The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 977

Chapter 977: Shadow Pierce

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


All of a sudden, the Burning One, the Reaper, the Consecrated, and the last Behemoth all turned their vicious eyes to Wang Chong, standing in a field of corpses upon a large rock.

Stompstompstomp! The earth shook as the four Behemoths lowered their bodies and began to charge at Wang Chong, at the same time unleashing their attacks upon him. Fwooom!Blistering hot flames brighter than the sun emerged from the Burning One's throat. This time, however, their target was not Wang Yan, but the blood-speckled Wang Chong.


The surrounding soldiers cried out in surprise, but this time, it was not just the Tang. The horde of Arab cavalry had also noticed this strange sight and now looked at each other in confusion.

In the air, Abu Muslim and Ziyad glanced at each other, each noticing that the other had a deep frown.

This wasn't part of the plan at all!

The four Behemoths had cast aside their normal military targets. This was definitely not what Abu Muslim had expected.

What is that bastard Masil doing?! Abu Muslim inwardly fumed.

Orders held as much weight as mountains, and as the commander of the army and the East's infamous Governor of Iron and Blood, Abu Muslim had always been renowned for his strict discipline, cruel demeanor, and iron fist. Any general under his command, no matter their background or ability, not even his own deputy governor, dared to defy his orders.

But it was obvious from the current situation that Masil was mobilizing the four Behemoths for his own purposes, which made Abu Muslim instinctively displeased. However, Abu Muslim was not someone who let his temper carry him away, and besides, the Tang defense line was broken, their defeat certain. Given the situation, Abu Muslim would not treat Masil as he did others.

Is it because of that boy?

Abu Muslim squinted in the direction the four Behemoths were heading and immediately noticed Wang Chong. In a flash, he understood, but there was no more time to think. With black energy coiling around his body, Abu Muslim once more began to attack Gao Xianzhi with all his power.

Abu Muslim's desire to kill Wang Chong was no less than Masil's, but before this, Abu Muslim had to kill Gao Xianzhi, the heart and soul of the Anxi Protectorate army.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shockwaves swept through the air as the two figures clashed like competing lightning bolts, leaving behind afterimages of their fight in the air.

On the other end, as he watched the four Behemoths approach him, Wang Chong swiftly began to take action.

Rumble! A majestic stream of Psychic Energy swept forth, simultaneously striking all four Behemoths. In this moment, Wang Chong and Masil clashed once more. Wang Chong's mind was given a minor jolt, but Masil's consciousness that was attached to the four Behemoths was instantly pulverized and swept away.

The four Behemoths stopped, confusion in their red eyes. At a loss, they stood around and took measure of their surroundings.

Just as expected!

Wang Chong saw his speculations being instantly confirmed.

This was the first time in Wang Chong's life that he was fighting with a powerful Psychic Energy expert. His first attack had been on pure instinct, but now, on this third exchange, Wang Chong was getting a better understanding of how to move around Psychic Energy. As he began to get his grips on this power, he realized that this battle might not yet be decided.

He sensed that he held something extremely crucial to altering the result of the Battle of Talas.

"Bastard! I can't fucking believe this!"

Deep underground, Masil was on the verge of exploding in rage. As the commander of the Behemoth Army, Masil had never failed to control the Behemoths before, but now, that Tang youth had stopped him three times in a row. Despite his prodigious stores of Psychic Energy, he couldn't exert any of it.

It felt like he was being directly countered.

"Impossible! I can't lose to a brat who hasn't even started to grow a beard!"

The murderous intent in Masil's heart intensified.

Boom! His formidable Psychic Energy condensed into a sharp tip that stabbed through the ground toward Wang Chong.

Shadow Pierce!

This was a powerful psychic technique that Masil had inherited in his capacity as priest of the Arabian Empire and commander of the Behemoth Army. It was a technique capable of easily destroying someone's soul, and Masil had used it to kill the generals of many countries. Even Imperial Great Generals would be severely wounded by this kind of attack.

