The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 975

Chapter 975: Psychic Energy Expert

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


A thought suddenly occurred to Wang Chong, and he decided to stand still and no longer dodge. Boom! Debris flew into the air as the furry black fist several times larger than Wang Chong smashed into an area around seven zhang away.

Thud! A craggy boulder flew in Wang Chong's direction, but before it could get within a zhang of Wang Chong, it was blocked by an invisible barrier of Stellar Energy.

"It's not right!"

Wang Chong was still standing there, unharmed and unaffected. At this moment, he was beginning to get a few ideas, but he still couldn't understand completely. Boom! The giant ape punched out again, once more striking an area several zhang from Wang Chong.

Wang Chong could sense that the giant ape which had so doggedly pursued him had been drained of hatred, instantly losing its objective.

"Damn it! What is that violet flame?"

Deep underground, Masil clenched his teeth, a hint of astonishment in his eyes, but he quickly reassumed control over the Consecrated. In the blink of an eye, the cruelty and savagery in the giant ape's eyes returned, and it once more fiercely punched at Wang Chong. This time, there was no error, and it headed straight for Wang Chong's head.

Brooom! Dust and debris once more filled the air, but the ape had still missed. Wang Chong had once more managed to barely dodge the giant ape's iron fist. This time, Wang Chong did not pay any more attention to the giant ape, instead choosing to rush toward the part of the battlefield where the Arabs were most numerous and the Behemoths were inflicting the most damage.

As he rushed toward the area, Wang Chong's eyes constantly swept the battlefield. The feeling in his heart was getting stronger and stronger, and the truth seemed on the verge of being revealed.

It's wrong! It's completely wrong! There must be something that I'm missing. The Behemoths have a weakness, they must! They only appeared for a little while before disappearing. There has to be a reason for that.

Peals of thunder were booming in Wang Chong's mind.

"What is that infidel thinking? Does he think that he can rely on his own power to stop my three Behemoths?"

Underground, Masil was dumbstruck by Wang Chong's movements, but he quickly regained his composure.

"Hmph, struggle on death's door all you want; you'll still die!"

Masil was not very strong, but he was able to borrow the power of his centipede monster to travel deep underground, where no one could harm him. And while he controlled the four supreme Behemoths, no one could oppose him. Even Great Generals would have to bow their heads.

On the ground, Wang Chong continued to remain unaware. His gaze flitted onto the white bear Behemoth to the northwest and then suddenly froze. The enormous white bear was wreaking havoc as it proceeded toward the walls of Talas, but just when it seemed like it would crash into a group of Arab soldiers charging up from the rear, it made a sudden turn and charged off in another direction.

In this battlefield where hundreds of thousands of soldiers were fighting, the white bear Behemoth's strange movement was hard to spot, and had lasted for only a few seconds. If Wang Chong had not been watching at that very moment, he would have never noticed.

"It's not right!"

The feeling in Wang Chong's mind intensified.


His eyes turned to the center of the battlefield, where the giant lizard that spat fire was together with the other large Behemoth. There, he noticed a few more strange things.

The two Arabian Behemoths were devastating the surroundings as they advanced, but as they did so, they began to unwittingly get off course and grow closer and closer together. But just when they seemed like they were about to collide, invisible strings seemed to pull at their heads. These Behemoths on the verge of collision suddenly returned to their original tracks, maintaining the proper distance as they charged in straight lines.

Wang Chong's eyes widened. The sensation he was feeling was now at its maximum.

Roooar! The giant ape bellowed as it came up behind him, its pitch-black fist once more punching out with mountain-shattering power at Wang Chong. Wang Chong was on the ground, and given the giant ape's height, when it was attacking Wang Chong, it should have also been looking at the ground.

Strangely, however, its scarlet eyes weren't focused on the ground at all. It gave a feeling like its mind and body were not in sync, that it was being controlled.


Wang Chong's body trembled all over as this thought occurred to him. He finally understood what was wrong.

These four Behemoths were all being controlled!

