The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 970

Chapter 970: The Tide Of Behemoths

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Seventy zhang!

Sixty zhang!

The distance between the two sides was shrinking. After enduring wave after wave of attacks, the Behemoths finally began their counterattack.


With a roar, a fiery-red lizard-shaped Behemoth opened its mouth, unleashing a thick gout of flames like searing lava, covering the distance of several dozen zhang to strike the Tang defense line.

The Burning One!

This was the first Behemoth the Arabian Empire had created that possessed a special ability. The plan to create it had been extremely time-consuming. The Arabian Empire had expended countless resources to feed the Behemoth special herbs, and then gathered more than ten thousand Fire element experts of varying levels of strength to pour Fire element energy into the lizard Behemoth as it grew. After six years of endless nurturing, they had finally succeeded in producing the dauntless Burning One.


The arrival of this flame was so surprising that the Tang had made no preparations whatsoever. In their minds, the Behemoths relied on their huge bodies and terrifying strength to battle. Thus, the Burning One's fire breath caught them completely off guard. "Aaaaah!" The shieldmen and infantry screamed as they were set aflame, transformed into large fireballs.

This flame was so scorching that even the steel walls and the shields in the hands of the soldiers turned bright red and began to smoke.


Panicked voices could be heard all across the defense line, only to be interrupted by another stentorian roar. Another of the four Behemoths, this one in the shape of a white bear, revealed its mouthful of shining white fangs, and suddenly began to charge. In a flash, it had broken away from the rest of the pack.

Forty zhang!

Twenty zhang!

The white bear Behemoth was so fast that even Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli appeared surprised.

"Stop them!" Gao Xianzhi hurriedly called out before rushing out of the defense line. Boom! As he shot forward, he slashed out a dazzling arc of Sword Qi thirty zhang long, aimed at the fiery-red lizard Behemoth.

Whoosh! The Burning One's long gout of fame was immediately cut in two by Gao Xianzhi, the magnificent Sword Qi swiftly extinguishing the flame.

As Protector-General of the Anxi Protectorate army, Gao Xianzhi had reached an extremely high level of skill. The moment he had chosen to strike and the angle were both perfect, and he had used the minimum amount of strength to extinguish the Burning One's flame.


At the same time, his deputy Cheng Qianli roared as well, and the Supreme Desolation God stepped over the first defense line, stirring up a storm of dust and sand as it began to charge at the white bear Behemoth.

Whoosh! Before they had even clashed, Cheng Qianli flipped his wrist, sending ten-some chains of Stellar Energy shooting toward the white bear Behemoth, wrapping them around the Behemoth's mouth, limbs, and body.

"Come!" Cheng Qianli bellowed as he collided with the white bear Behemoth. Stellar Energy and dust exploded, the tiny grains of sand transformed into metal pellets by the Stellar Energy.

As Cheng Qianli stepped forward, another enormous figure brushed past him. Wang Chong's father Wang Yan had also entered the fray.

Rumble! At a place thirty-some zhang from the first defense line, the Mighty Miracle God crashed into another Behemoth. The ground between them cracked and groaned, the fissures extending all the way to the first defense line. Eight of the enormous steel walls were immediately jolted out of the ground by the force.

Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and Wang Yan had all entered the battle.

Roooar! The final Behemoth, a gigantic ape, began to charge at the steel defense line in a cloud of seething dust.


The area behind the defense line was a scene of panic. In a series of booms, the one thousand ballistae fired at the devilish figure of the Behemoth. But the black ape swept one of its thick and hairy arms through the air, slapping aside at least half of the ballista bolts. As its arm collided with the ballista bolts, it made a metallic clattering.

As for the remaining several hundred ballista bolts, only ten to twenty managed to pierce into the giant ape's body. The rest were all repelled by a hardy layer of skin.

The Consecrated!

This was one of the strongest Behemoths in the Behemoth Army. It not only possessed boundless strength, but also a body that seemed to be made from metal, granting it far more impressive defensive capabilities than the other Behemoths. This Behemoth had developed this trait all on its own as it grew up, as if it had been blessed by God. As a result, it was called the Consecrated.

The Consecrated rarely took part in battles, but once it did, very little could stop it. Although it could not spit flames like the Burning One, no Behemoth in the Behemoth Army could compare to it in terms of pure strength.

"Release! Release! Release!"

Behind the first defense line, Chen Bin stared grimly at the enormous ape, his Wootz Steel sword constantly swinging down as he yelled with all his might.

This Behemoth's defensive capabilities were far too incredible, on a completely different level from the previous Behemoths. While the ballista bolts had not been able to inflict much damage on those Behemoths, they had at least been able to pierce their hides. But the ballista bolts were of no effect at all against this giant ape.

The piercing strength of the Great Tang ballistae was such that they could shoot through plate armor several feet thick, but such capabilities were still lacking against this giant ape.


The giant ape bellowed as it moved closer and closer. Twenty zhang, ten zhang… boom! A black and hairy foot stomped onto one of the high steel walls. Beneath the ape's foot, the tough and sturdy wall appeared to be made of paper, immediately deforming as it was pushed into the earth.

As the foot stomped down, the shockwave knocked the soldiers in a radius of several dozen zhang away like they were leaves on the wind. And then, the sky dimmed as a hairy hand spread apart its fingers and smashed at the ground.

"Not good! Run!"

The Tang soldiers looked up at that descending ape palm, each of them feeling insignificantly tiny, each of them smelling the thick odor of death.

Gallop! The Tang cavalry began to ride away, but given the speed and power of the ape, they were still too slow.

"Out of the way!"

Just when they were about to be crushed into pancakes by the ape's palm, a roar cut through the sky. A furious wave of Stellar Energy swept forward, snatched up the cavalry under the ape's palm, and tossed them out of range.

At the crucial moment, Wang Chong had finally returned to his senses and intervened!

Whoosh! In the chaos, few people noticed that Wang Chong had also thrown out a pitch-black item.


As the palm slammed down onto the ground, it unleashed a storm of sand and stone. But almost the moment after it landed, the enormous ape let out a howl of pain.

At that moment, everyone could clearly see that the tip of a long cudgel had penetrated the ape's palm.

In that brief second, Wang Chong had thrown out that ten-some-meter iron cudgel, its sharp point aimed up at the ape's palm. In normal circumstances, the tip would have never been able to pierce the giant ape's skin, but the enormous power of the ape's descending palm had made it happen. It was so painful that the Consecrated couldn't help but yowl.

"Everyone, hurry and retreat!"

Wang Chong shouted his orders as he charged forward. The Wushang Cavalry could not be called back, and the last Arabian Behemoth could not be left unattended, so Wang Chong could only rely on himself.

Clang! Wang Chong unsheathed his sword as his body transformed into a bolt of lightning that shot straight toward the dreadful and savage ape.

Thump! Jumping off the giant ape's pierced palm, he swiftly made his way up to its shoulder. A few seconds later, his left foot pushed off the ape's arm as he leaped upward.

Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

As he scaled his way up the ape, Wang Chong used the supreme sword art taught to him by Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen.

This supreme sword art's offensive strength was unparalleled in the world, allowing it to be ranked as first of the Ten Supreme Arts, even above the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. However, because Wang Chong's cultivation in it had been lacking, he had never been able to display the same terrifying level of power as Su Zhengchen. Thus, even though he did know the technique, he rarely used it. However, against this giant ape with such formidable defensive capabilities, the Art of God and Demon Obliteration was much more useful than the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.