The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 974

Chapter 974: The Crazed Masil

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Gao Xianzhi's armor had been gifted to him by the Sage Emperor. It had been extremely tough, capable of stopping divine weapons. In Gao Xianzhi's ten-some years campaigning through the Western Regions, this armor had always kept him safe. But in the end, it had been destroyed by Abu Muslim's palm. From this, one could easily imagine Abu Muslim's strength.

Boom! Gao Xianzhi had expended much of his strength fending off the Behemoths, whereas Abu Muslim was still in peak condition, as well as launching a surprise attack. Gao Xianzhi was swiftly suppressed. The assault of the four Behemoths and the two hundred thousand Arab soldiers was a harsh trial for the Great Tang, and the appearance of Abu Muslim was like adding an avalanche on top of a blizzard. At this moment, the Great Tang was in a terrible position.

Moreover, with Gao Xianzhi's attack intercepted, the giant ape had no more obstacles, and its enormous steely fist thundered down like Mount Tai upon Wang Chong. There was no else to help Wang Chong now. The fist was crashing down, and in the next moment, Wang Chong would be dead. However, Gao Xianzhi's attempt had not been completely useless.

Buzz! Upon hearing the explosive clash between Gao Xianzhi and Abu Muslim, Wang Chong suddenly came back to his senses.

"It's him!"

Wang Chong's mind was given a jolt as he saw the hairy fist coming down and the stalwart and determined figure in the distance. Boom! The giant ape's fist slammed down, creating a giant hole in the ground. Kacrack! The earth trembled as cracks began to spread through it, fountains of rock and dirt gushing out from them.

The power of that enormous punch left everyone stunned!


Deep in the ground, Masil clenched his fists, his eyes burning with excitement.

"That bastard is finally dead!"

That young Tang commander, that bastard who had killed three of his Behemoths, had finally been killed by the Consecrated. Masil was awash with satisfaction. Rumble! Under Masil's command, the giant ape began to slowly raise its enormous fist, its scarlet eyes sweeping the ground.

"Anyone who dares to oppose me will never have a good end! Although I won't be able to make your head into a stool, it's also not bad to appreciate your shattered corpse!"

Masil's eyes glimmered with excitement. Masil had many perverted hobbies that no one knew about. Other than bathing in the blood of his foes, he also enjoyed examining his opponents after they died gruesome deaths. The stronger they were, the higher status, and the greater the resistance they put up, the more Masil found himself entranced by them.

Wang Chong had killed three Behemoths, dealing a major blow to his army. Viewing his shattered body was more attractive to Masil than anything else, tantamount to a grand banquet.

But then, Masil's excited face froze. The ground beneath the ape's fist was empty. Not even a blood stain could be seen, much less a corpse.

"What's going on?"

Masil's eyes narrowed, his face transforming into a grimace. Masil began to scan the ground, swiftly noticing that familiar figure.

"Damn it! How did this happen!"

Masil felt like grinding his teeth into crumbs. He had never imagined that Wang Chong would be able to escape the giant ape's attack with so little distance to work with. An intense killing intent immediately exploded from his body.

"I can disregard anyone else on this battlefield, but you have to die! Do you really think you can escape?"

His mind seething with killing intent, Masil immediately had the giant ape leap forward in pursuit. While still in the air, the giant ape raised one of its massive arms and sent another punch at Wang Chong, faster and fiercer than the previous one.

"Lord Marquis, watch out!" Xue Qianjun loudly called out. After having had a brief moment of relief, he tensed up once more.

Others also called out in alarm, their hearts at their throats. Wang Chong was the commander of the army and the Protector-General of Qixi, looked up to by all his men.

If Wang Chong were heavily injured or killed in battle, the morale of the army would be annihilated and the lines would instantly collapse!

But as the fist hurtled down, Wang Chong flashed away, leaving behind a blur as he succeeded in barely dodging the attack.

Wang Chong's strength had already reached Tier 8 of the Saint Martial realm. Even though the giant ape was powerful, it would still find it no easy to task to kill Wang Chong.

Masil was at first stunned, but then his eyes turned red with fury.

"Die! Die! Die!" The more times Wang Chong dodged his attacks, the stronger Masil's killing intent became. "You can dodge once or twice, but I don't believe you can dodge one hundred times, one thousand times!"

