Empire, much less an army that made all the surrounding countries quail in fear.

"How foolish!"

Masil was not one bit perturbed that the Behemoth had been trapped underground. These Tang men of the east had no idea what sort of power they were facing. He had noticed that pit in the ground. He had not commanded the Behemoth to go around because he did not care, because it did not matter.


As if responding to Masil's thoughts, the trapped rhino-shaped Behemoth roared as its enormous body suddenly exploded with a mountain-sundering strength. Booom! The rocks, dirt, and gravel in a radius of several dozen zhang exploded, blowing the energy of the land subsidence art into bits as well. As debris flew through the air, the Behemoth shook its body and jumped out of the hole.

After a moment of stunned disbelief, the soldiers began to panic.

"Not good!"

"The monster managed to get free!"

"Careful, careful! Get back!"

The astonishing strength the Behemoth had used to break free had left all of them flabbergasted and fearful. The land subsidence art had only further provoked it, and its body seethed with savagery and killing intent.

Rooooar! The golden horn waved through the air, stirring up gusts, and the Behemoth began to charge at the first defense line once more.

"Beast, stop for me!"

A thunderous roar echoed through the skies, and a huge fist made of countless bits of stone smashed against the rhino-shaped Behemoth's head.

"Stone General!"

"No, that's General Huang Botian!"

Under the sunlight, a massive general made of stone rose from the earth to appear next to the Behemoth. The enormous physique was five to six times larger than the ordinary form of the Stone General.

Stone General, Advanced Form!

This was the Stone General formed from the combined might of Huang Botian and the other five Earth element warriors. These six warriors were divided amongst the head, arms, body, and legs, their combined abilities working to form this Stone General of unprecedented size.