The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 964

Chapter 964: Wushang Cavalry Versus Skyquaking Giants

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"There's no time! We can't let them destroy the giant ballistae! Chen Bin, you and I should use the giant ballistae to sweep them away!"

Xu Keyi turned his ashen face toward Chen Bin to his right, his armor clattering as it was battered by the fierce winds.

The giant ballistae were meant to be used against the Arabian Behemoths. Each ballista bolt was extremely precious, and if they were used inefficiently and a Behemoth were not killed, the Behemoth would proceed to inflict massive casualties on the Tang soldiers.

But in the current situation, the pair had no other choice. If the giant ballistae were destroyed, they would truly be left with nothing.


Chen Bin gave a firm nod as he stood in front of his giant ballista.

"We'll do as you say!"

The two quickly agreed on their plan. Rumble! The giant ballistae originally aimed at the four Behemoths slowly began to turn, their enormous ballista bolts aiming at the two closest Skyquaking Giants.

Boom! Boom!

Two huge ballista bolts, ten-some meters long, shot into the air in explosive shockwaves. The enormous strength of the bolt immediately punched through the dark green shield of a Skyquaking Giant and then through his body, sending the now-dead giant flying through the air. Nearby, the other Skyquaking Giant screamed as he was also killed by a giant ballista bolt.

These Skyquaking Giants were tenacious and sturdy beings, able to singlehandedly vanquish hundreds of soldiers, but they were still incredibly fragile before the dreadful power of the giant ballistae.


In the moment that two Skyquaking Giants were slain by the giant ballistae, the entire battlefield became eerily silent, all the giants staring at the giant ballistae in shock.

The giants all possessed terrifying strength, speed, and dexterity, along with their extremely tough bodies that allowed them to drop down from the sky and emerge unscathed. To their understanding, there was nothing in the world that could defeat them. From the establishment of their army, none of them had ever died in this kind of manner.

But this silence did not persist for long. The earth quickly began to shake as more and more Skyquaking Giants impacted into the army.

The Arabs were continuing to throw the Skyquaking Giants into the Tang formation.


The Skyquaking Giants rallied, heedlessly charging at the two giant ballistae.


Amidst the howling of the ballista bolts, Chen Bin and Xu Keyi nervously swung their swords down again and again, commanding the giant ballistae against the surrounding Skyquaking Giants.

However, the loading times of the giant ballistae were a fatal weakness, and the Skyquaking Giants were getting closer and closer.

And this was not even the worst part of the situation. As the Skyquaking Army continued to descend from the sky, encroaching upon the giant ballistae and throwing the Tang formation into chaos, the four enormous Behemoths were still approaching, now less than one thousand zhang from the first defense line.

Behind the Behemoths, the two hundred thousand Arab soldiers were surging forward like an avalanche.

Beset by enemies from both within and without, the Tang army was in an unprecedented predicament.

"Li Siye!"

A young and calm voice resounded over the army. This voice seemed to possess a unique charm that made one instinctively trust in it, and it immediately calmed down the army.

At the front of the defense line, Wang Chong had taken in everything that was happening, and though he seemed calm on the surface, his mind was in a state of complete turmoil, an invisible pressure battering at him from all sides.

Only Wang Chong understood just how enormous this pressure was, but he could not show the tiniest bit of strain.

"Lead all the Wushang Cavalry in defense and kill off all the Skyquaking Giants… This is your mission!"

"This general will go!"

Li Siye hardened his resolved and immediately rode away, charging toward the Skyquaking Giants.

"Everyone, follow me!"

Gallop! The five thousand Wushang Cavalry rode off without a single word, following behind Li Siye like the guards of the god of death.

"One hundred men to a group! Disperse!"

As they charged, Li Siye's deputy Kong Zi-an bellowed orders, and the dense ranks of the Wushang Cavalry divided into fifty hundred-man teams that immediately began to charge at the nearest Skyquaking Giants.

The Wushang Cavalry were the most lethal force in the army, the only force the army could rely on to deal with the Skyquaking Giants.

When all this was done, Wang Chong still could not relax. His sharp eyes were more dazzling than the sun, shining with a profound and farsighted light. Rumble! Wherever Wang Chong looked, he could see the Skyquaking Giants descending like meteors on the Tang army.

The positions of these dark green meteors were reflected in Wang Chong's eyes and became a part of his calculations.

"Elder Fang, Elder Du! I need the two of you to work with me! Set up a Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap to the southwest! The Kan position! Hurry!"

These abrupt words surprised the nearby Cheng Qianli, but the two recipients were not so dazed.

"Lord Marquis, understood!"

"Leave this matter to us!"

Two figures opened up their arms like wings, making their sleeves flutter as they jumped out of the ranks. As they flew through the air, the two snatched up large and heavy blocks of steel and hurled them.


One piece of steel after another was thrust into the ground. In the blink of an eye, Elders Fang and Du, both Saint Martial experts of Wushang Village, had used the steel to form an enormous Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap.


The moment the pair finished the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap, a plunging meteor crashed right into the center of the formation. Roooar! The dark green meteor split open, releasing a Skyquaking Giant surrounded in a tempest of energy, waving his arms as he rose from the earth. But as he prepared to begin killing his way through the soldiers, he suddenly froze in shock, his roar dying away.

Outside the formation, Elders Fang and Du saw what had happened and immediately understood.

"To the southwest, the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap, the Qian position!" Wang Chong's voice once more rang in their ears. "Hurry!"

The elders immediately came to their senses and rushed in the direction indicated. The Wushang Village elders by now understood that Wang Chong was estimating where the giants were landing and using the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap to hold them down.

At a time like this, this was truly the best method to deal with them.

"To the southeast, the Li position!

"The northeast, the Kun position!

"To the east, the Dui position!"

Wang Chong looked up to the sky, one order after another leaving his lips. Elder Fang and Elder Du were rushing to and fro across the battlefield, laying down one Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap after another.

This formation was an ancient formation, and while dealing with dreadful beasts more powerful than Great Generals like the Behemoths was beyond its power, it was more than enough to deal with the Skyquaking Giants.

Roooar! Raaaa!

Roars rang out over the earth as the meteors continued to rain down. The Skyquaking Giants rose from the earth, only to be confronted with the formidable Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Traps.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Skyquaking Giants madly attacked their surroundings, their steely fists lashing out, but the gray fog created by the formation meant that they couldn't even see the soldiers outside the formation, much less attack them.

The Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap also used the strength of the earth, so all the attacks the giants aimed at the formation were like they were attacking the earth itself and had little effect.

As these formations went up, five waves, nearly fifty Skyquaking Giants, were held down.

"Damn it! Destroy those things!" a bearded giant angrily roared. Stomp! Stomp! Footsteps thundered over the battlefield as ten-some Skyquaking Giants began to stride toward the formations.

However, before they could get very far, they were intercepted by a group of cavalry.

"Kill them!"

Kong Zi-an raised his sword into the air, leading one hundred Wushang Cavalry against the nearest Skyquaking Giant.

"Ignorant ant!"

The eighteen-meter giant sneered at this approaching group of cavalry. He tossed a gray boulder at them with one hand while the other swung with terrifying force at a Wushang cavalryman.

This palm could crack metal, and even a Wushang cavalryman would die if struck.

Hwooom! The palm swept across the ground, stirring a gale, but the giant had missed. Through some inconceivable method, the Wushang cavalryman had dodged the enormous palm by just a hair.