The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 951

Chapter 951: Giant Ballista

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Lord Marquis, from the moment that monster appeared, we began to set it up, but the construction of this giant ballista is extremely complicated and time-consuming. I am afraid that it will take some more time until it is complete."

Zhang Shouzhi lowered his head and bowed.

"Wang Chong, just what's going on here? What is this giant ballista?"

Gao Xianzhi finally could no longer suppress his questions. The Great Tang had ballistae, but he had never heard of any giant ballistae. These giant ballistae apparently needed to be put together and required a long time to set up, but Gao Xianzhi had heard nothing about them.

"In the war of the southwest, the Tibetans had an army of giant soldiers. Milord should know about this matter," Wang Chong said.

Gao Xianzhi nodded. The war of the southwest had had far-reaching effects. Gao Xianzhi had investigated the matter, so he knew that such a thing had happened.

"But what does that have to do with this?"

"These giant ballistae were meant to deal with those giants!" Wang Chong frankly admitted.

Gao Xianzhi's face froze in surprise.

"Ever since the end of the war of the southwest, I wanted to make a weapon that could be used against this sort of massive opponent, but the progress has never been very smooth. The construction of the Great Tang ballistae has always been a secret, and there's never been an idea for giant ballistae before, much less anyone attempting to build one. Thus, even though a lot of time and energy has been put into this endeavor, only a little progress has been achieved."

Wang Chong had been privately researching giant ballistae to deal with the Skyquaking Giants, not to deal with this sort of enormous Behemoth. But there was no other option now, and Wang Chong could only try every method he had available to him. Even though the others might not know, Wang Chong was well aware that the Arabs did not just have one of these Behemoths. This assault was merely the prelude.

While Wang Chong was speaking with Gao Xianzhi and the others, in the distance, Abu Muslim stood in the rear of his army, his gaze fixed on the sprawling corpse of the Behemoth. After a long time, he slowly looked away.

"It was a failure. It seems that not even the Behemoth can break the Tang defense line!"

Ziyad frowned as he spoke. He had originally been full of hope for the Behemoth Army, but this was not the result he had desired.

Abu Muslim remained silent, his face emotionless as he slowly turned his head in another direction. Ten zhang away stood the silent figure of Masil in his dark red robes, the commander of the Behemoth Army.

"This is just a coincidence!" As if understanding the meaning of Abu Muslim's gaze, Masil clenched his teeth and retorted, "There is no enemy that my Behemoth Army cannot destroy, no city that my Behemoth Army cannot crush. Give me one more chance and I will destroy them, tear apart their defense line, crush their fortifications!"

Masil clenched his fists. Never had he imagined that he would meet four Imperial Great Generals on one battlefield. This was no normal occurrence. Most countries the Arabs encountered did not even have this many Great Generals.

Abu Muslim finally spoke, his voice calm and flat. "You don't need to destroy them, only tear apart their defenses and crush their fortifications… The rest isn't your concern."

No matter how formidable the Behemoths were, their intellect was no match for that of humans. Abu Muslim had never planned for them to utterly vanquish his foe.

Perhaps they could destroy the Tang army, but they would never be able to deal with Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi, and the other elite generals!


Masil's eyes instantly exploded with rage. This was a naked disgrace and defamation. He was the commander of the Behemoth Army and a trusted aide of the Caliph. No governor had ever treated him this way.

"Do not forget His Majesty's decree. On this eastern battlefield, I am the highest commander. Everything is carried out according to my order!" Abu Muslim sternly said, his expression as cold as steel, brooking no objection. "Let us not even speak about killing the enemy commanders. If you cannot even complete a simple mission like destroying the defense lines and the walls, I will kill you without hesitation. Not even the Caliph will be able to save you!"

Masil fell silent. Although Abu Muslim's words were extremely humiliating, all was precisely as he had said. In the east, Abu Muslim was the true ruler. Even though Masil was unwilling, he still had to deeply bow before the east's Governor of Iron and Blood, lowering his head.

"Just as you wish, Lord Governor. I will complete your mission!"

"I will wait here for your report!"

Abu Muslim gave Masil a deep glance, and then looked away.


