The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 948

Chapter 948: Behemoth Battle Ii
Chapter 948: Behemoth Battle (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bang! Bang!

Hot on the heels of the Stone General's first fist was the second. One punch after another flew at the rhino-shaped Behemoth's head. In this short period of time, the Stone General had thrown six punches, each one with incredible weight behind it. This was the strength of warriors, something that pure beasts could not possess.

But the Behemoth's counterattack was also extremely vicious. With a toss of its horn, it smashed into the Stone General. Boom! Crack! The enormous Stone General formed from six experts was blown to pieces with just a single strike of the Behemoth's overwhelming strength. The six men along with countless rocks flew out from the wreckage like they had been fired from cannons.


While still in the air, Huang Botian trembled and vomited blood.

"Too powerful!"

Huang Botian's unfocused eyes were wide open, his face pale as he felt a deep despair. The six of them had combined their strength into a massive Stone General, but in front of that dreadful Behemoth, they had been like a blade of grass, not even worth a mention.

Milord, I've done all I could. You'll have to rely on yourselves now!

With this final thought, Huang Botian fell unconscious.

"General Huang!"

Cries of alarm rose from the Tang soldiers on the ground. Everything had happened too quickly. From the moment Huang Botian and his men had combined their might into the Stone General to the moment they been knocked away, not even a full second had passed. Not even Wang Chong had time to react, much less anyone else.

"Someone, hurry and save General Huang's men!"


Wang Chong had barely spoken before Xue Qianjun lunged forward with several elites, headed in the direction that Huang Botian's men had been sent flying. But the crisis had only just begun. The enraged Behemoth's eyes were bloodshot, and it was approaching the walls with a terrifying speed.

Five hundred zhang, four hundred zhang, three hundred zhang…

The Behemoth was now less than one thousand meters from the steel defense line, and its speed was faster than ever. Its four pillar-like legs swiftly rose and fell, each stomp thundering on everyone's hearts, unleashing earth-shattering jolts and quakes.


The fierce winds stirred dust and sand that clouded the area in front of the defense line, but the Behemoth's body was clear and visible. The enormous golden horn seemed to have pierced the skies, and the contemptuous gaze of its eyes of blood struck fear into all the soldiers. With the battle imminent, the atmosphere was so oppressive that it became difficult to breathe.

There was no more time to think about the crisis or how to escape. Countless gazes were now focused on the enormous beast.

Two hundred zhang!

The distance was closing!

"Ballistae! Ready!"

A cold and determined voice resounded through the air. Wang Chong stood on a steel wall, his hair blowing in the wind, his eyes shining with unprecedented focus. In a flash of cold light, Wang Chong swept his sword through the air, allowing the sun to reflect upon its edge.


The ballista began to ready up behind the first defense line!

This was the first time Wang Chong was personally commanding the ballista army. All the nearly three thousand ballistae were lined up at the gaps, the cold tips of their bolts pointed outward. The entirety of the ballistae brought from Qixi were participating in this battle of man versus beast.

In addition, the several hundred ballistae belonging to the Anxi Protectorate army also began to aim at the Behemoth.

The greatest drawback of ballistae was their accuracy, but it was impossible to miss such a large target.

As the more than three thousand ballistae took the field, the battlefield fell silent, time seeming to stop.

Every person's heart was loudly thumping in anxiety.

The ballistae were the strongest move available to the army, its trump card. The sharpness, strength, and damaging ability of their bolts far exceeded those of regular bows. This was the last measure that could be used against the Behemoth. If this were unsuccessful as well, then probably nothing in the army could threaten it.

One hundred zhang!

Only three hundred meters remained, and even Gao Xianzhi was getting nervous. If they could not stop this Behemoth, the one hundred thousand Tang soldiers would be completely wiped out, Talas would be destroyed, and Anxi, Qixi, and maybe even Longxi would all fall into enemy hands.


Wang Chong swung his Wootz Steel sword down, and the entire world seemed to go still.


