The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Crisis Sign Of Collapse

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The shrill sound of a bone flute cut through the battlefield. Upon hearing this sound, the Terrorizer, which had been pushed almost to the point of madness by Wang Chong's attack, suddenly sobered up. It turned away its scarlet eyes from Wang Chong, back to the two steel defense lines in the distance and the dense ranks of the Tang soldiers.

"Shit! The Arabs are urging on the Behemoths!"

Wang Chong's body trembled with an ill foreboding. He had rushed out from the walls to embroil himself in battle with the Behemoth precisely so that he could keep it out of range of the defense lines and avoid large losses in the army. But the Arabs had clearly noticed this and were doing their utmost to stop it.


With a heaven-shaking roar, the Terrorizer began to move its four feet, and as it rushed toward the steel walls, a tremendous strength exploded from its body.

"Li Siye, careful! Everyone, get back!"

Wang Chong's pupils constricted as he sensed danger.

The Wushang Cavalry had been on the ground this entire time, attacking the Behemoth's short and thick legs, many of them even charging straight at the Behemoth. The Behemoth's sudden movements were liable to inflict severe losses on the Wushang Cavalry.


Just moments after Li Siye, Kong Zi-an, and the others pulled away, they heard an enormous boom. A massive cloud of dust shot into the air as the scaled Arabian Behemoth began to move at a speed completely at odds with its enormous girth.

Bang! A second after several hundred Wushang Cavalry had withdrawn from the area, an enormous foot stomped down, leaving a deep footprint. Cries of alarm rose from the army. If they had been just a little slower, they would have been crushed into paste.

As the Wushang Cavalry marveled at the Behemoth's strength, a loud bellow suddenly came from above the Behemoth. "Beast, where are you going!"

Wang Chong was completely focused on the Terrorizer, so when this Behemoth suddenly exploded with strength and began to charge, the Godking Yama had stretched out a hand and snatched at the Behemoth’s short hippo tail.


Meeting with success, Wang Chong immediately got down on one knee, his body bracing as his three other arms grabbed onto the Behemoth's hindquarters and pulled. Yet the Behemoth's strength was vast, even though Wang Chong's punches had absorbed so much of its vitality.

Even though Wang Chong had used the energy absorbed from the Behemoth to reach the middle Great General level, there was still a massive gap between him and the Behemoth. When the Behemoth mustered its strength and began to charge at the defense line, not even Wang Chong could stop it.

Hwoooom! A fierce wind kicked up, blowing a storm of sand and dirt toward the distant steel walls. The scaled hippo was right behind this gale. Crsssssh! Pulled along by the Behemoth, the Godking Yama's two legs dragged out massive fissures in the ground, stirring up their own churning cloud of dust.

"Damn it! I'm no match for it like this!" Wang Chong grimaced.


He could hear shouts of panic from up ahead as the soldiers began to back up in fear. One thousand zhang, eight hundred zhang… the distance was shrinking, the air growing tense and panicked, Wang Chong's concern reaching its maximum. In the first charge, the Great Tang had already lost ten thousand soldiers.

If the scaled hippo Behemoth were able to hit the defense line at this speed, the army would collapse today. All the effort he had spent would be gone with the wind.

"All soldiers, stand ready!"

A sharp cry resounded over the defense line. Chen Bin's right hand tightly grasped his Wootz Steel sword as he aimed it forward, his eyes fixed on the distance. At Chen Bin's words, countless ballistae began to creak as they slowly aimed at the distant scaled Behemoth.

"All ballistae, aim up thirty degrees. Target the Behemoth's head."

Chen Bin's voice rang out in the tense atmosphere. He was no less panicked than his comrades, but his voice maintained its calm, his eyes forever locked onto the Behemoth.

The only thing the one hundred thousand soldiers could rely on were the ballistae. The three thousand ballistae were the army's last hope and defense. No matter what, he could not retreat.

Rumble! The earth seemed to crack open at the scaled Behemoth's advance. Six hundred zhang, four hundred zhang… As the distance shrank, the sandstorm battered the faces of the soldiers behind the steel walls like innumerable tiny needles. However, all of them remained as steadfast as stone statues at their posts.

