The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 949

Chapter 949: Behemoth Battle Iii
Chapter 949: Behemoth Battle (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The rhino-shaped Behemoth let out an extremely shrill howl as blood fountained out from its body, sloshing down in waterfalls to drench the cavalry below in blood.

Wang Chong's Godking Yama chose a different approach from the other combatants. Its four arms shot out like lightning bolts at the entry sites of the ballista bolts, unleashing blasts of Stellar Energy that pushed the thick ballista bolts even deeper into the Behemoth.

Wang Chong's goal was to have these bolts shoot right into the organs of the Behemoth.

"Attack its head! And do your utmost to push the ballista bolts into its organs!" Wang Chong sharply called out, and the Tang generals immediately began to unleash a storm of attacks on the beast's head.

On the ground, many cavalrymen had taken up formation and were charging at the four pillars that were the Behemoth's legs, some of them even leaping from their horses and plunging their Wootz Steel swords into the limbs so that they could climb up.

"Gao Xianzhi, Wang Chong, Wang Yan, and Cheng Qianli have all entered the fray," the commander of the Mutri Great Cavalry, Huoba Sangye, suddenly said. "Even this massive beast will find it hard to stand against four opponents of the Great General level. It seems that just one of these beasts is not enough!"

One hundred thousand soldiers were attacking a single enormous monster, producing a breathtaking battle. Most striking of all were the three gods and Anxi Protector-General Gao Xianzhi. Even this enormous Behemoth could not suppress the radiance of these four supreme foes, and its plaintive howls clearly indicated that there was a problem.

"It's not that simple! Those four truly aren't weaklings, but that massive beast isn't that easy to eliminate!" Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili was watching the battle through narrowed eyes as he replied to Huoba Sangye.


Huoba Sangye turned his head in surprise.

"You haven't noticed? Although that monster has been injured and its aura has weakened, its vitality is still flourishing and exuberant. Its hide is far too tough. The attacks of Gao Xianzhi and the others are only able to get through three or four layers before being stopped," Duwu Sili slowly explained, his hands held behind his back.

"Duwu Sili is correct." Dalun Ruozan spoke in his graceful voice, his body exuding an elegant air. "Beasts are still beasts, and they can't compare to humans. They can't learn martial arts or use techniques, but they do have one advantage: a tenacious vitality. If Gao Xianzhi and Wang Chong want to kill this enormous beast, it will take some time and come at a great price."

Huoba Sangye gazed in a daze, his eyes glancing between the pair. He then turned back to observe the battle with a pensive look on his face.

Everything went exactly as Dalun Ruozan and Duwu Sili had surmised. The Behemoth was roaring, but the pain drove it into a frenzy, unleashing all its energy. It raised its golden horn, and Wang Chong's father Wang Yan was its first target. Unable to hold his ground, he was sent flying, after which the beast threw its massive body at Cheng Qianli's Supreme Desolation God. Cheng Qianli was unable to stand firm. Clangclangclang! He took several steps back, almost completely falling over.

"Damn it!"

Even Gao Xianzhi was forced to beat a retreat before the attacks of the Behemoth. It was simply too powerful, and though it had been heavily injured, it would still take some time to kill. In addition, the beast's golden horn gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.

Seeing the Behemoth lower its horn at Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi gave a cry of warning. "Wang Chong, careful! It's coming for you!"


Wang Chong punched out. He was just now realizing that even though he was in the Godking Yama form, he had no suitable weapons at hand. The vajra pestle made from Stellar Energy was of little use against a hardy creature like this Behemoth, and the Wootz Steel sword wouldn't even be able to get any deeper than the surface of its skin.

Wang Chong could only clench his teeth and face the charge of the Behemoth. The army was right behind him, meaning that he could not retreat. If the Behemoth were allowed to get into the ranks, it would take only a few seconds to wreak gruesome casualties on the Tang army.

"Get out of my way!"

The four arms of the Godking Yama shot forward, two of the steely arms grabbing at the golden horn while the other two pushed against the head. The Godking Yama leaned forward, its two legs bracing against the earth as it exerted all its power.

