The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 976

Chapter 976: Battle Between Psychic Energy Experts

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong's mind trembled. He had been so focused on thinking of ways to deal with the Behemoths that he had never noticed that his father's Mighty Miracle God was in desperate straits. But at this distance, not even someone of Wang Chong's strength could come to Wang Yan's rescue.

"Hahaha, die!"

Deep underground, Masil exploded with crazed laughter. He was never an easy man to satisfy, and in this operation, not just the young Tang commander, but also the three other Tang commanders were his targets.

Killing enemy Great Generals was always a game and craving that he never got tired of. Nothing could be more sublime than killing the Tang youth and the other Tang commanders.

"Little fellow, first kill this Tang for me!"

The underground Masil took control of the Burning One and had it spit a long gout of searing flame. Ten zhang, twenty zhang, the flame shot forward, but just when it seemed like the Burning One's flame was going to heavily injure Wang Yan, Masil encountered an unexpected snag…


A powerful Psychic Energy shot forward, striking the Burning One as well as the Psychic Energy Masil had attached to it.


Only now did Wang Chong's shout arrive. Not even Masil could have predicted that in Wang Chong's panic, he would almost instinctively launch a pure bolt of Psychic Energy at the Burning One.

Booom! That gout of flame that could melt even rock veered, crashing into the ground ten zhang from Wang Yan. Wang Chong's surge of Psychic Energy had pulverized the Psychic Energy Masil had left on the Burning One.


The world seemed to fall silent as Masil froze atop his centipede monster, his eyes wide open in shock.

How could it be?!

Masil's mind was tossing and turning with mighty waves. Even though it was just a sliver of his Psychic Energy that had been destroyed, this was no less than an earthquake to Masil. Even if all four of his Behemoths dropped dead in front of him, Masil would still not be as stunned as he was right now. Everyone knew that Psychic Energy experts were an extreme rarity in this world. Although it wasn't impossible for two formidable Psychic Energy experts to appear on the same battlefield, the chance was practically nil.

Could it be that these infidels also have a supreme Psychic Energy expert on their side? Impossible! It can't be! How could such a thing happen?!

Masil's mind was still reeling, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy having given him an unprecedented blow.

"Coincidence! It must be coincidence!"

Masil clenched his teeth as he mastered his emotions. As the commander of the Behemoth Army, he had obtained many Psychic Energy tools from the Caliph. Moreover, as a priest, he had obtained an ancient legacy. Together, these things allowed him to possess a formidable Psychic Energy. No ordinary martial artist would ever be able to possess comparable Psychic Energy.


There was practically no martial artist in existence that could have Psychic Energy like this. He didn't believe it. It had to be a mistake!

"Burning One! Attack!"

Masil inwardly screamed as he began to communicate with the Burning One.



On the battlefield, Wang Yan's Mighty Miracle God slowly looked away from the nearby pile of molten rock and toward Wang Chong. The fire lizard's attack had been extremely powerful, melting rock and leaving a hole ten-some zhang in diameter, the insides of which were black and spewing smoke.

The red lizard's attacks had never missed before. Although Wang Yan didn't know the exact reason, he could guarantee that it had to do with Wang Chong.

Wang Chong could sense his father's gaze, but his shock was no less than Wang Yan's. As the War Saint, he possessed astonishing Psychic Energy, but he never had the opportunity to actually use it. This was Wang Chong's first clash with a powerful Psychic Energy expert on a large-scale battlefield. In that moment, Wang Chong had instinctively sent out a burst of Psychic Energy, but he hadn't actually expected it to do anything.


With this abrupt bellow, soldiers began to cry out in alarm.

"Milord! Careful!"

"Not good! That Behemoth is about to breathe fire again!"

The soldiers on the field were panicked, and Wang Chong was also nervous. Turning his head, he saw that the Behemoth had lowered its body to the ground, its throat swelling as it gathered up a flame more searing than the last. Boom! As Wang Chong and Wang Yan turned to look, the Behemoth opened its mouth and spewed.