Rooooar! Under Masil's control, the giant ape began to flail both its arms, unleashing a flurry of attacks on Wang Chong. But Masil failed to realize that as Wang Chong dodged attack after attack, his eyes became clearer, his expression more resolved.

No retreat! I cannot retreat!

A voice was echoing through Wang Chong's mind, getting louder and louder.

The Great Tang cannot lose! There must be some hope!

The winds shrieked past his ear like the swishing of swords through the air, but Wang Chong could still hear the screaming of the army, the cries of panic as his soldiers fled, the gurgling of blood into the earth, the snapping of weapons, and the falling of banners.

Other than the last battle of his previous life, Wang Chong had never been in as grim a situation as this.

Opening his eyes, Wang Chong could see Abu Muslim engaged in fierce combat with Gao Xianzhi in the air, with the Anxi War God currently in desperate straits. Nearby, the bearded Arab Deputy Governor of the East Ziyad was battling Cheng Qianli's Supreme Desolation God. The Supreme Desolation God's body was covered in cracks, and many fine lines could be seen on its chains of Stellar Energy. Even more shocking was that the pitch-black body of the Supreme Desolation God was slowly turning transparent.

This was a sign that the god manifestation was running out of energy and on the verge of collapse.

The combined assault of the Arabs and the Behemoths had inflicted heavy losses on the Anxi Protectorate army, and without the support of the Anxi Protectorate army, Cheng Qianli could not keep up the Supreme Desolation God.

Suddenly, a roar thundered through the sky. "Wang Chong, hurry and get out of here!!" As he was battling with Ziyad, Cheng Qianli's Supreme Desolation God turned its head to Wang Chong and shouted, urgency and concern in its eyes.

The Tang had lost this battle. Whether or not anyone was willing to admit it, this was a fact.

The Arab numbers and their Behemoths were not something the Great Tang could stop. Retreating with the remaining soldiers and preserving strength for another battle was the proper course of action for the Great Tang.

"Wang Chong, hurry!"

Blood trickled out from Cheng Qianli's eye sockets. Everything had its price. He and the Protector-General could no longer leave, leaving Wang Chong as the only person capable of leading the army away. He should have never appeared here in the first place. The Qixi Protectorate army had only come in the first place to rescue them.

It was the Anxi Protectorate army's duty to cover the retreat!

Moreover, both he and Gao Xianzhi were already rather old, but Wang Chong was different. He was still very young, only seventeen, but the intelligence, talent, and grasp of strategy he had displayed were incredible, causing both Cheng Qianli and Gao Xianzhi to sigh in praise.

If Wang Chong could survive, he would have limitless potential! The Great Tang would also have this limitless potential!

This was why Cheng Qianli and Gao Xianzhi had instantly made the decision to sacrifice themselves.

If only one person could survive, Wang Chong was the best choice.


At some point, massive bolts of lightning had begun to cleave through the air. At some point, dark clouds had gathered from all around, descending upon the battlefield. All of Talas was trembling beneath this thunderstorm.


As a bolt of lightning cleaved down, Wang Chong raised his head and swiftly began to work. His body wavered, but he did not retreat, instead lunging right at the enormous ape before him.

"Wang Chong!"

"Protector-General Wang!"

Cries of shock and alarm came from all around. Neither Gao Xianzhi nor Cheng Qianli had ever imagined that Wang Chong would choose not only to not retreat, but to charge straight at the Behemoth. At this moment, however, Wang Chong was deaf to the world. Retreat was death, an eternal descent into the abyss, and he would never make such a choice.


With a shout, Wang Chong began to climb up the giant ape's arm like a tiny ant. As he ascended, he waved his Wootz Steel sword, unleashing a blazing white Sword Qi ten-some zhang long. Vibrating in the air, the white Sword Qi turned violet and sliced into the giant ape's body.

In this attack, Wang Chong had managed to attach the Strength of Lu Wu to the Art of God and Demon Obliteration.


The giant ape gave a miserable howl, pulling back its massive arm as its body shook in pain. Moreover, its cruel and savage eyes of scarlet instantly fell into chaos.


Wang Chong landed back on the devastated battlefield and looked at the yowling ape, which suddenly punched at the ground.

"It's not right!"

Suddenly, Wang Chong's eyes widened as he noticed something off. This giant ape's punches had always been aimed at him. While this punch was still aimed at him, the direction…