The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 968

Chapter 968: Defend The Giant Ballista

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The surrounding soldiers reeled back in shock, the mercenaries from the Western Regions paling as they retreated in panic. Even the other Tang cavalry couldn't help but show a tinge of fear on their faces.

Each battle was an enormous meat grinder, and once this meat grinder began to operate, it would cause countless deaths, both on the enemy side and on one's own side. Every person was ready to die on the battlefield, but none of them had ever expected to die like this. And no one had ever imagined that there could be a giant like this, capable of using Stellar Energy to burn his enemies to ash. So fierce and horrifying was this method of death that it made everyone quiver in fear.

Boom! With a heavy stomp, Ghareeb Hassam finished the destruction of the giant ballista, cruelly laughing as he stepped over its remains and headed for the second, and last, giant ballista. If he could destroy that one, the mission of the Skyquaking Army would be complete.

"Stop him!"

The soldiers all knew the danger this posed and began to heedlessly charge to the side of the final giant ballista to protect it. At the same time, the ballista soldiers manning the giant ballista began to adjust it, hoping to fire the giant ballista bolts on this King of Giants.

But while the giant ballista was powerful, it was a clumsy and slow contraption. The two giant ballistae had been very close to each other, and they had originally been aimed out of the defense line. With Ghareeb Hassam having descended right onto the first giant ballista, it was nearly impossible for the second giant ballista to turn in time.

"A pile of ignorant ants! Before me, all of you are not even worth mentioning!" Ghareeb Hassam thunderously roared.

Rumble! Ghareeb Hassam punched, sending out waves of energy, and before they even had time to scream, several dozen Tang cavalry were engulfed in flames and burned to ash. Boom!Ghareeb Hassam kicked out, and yet another batch of Tang cavalry was burned to ashes. With a punch and a kick, Ghareeb Hassam suddenly found his path clear, no more soldiers standing in his way.

Buzz! The ballista soldiers turned ashen. If this last giant ballista were destroyed, the Great Tang's defeat was almost certain.

As Ghareeb Hassam elatedly charged forward to destroy the final giant ballista and complete his mission, a figure suddenly shot in front of the giant ballista to stand against him.

"All of you, get out of the way! Leave this giant to me!"

The Gangke King gave Ghareeb Hassam a cold glare, his body surging with a thick killing intent. The fallen and blood-drenched body of the red-bearded giant nearby made the Gangke King appear even stronger and mightier.

This contest between human and giant had finally concluded with the Gangke King emerging victorious over the red-bearded giant through overwhelming strength, even managing to kill him. But the Gangke King had never imagined that in these few short moments where his attention had been diverted, one of the giant ballistae would be destroyed. This left his heart fuming with rage.

"Let me entertain you!"

The Gangke King was on the offensive from the moment he appeared, striking before Ghareeb Hassam could respond.

The Bright Fist of Massacre!

A powerful energy burst out of the Gangke King's body, the countless images of fists layering over each other into an enormous mountain that hurtled toward the twenty-seven-meter figure of Ghareeb Hassam.

The stronger the opponent, the stronger the Bright Fist of Massacre was. The red-bearded giant had already fallen to his iron fists, and now, the Gangke King was using this same technique against the commander of the giants.

"Hmph, a good move!"

Noticing the corpse of the red-bearded giant, Ghareeb Hassam also fumed. A majestic sea of Stellar Energy surged out from his body, transforming into a fist that punched at the Gangke King.


No one could tell just how many blows the Gangke King exchanged with the commander of the Skyquaking Army. They could only see that the moment they clashed, an endless sea of fire began to batter and collide against the fist images created by the Gangke King's Bright Fist of Massacre!

Bang! The flames dispersed, but while Ghareeb Hassam remained unmoved, the Gangke King was thrown back, falling to the ground in a cloud of dust. His face was slightly pale, but he had not been burned to ash by those flames.

"Human, you truly are somewhat formidable, but you are still no match for me!"

Ghareeb Hassam stared at the Gangke King with a murderous glare. Thump! His foot stomped down, opening the curtain to a most shocking event…

A metallic clattering arose from Ghareeb Hassam's body, and a halo bearing the three colors of black, red, and gold exploded from his body, rapidly spreading to five meters, ten meters, twenty meters…

In this world, it was already unprecedented for a warrior to have a war halo with a radius of five meters. But Ghareeb Hassam's halo had a radius of thirty meters, representing a terrifying range that any human martial artist would find unthinkable. Yet this was not the most shocking thing of all.

"A war halo! This giant can actually use a war halo!" the surrounding soldiers hollered out in panic. To them, it was already amazing that a twenty-seven-meter giant could use martial arts and Stellar Energy, but this giant could use a war halo as well. And one of the unique traits of war halos was their ability to buff all the soldiers in an army.

When this thought occurred to him, even the Gangke King paled.


In a flash, this war halo of black, red, and gold had spread from Ghareeb Hassam's feet to cover the entire battlefield, bolstering every Skyquaking Giant present. This three-colored halo seemed to bestow a divine strength upon the giants, and all of them howled as their already terrifying strength soared.

"Hahaha! It's Milord's halo!"

The galvanized giants roared and redoubled their attacks against the surrounding Tang soldiers.

The Skyquaking Halo!

This was the only war halo to be found in the entire Skyquaking Army, a power the Arabian Empire had inherited from that fargone civilization. It was the only halo that worked on all the giants, bolstering both their offense and defense.

Boom! A distant Skyquaking Giant swept its arm, immediately putting pressure on the Death's Scythe team that had just moments ago been able to hold it down. The seven men had been able to use the formation's power to firmly suppress the giant, but they now found themselves somewhat unable to hold on.


The seven quickly focused their minds into dealing with the giant's newfound power.

But the one who received the strongest boost from this halo was still the commander of the Skyquaking Army, Ghareeb Hassam. The moment the Skyquaking Halo had been unleashed, his strength had soared and soared and soared, climbing with astonishing speed to an astonishing level. As he saw his opponent's strength drastically increase, the Gangke King felt his heart sink.

"Take another one of my punches!"

Ghareeb Hassam's eyes flashed with cold light as he sent a gigantic fist wrapped in red flames toward the Gangke King.

Boom! This time, the Gangke King was not able to stop his blow. Even when using the Bright Fist of Massacre which could multiply his strength, he could not stop the thunderous punch of the giant commander. With a groan, the Gangke King was knocked aside. But just when Ghareeb Hassam was preparing to kill the Gangke King and destroy the last giant ballista, he glanced to the rear and suddenly grimaced.

"Bastard! You dare!"

Ghareeb Hassam's eyes widened, his body exploding with furious flames of anger. As the Gangke King had been knocked away, he had actually managed to use his Stellar Energy to wrap up the giant ballista and the surrounding ballista soldiers, and push them to a much farther area.

And in the direction the giant ballista had been pushed, a stalwart figure burning with flames as dazzling as the sun was flying toward him.

"Gangke King, I've come to help you!"

His voice resounding in the air, the Ferghanan commander Banahan used the Great Fire Crow Art to crash like a shooting star into the lofty mountain of Ghareeb Hassam. Rumble! Boom! The impact created numerous explosions and shockwaves, fierce gales scouring the surrounding area.

This terrifying momentum made even the Gangke King widen his eyes in shock. Banahan was the Ferghanan commander, a Brigadier General who was only a step away from the Imperial Great General level. While Ghareeb Hassam was the commander of the Skyquaking Army, his formidable power something that not even the Gangke King could contend against, he could find little advantage in front of a Brigadier General like Banahan.