With no time to think, Wang Chong sent another powerful stream of Psychic Energy from his forehead, which immediately crossed the battlefield to strike the enormous red lizard.


Nothing seemed to happen in the air, but Wang Chong could sense that he had run into what felt like firm steel. In the body of the fire lizard, he could clearly sense a cold and sinister layer of Psychic Energy.

A Psychic Energy expert!

Although he couldn't see it, Wang Chong was sure that this was the Psychic Energy expert controlling the Behemoths from behind the curtains.

"Brat, just who are you?!"

Masil's furious voice echoed in Wang Chong's mind.

"The person who will kill you!"

Wang Chong mentally sneered as he sent another stream of Psychic Energy, this one more powerful than the last. His two streams of Psychic Energy combined and collided against the dark and cold barrier formed by Masil's Psychic Energy, once more shattering it into pieces.


At almost the same moment, the flame spat out by the Burning One seemed to be struck once more by an invisible energy, veering off course and scorching the ground thirty-some zhang from Wang Yan.

"Retreat! Pass on my order! All soldiers, retreat!"

Wang Yan gave the order, but he himself did not move. Although he didn't understand what was going on or what Wang Chong had done, there was no question that the situation was favoring the Great Tang at the moment, serving as the perfect cover for the army's retreat.

In order to cover the army, Wang Yan's infantry had suffered gruesome losses.

Rumble! Wang Yan had barely spoken when his infantry began to withdraw, maintaining discipline and formation as they fell back.

The consecutive misses of the Burning One's flames had also attracted the notice of Abu Muslim and Ziyad. Although the Behemoths were not as intelligent as humans, they possessed a terrifying instinct, one comparable to the best martial artists.

The giant red lizard's primary attack was its flame spit, which was both extremely fast and accurate. It was absolutely not normal for it to miss twice in a row!

Both of them deeply frowned.

But the Behemoth Army was not theirs to command. It was under the direct command of the supreme Caliph of the Arabian Empire, so not even Abu Muslim knew of its secrets. As a result, he had no way of determining what was happening with the Behemoth.

But there was no one more shocked at this moment than Masil, deep underground atop his centipede monster.

The impact of Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was equivalent to a magnitude-twelve earthquake.

Masil's body was still immersed in this enormous shock.

A Psychic Energy expert! A Psychic Energy expert… he's actually a Psychic Energy expert!!

Masil's eyes felt like they were going to pop out of their eye sockets. He had been able to convince himself the first time that there was no way two formidable Psychic Energy experts could appear on the same battlefield, but Wang Chong's Psychic Energy strike had completely shattered these hopes.

How could this be? Just how old is that brat, how old! How could he possess such powerful Psychic Energy!

I don't believe it! Never!

Masil mentally roared.

Just like martial arts, Psychic Energy emphasized ancient lineages and legacies. Perhaps because this was a world of martial arts, the lineages of Psychic Energy were even older and larger than those of martial arts. It was usually the case that those with formidable Psychic Energy were not very young.

Masil was born extremely talented, and despite his hunched back and grotesque face, his Psychic Energy was practically unequaled in the Arabian Empire, allowing him to raise and control the Behemoth Army. Even the Governor of Iron and Blood, Abu Muslim, would have to admit his inferiority in this aspect.

It was precisely because of his exceptionally rare talent that Masil was able to obtain the favor of the Caliph in this empire that revered martial strength.

But now, Masil had encountered another powerful Psychic Energy expert, one who was much younger than him. This went against everything Masil knew about Psychic Energy experts.

This world can't possibly have this many powerful Psychic Energy experts! Just me alone is enough. Everyone else must die! Infidel, you will die! No matter what, no matter the price, I will have you leave your body here!! Masil furiously bellowed in his mind.

Masil had already held murderous intentions to Wang Chong, out of his own selfishness and for the sake of avenging the three Behemoths, but now, his killing intent had reached its maximum. He didn't even care about killing Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, or Wang Yan anymore.

A powerful Psychic Energy expert was an enormous threat, whether it was to him, his Behemoth Army, or the Arabian Empire. Masil would not permit this world to hold another Psychic Energy expert as powerful as him.