Rumble! The earth quaked, and Wang Chong's legs drew two massive fissures in the ground as they were pushed back several dozen zhang. He had managed to stop the charge, but the Behemoth was still as lively as ever. The charge had thrown the army into chaos, and more mercenaries and Tang soldiers had once more been flattened. The area in a radius of a hundred zhang was a scene of corpse-covered chaos.

This simple charge had led to the deaths of at least four thousand men under the Behemoth's feet.

Unacceptable! It must be killed as quickly as possible! Wang Chong anxiously said to himself, clenching his teeth.

This Behemoth was still some ways from being felled. The longer it remained alive, the more soldiers would be killed. The losses would be ten times, perhaps even several dozen times, the current number. As the commander of the army, Wang Chong could not retreat.

"Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, hurry and help him!"

Gao Xianzhi's voice rang out as he led the charge. But before the rest of them could join him…


With an earth-shaking roar, the Behemoth grew even more savage, an enormous energy exploding from within. Unable to proceed any farther in Wang Chong's direction, it broke free of Wang Chong's grip and began to charge in another direction.

"Not good!"

Everyone paled at this sight. This was the desperate struggle of a cornered animal. It seemed like this savage beast of the Arabs grew stronger the more it was injured. The closer it was to death, the more of its potential was stimulated. If it could not be controlled, it would render the area between the two defense lines into a living hell.

Boom! With no time to think, Wang Chong immediately mounted the rhino-shaped Behemoth. At this abrupt scene, even the distant Masil and the Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili couldn't help but widen their eyes.

This fellow is truly a madman!

This was the thought of Duwu Sili and the other spectating generals. It was plain to see that the beast had gone berserk. In this state, not even Masil, the commander of the Behemoth Army, was capable of controlling it.

"I have to stop it!"

Wang Chong's Godking Yama was completely tensed up and ignorant of the outside world. All of his focus was on the Behemoth.

Bang! Wang Chong smashed a fist at the Behemoth's head, and then a second, a third, a fourth. The four arms began to rain down punches at the monster, but this still was not enough to stop it. Wang Chong could sense the flame of its vitality dimming and weakening, but it was still not dead. More importantly, without all four of them there to stop the beast, it was able to push its enormous body forward.


Panicked and fearful cries came from the ground. Pile after pile of soldiers was being crushed under the Behemoth's feet in every moment, their blood gushing out. Many of them didn't even have time to scream before they were pulped.

Wang Chong's heart was bleeding from the losses. He could tell that at least five thousand soldiers had now been killed. If he could not stop the rhino-shaped beast, this number would continue to climb.

"Stop it!"

At this crucial moment, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Xi Yuanqing, and the others finally arrived. The Mighty Miracle God, the Supreme Desolation God, and Gao Xianzhi finally managed to hold the maddened beast down. Boomboomboom!One heavy punch after another landed on the Behemoth while the chains of Cheng Qianli's Supreme Desolation God whipped through the air, wrapping around the beast to hold it down.

Their joint efforts had finally succeeded in capturing the beast. Swooshswooshswoosh! Gao Xianzhi sent fierce rays of Sword Qi into the Behemoth's body, each one rewarded with a gushing stream of blood.

Wang Chong, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Xi Yuanqing… all the experts, alongside the agile Wushang Cavalry, fists, vajra pestles, Stellar Energy, Wootz Steel swords, and ballistae, were attacking the Behemoth, causing its vitality to rapidly drop. But despite these serious wounds, it was still not dead.

It was still struggling, still trying to push forward, its vitality far more dreadful than imagined.

"Perhaps… we can use this chance to strike and kill them!"

As Duwu Sili gazed at the distant battle of man versus Behemoth, his eyes began to shine with cold light. These abrupt words left even Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje dazed. But after a brief moment of thought, their eyes brightened as well.

The Behemoth's charge had already thrown the Tang formation into chaos. In this state, if the Tibetans and Turks attacked, they might be able to increase the chaos or even rout the Tang.

Although they were hesitant at first, they slowly began to come around to the idea.

However, neither Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, nor Duwu Sili chose to act on their own, their eyes instead turning toward another.