The battle was over, but the tension was only increasing.

Behind the first defense line, a crowd of craftsmen had gathered, busy at work. Countless large pieces were scattered around them, and in the middle, a large device was taking shape. From its outline, it was twenty to thirty meters long. Such a large weapon was not something that five or six people could operate.

Although it was still not finished, one could tell from its complexity and massive exterior that it was certain to be an extremely powerful weapon.

This was Wang Chong's giant ballista!

Everything has a weakness, and these Behemoths are no different. No matter what, I have to find their weakness.

While Zhang Shouzhi's craftsmen were doing their utmost to set up the giant ballista, Wang Chong was standing at the front of the army, pondering this question. He did not have a very great understanding of the Behemoth Army. All his information came from legends and exaggerated rumors.

But the sum of the information told him that the Behemoth Army of the Arabian Empire had silently vanished into the river of history long before the descent of the calamity. If it wasn't because they had run into some extremely formidable opponent, then it could only be because the Behemoths had some massive and innate flaw.

But what is it? Just what is their flaw?!

Wang Chong's mind was currently whirring with thoughts.

Wang Chong had never placed his hopes on the unconfirmable. After all, it was not just the lives of one or two people at stake here, but the lives of more than one hundred thousand soldiers, territory with a circumference of several thousand li, and the safety of Longxi and the capital. Victory was only possible if he could find a way to defeat the Behemoths.


While Wang Chong was thinking, the earth began to quake, and two enormous storms of energy, cruel and savage, suddenly appeared in everyone's perception. Wang Chong raised his head in surprise and noticed two massive silhouettes emerging from the horizon, not one bit smaller than the rhino-shaped Behemoth from before.


Gasps of shock rose from the rear of the army, and all the Tang soldiers and mercenaries who had just experienced the recent battle instantly paled.

One of these massive beasts had been hard enough to deal with. Two of them was an absolute disaster for the Great Tang.

"What do we do?"

"If this continues, all of us are doomed!"

Waves of panic swept through the one hundred thousand Qixi soldiers, and everyone turned to Wang Chong and Gao Xianzhi. The strength of humans was far too puny in front of these enormous beasts. At times like this, they could only place their hopes on their two commanders.

Wang Chong said nothing. The battle was now beyond his control, and even he did not have many good solutions.


Roar came after roar, and the Tang army quaked in fear at the advance of the two Behemoths toward the battlefield. The figures of these two Behemoths grew clearer as they ran toward the sunlight. One was similar to a giant hippopotamus, but its hide was covered in hard scales that not even the rhino-shaped Behemoth had possessed, wrapping the hippo Behemoth in a large suit of armor.

The other Behemoth had the appearance of a huge boar. Its exterior was bristling with black fur, and its four limbs were thick yet agile. Two sharp white tusks protruded from its mouth, and it constantly snorted as it fixed its two scarlet eyes on the majestic city of Talas. It appeared ready to attack at any time.

In both size and strength, these two Behemoths seemed both more powerful and more dangerous than the rhino-shaped Behemoth.


A whip snapped in the air. An Arab guard walked back and forth, shouting and waving a whip more than seven meters long as he urged the two Behemoths forward. In a few short moments, the two Behemoths had arrived at the edge of the western battlefield.

Their arrival immediately caused the Arabs to rally.

"Hail His Majesty! His Majesty! His Majesty!"

The tens of thousands of Arab soldiers looked up at the savage and brutal Behemoths, raising their arms in excitement as they loudly cheered. Everyone in the Abbasid Caliphate knew that these Behemoths were the Caliph's most beloved pets, the strongest symbols of his will. Even though they were extremely dangerous, they could annihilate the Arabs' enemies, making them the finest allies.

"Lord Governor, do you see these two Behemoths? They have assisted me and His Majesty in conquering many countries, crushing many cities. Nothing can surpass them when breaking cities or standing strong against attacks. No matter how formidable the Great Tang's ballistae are, they will be of no threat to this pair. Their bodies, strength, and speed are far above the previous Behemoth, the 'Sower'."

Masil stood in front of the two Behemoths and slowly turned his gaze to Abu Muslim.