The Behemoths acted according to instinct, which meant that they shouldn't have differentiated between the Tang and Arabs. The Behemoths would never alter their course if they noticed any Arabs in front of them. Similarly, Behemoths acting on instinct would never just travel in a straight line. And that giant ape wouldn't have its hands and eyes acting incongruously, a low-class mistake which made it seem like it was being controlled by another.

Once or twice could be written off as coincidence, but three was certainty. These four Behemoths were not acting normally.

Psychic Energy!

Wang Chong had a flash of insight. If a person wanted to control another living being, particularly something as enormous and powerful as a Behemoth, they would never be able to do so with Stellar Energy.

The only energy capable of this feat was Psychic Energy.

How could it appear here? The calamity hasn't descended yet, so how could someone possess such enormous Psychic Energy? They can even use it to control such gigantic beasts!

Wang Chong's mind was tossing and turning with shock. In this world where martial arts were revered, everyone cultivated Stellar Energy. Powerful martial artists could be found all over this world, but formidable mental energy experts were few and far between. Wang Chong had only seen Psychic Energy on a few of the otherworldly invaders in the calamity.

Psychic Energy was shapeless and immaterial, and it was difficult to form into effective attacks. However, those people had been able to condense Psychic Energy into solid form and inflict real harm on supreme martial experts. They had even managed to control some of the elite generals under Wang Chong's command. But this was an ability that only the otherworldly invaders possessed. It was only through fighting with 'them' that the human experts began to slowly understand this ability and research methods that could resist Psychic Energy.

But there were still several years until the calamity's descent. Wang Chong had never imagined that he would meet a Psychic Energy expert powerful enough to control the Behemoths so early on.

Just what's going on here? Why does the Abbasid Caliphate have such a powerful Psychic Energy expert?

Wang Chong's mind was raging, his understanding of the world completely overturned.

Martial artists would find it very hard to fight against Psychic Energy experts, unless… they could find their actual body!

With this thought, Wang Chong quickly made up his mind. The greatest difference between Wang Chong and other martial artists was that, as a reincarnator, although his martial arts had returned to the peak of the Saint Martial realm, his Psychic Energy was still at the level of the War Saint.


Wang Chong lunged forward, once more dodging the giant ape's attack. At the same time, his left hand began to make strange hand-signals. In the next moment, a majestic stream of Psychic Energy burst out from his forehead, surging into the air.

He didn't notice anything at first, with the air showing nothing unusual, but when the ape withdrew its arms and swept its scarlet eyes over the area, Wang Chong immediately sensed a well-hidden psychic ripple shuttling through the ape's body before vanishing.

If Wang Chong hadn't been looking for it, he would have never noticed anything strange.

"Over there!"

Wang Chong's gaze immediately began to pursue that ripple of Psychic Energy. But when he saw where it had emerged from, he immediately grimaced. That ripple of Psychic Energy had come from under! Ground!

"How could this be?"

Wang Chong was stunned. He had guessed that the Psychic Energy expert was nearby, even hidden amongst the nearby Arab army, but he had never imagined that they would be hiding underground. This was far too unexpected.

With Wang Chong's Saint Martial Tier 8 strength, Wang Chong could attack his opponent wherever they were above the ground, even in the air. But his abilities were not sufficient when it came to an opponent hiding underground.


Wang Chong suddenly heard a burst of panicked shouts.

"Save General!"

Wang Chong turned in surprise, and saw Chen Shusun in the distance. Chen Shusun was pale, his eyes looking upward in despair. Following his gaze, Wang Chong immediately noticed the giant golden-armored god in front. The armor of this god was completely wrecked, its aura dim. Across from it, the fire-breathing lizard had opened its mouth and spewed out a thick gout of destructive flame, more searing than the sun. Its target was the golden-armored god that was already on the back foot.

Fwooom! The gout of flame had already traveled more than a zhang. The golden-armored god was already at its absolute limit, about to collapse at any moment. If it were struck by the lizard's flame, the controller of the god would end up either dead or heavily injured, both of which were terrible for the Great Tang.