More than three thousand ballistae fired, their sharp and thick bolts rising like dragons breaking out of the sea, howling through the air to fall upon the Behemoth.

Bang! A ballista bolt struck, leaving a bloody wound on the Behemoth's body as it vanished within. This was only the beginning, as soon there was a second, a third, a fourth… Not one of the more than three thousand ballista bolts was repelled, and the Behemoth now sported more than three thousand bloody holes.


The seemingly invincible and unstoppable rhino-shaped beast finally gave a howl of pain, wounded for the first time. The heavy weaponry that had allowed the Great Tang to dominate the world had finally managed to wound this beast that had stepped out from the realm of myth.

"How could this be!"

Even the distant Masil couldn't help but be shocked. This was the first time since the Behemoth Army had been established that a weapon belonging to another empire had been able to harm one of his Behemoths.


The steel defense lines once more exploded with cheers. The three thousand ballistae had finally given the Behemoth a painful blow.


Wang Chong swung his sword down without hesitation as he gave the order to fire.

The three thousand ballistae fired another volley, their bolts once more howling through the air and vanishing into the Behemoth's body.


In the blink of an eye, a third volley was fired, another wave of bolts vanishing within. The morale of the army was at its peak, their cheers reaching the heavens. But Wang Chong quickly sensed that something was wrong.

Three volleys, more than ten thousand ballista bolts, had been fired into the beast, and while the Behemoth had clearly wavered and slowed, the much-anticipated sight of the Behemoth collapsing had not occurred. Despite its wounds, the Behemoth was still charging at the defense line.

Wang Chong could still feel that its enormous body was humming with life and vigor.

There was no sign that this Behemoth was on the verge of dropping dead!

"Shit! Tenth unit, fifteenth unit, seventeenth unit, twenty-eighth unit… all of you, retreat!"

Wang Chong's sharp order resounded through the army.

"Lord Protector-General, General Cheng, Father… prepare to move out!"

The vitality of this beast was simply too great. Ten thousand ballista bolts were enough to sweep the battlefield of sixty thousand soldiers, but they could not deliver a fatal blow to this monster. It was injured and moving slower, but it was still advancing.

Boom! An enormous foot slammed down, unleashing a cloud of dust. Fifty zhang…

The distance was closing!

Thirty zhang!

At a distance of one hundred meters, anyone who looked up at this Behemoth would truly feel insignificant. The lives of humans were truly weak and feeble before such a beast. Even a peak Saint Martial Imperial Great General could not compare to the Behemoth.

Bang! The foot of this monster, larger than five horses, swept past a steel wall. With a metal clattering, this steel wall that had stood up against the constant attacks of the Arab army was pulled off the ground and sent flying through the air.


Ten-some Tang cavalry too slow to react were struck by the flying wall and carried away. But this was not the end, as the enormous foot descended from the heavens, no longer smashing against any steel wall, but plummeting straight onto the massed ranks of the army.

Crush! Blood immediately gushed over the earth. Twenty-some unlucky Ferghanan mercenaries and Qixi soldiers didn't even have time to scream before they were flattened into metal pancakes.

"Damn it!"

Wang Chong grimaced at this sight, his eyes turning red. The Behemoth's body was simply too massive, allowing it to cover vast distances with each step. Even though he had taken precautions, he had still failed to stop the beast.

"Godking Yama Formation!"

In a flash of light, an enormous four-armed god with a savage expression rose from the earth, immediately sending two vicious punches at the Behemoth. At almost the same moment, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Banahan, and the other experts of the army mobilized.

"Six Ultimate Majesties God Technique!"

"Supreme Desolation God Formation!"

"Mighty Miracle God Formation!"

"Great Fire Crow Art!"

Three mighty gods, four experts of the Great General level, and several Brigadier Generals began to attack. Boom! Bang! Boom!Their attacks exploded on the Behemoth's body. Even this enormous monster felt threatened and pressured by so many experts. Though unstoppable before, it was now suffering serious wounds.