In the mental domain, the unsightly Masil fully deserved the title of grandmaster.


Masil's Shadow Pierce stabbed into Wang Chong's mind like a sharp sword, but suddenly, an enormous boom resounded through this mental world. Masil realized that his Shadow Pierce had apparently collided with the sturdiest mental barrier in the world. Upon impact, both of them vanished.

Most shocking of all to Masil was that he could sense a soul in that youth like none he had ever seen before. This soul was powerful, but there were many other strange things about it.

In Masil's view, it appeared like several souls layered over each other, but in a strangely harmonious and complete fashion.

He had never seen such a complicated soul before.

"Boy, just what are you?" Masil asked in shock.

Wang Chong was also a little surprised.

This Psychic Energy expert in hiding was far more formidable than he had imagined, apparently capable of understanding a little of Wang Chong's true nature, something that had never happened before. But Wang Chong quickly regained his composure. The Stone of Destiny was a secret that no one would be able to discover. As for Masil's Psychic Energy attack, Wang Chong was someone who could even endure the burden of death, much less some measly mental assault.

"Haha, don't speak about these meaningless things. I've already found your position. After controlling the Behemoths to kill so many of my men, do you think you can escape?" Wang Chong sneered back.

Masil should not have used this kind of mental attack with a form. Previously, Wang Chong only knew that Masil was underground, and had no means of determining the exact position. But when Masil attacked Wang Chong, he had also allowed Wang Chong to grasp his trail and trace the attack back to Masil's exact position.


Deep beneath the ground, Masil was stunned by these words. But before he had time to ponder these words, he sensed an enormous bolt of Psychic Energy shooting toward him. His face turned ghastly white as he realized that this Psychic Energy was morphing in transit, transforming into a sharp point.

It bore the exact same appearance as Masil's Shadow Pierce!


Wang Chong's Psychic Energy assault exploded into Masil's mind with the force of ten thousand jun. There was a silent explosion as both minds were given a fierce jolt. Above ground, Wang Chong clearly swayed.

Masil was faring little better down below, two streams of blood flowing down his nostrils.

In a clash of only mental energies, someone of Masil's abilities had no need to fear Wang Chong, but while Wang Chong was a Saint Martial Tier 8 expert, Masil had a far weaker body. This single mental clash had left his aura in turmoil and his body heavily wounded.

How could this be possible! Just how did he manage to learn my technique so quickly!

Masil's body trembled as his heart chilled. His injuries were secondary compared to the fact that Wang Chong had used his own technique against him, which was simply unacceptable.

Wang Chong had clearly not already known how to use the Shadow Pierce, or else his attack just now wouldn't have been implemented through such a primitive method. But a person who could almost immediately comprehend and put into practice the mental techniques of another possessed a talent that surpassed the bounds of Masil's imagination.

In Masil's understanding of the world, such a thing was simply impossible. Not even someone as talented as him was capable of such a feat.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Boy, I'll definitely kill you!"

Masil's mind at this time was a little disordered. His pride and conceit had been dealt a heavy blow by Wang Chong's existence. Without the slightest hesitation, he began to condense his Psychic Energy into dozens of thorns that shot toward Wang Chong like cannonballs.

"Hmph, a good move!"

Above ground, Wang Chong stood on the large rock with a fearless expression. This Psychic Energy expert was truly powerful, but no Psychic Energy attack could compare to the immense pressure Wang Chong had already endured from the World Constraint.

Psychic Energy as vast as the sea burst from the center of Wang Chong's brow, surging through the earth toward Masil in an assault far more ferocious than Masil's.

This had been the first large-scale defeat Wang Chong had experienced in this life, and the pungent smell of blood and the numerous corpses covering the ground created a sharp pain in his heart. And there was no question that today's defeat was entirely because of the four Behemoths and that mysterious Psychic Energy expert hiding deep underground.

Abu Muslim and his two hundred thousand Arab cavalry didn't even come close to this level of strength!

Masil wanted to kill Wang Chong and delight in his death, but Wang Chong was just as anxious to do the same to him.