A few seconds later, the Behemoth had advanced another one hundred zhang, leaving only three hundred zhang left. At this distance, everyone could feel a suffocating dread, the menace of death that made even the most seasoned veteran pale.

But even so, none of them chose to flee.


As the scent of death saturated the air, Chen Bin swung down his Wootz Steel sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ballista bolts flew forward like dragons cutting through the heavens as they shot toward the Behemoth's head. The howl of these thousands of ballista bolts was like the roar of a tsunami, drowning out all other noise.


The three-thousand-some ballista bolts all struck the Behemoth's head, and even the scaled Behemoth had to howl in pain at this tremendous blow, its vast sea of vitality significantly weakening. But the Behemoth's speed did not slow.

"Release again!"

Chen Bin's expression was unchanged as he raised and swung down his Wootz Steel sword once more. In the blink of an eye, a second volley of ballista bolts had been fired at the Behemoth's head.

"Release again!"

A third volley was hot on its heels, each bolt stabbing through the thick scales and hide, but none of them could deal the Behemoth a fatal blow.

"Not enough!"

An officer of one of the ballista teams couldn't help but worriedly call out, "The Behemoth's skull is too hard. After piercing through its scales and hide, our ballista bolts simply don't have the strength to penetrate its bones!"

Over the entirety of the Behemoth's body, the head had the smallest number of scales, but if the ballista bolts couldn't pierce the skull, this meant that they would never be able to kill the Behemoth, no matter how fierce their attacks were.

"Milord, what do we do?"

Everyone began to turn toward Chen Bin.

Chen Bin was silent, his armor clattering in the wind, his hair blown into just as much disorder as his mind. The ballista army was the army's final barrier. If not even the ballistae could do anything, then it was beyond Chen Bin's abilities. But Chen Bin could not shrink back, nor could he do nothing, as the ballista army was the heart of the army's morale. But the roaring Behemoth was now less than two hundred zhang from the first defense line.

"Chen Bin, have your troops stand aside!"

At this moment, a stentorian voice came from ahead. Chen Bin raised his head and saw a violet ball of flame blazing in the air. A giant four-armed god suddenly rose from behind the Behemoth, hanging upside down in the air. Two of its arms pressed against the Behemoth's back, flipping over the entire body to travel from the hindquarters to right in front of the Behemoth.

Boom! The moment the Godking Yama landed, it immediately sent four violet-flamed punches at the Behemoth's head. An enormous shockwave spread through the earth with a tremendous explosion.

"Zhang Shouzhi, is the giant ballista done? How much longer?" Wang Chong furiously roared, the tension obvious in his voice.

"No good! There's not enough time!" Zhang Shouzhi anxiously shouted back. The craftsmen around him had nervous and anxious looks as they worked away at the giant ballista. Their foreheads were caked in sweat, but there was no time to wipe it away. More than one thousand people were involved in building this giant ballista, all of them working as hard as they could, but it was still not enough.

"There's no more time! Hurry!"

Wang Chong's worried shout resounded over the battlefield. The Behemoth was immensely powerful, and Wang Chong didn't know how much longer he could last against its savage struggles. The giant ballista was a vital part of Wang Chong's plan, but there was little time left.

"Yama Descends Upon the World!"

Wang Chong instantly used one of the Godking Yama's strongest techniques. This was a technique he had not been capable of using until he had reached the middle Great General level.


The Godking Yama suddenly crossed all four of its arms, and the world was suddenly filled with the wailing and curses of vengeful ghosts, the Origin Energy of the world gathering around Wang Chong. Boom! His feet spread apart and his body leaned forward, his four massive arms smashing at the scaled Behemoth, unleashing a terrifying strength that immediately stopped the Behemoth in its tracks.

Even with the Behemoth's terrifying strength, it found itself slowing down.


An uproar broke out in the battlefield, not from the Tang army, but from the distant Tibetans, Turks, and Arabs. They could all see the power of the Behemoths. No one had expected that Wang Chong could singlehandedly block its advance.