The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 978

Chapter 978: Behemoth Fusion Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Deep underground, thirty zhang from the surface, two formidable Psychic Energies were ramming against each other like enraged dragons. These were Psychic Energies of completely different natures, one sinister while the other was staunch and unyielding. Although the earth was not being torn apart by any clashes of Stellar Energy, this fight was no less dangerous.

A battle of Psychic Energies of this level was enough to make even Imperial Great Generals pale.

As their minds clashed again and again, the Psychic Energies of both Wang Chong and Masil were battered and bruised. Wang Chong stood unmoving on the boulder, but his face had long ago turned the color of paper.

But Wang Chong was still a Saint Martial Tier 8 expert, so his injuries were a little less severe than Masil's. Blood was pouring out from Masil's nose, eyes, and ears, and even his hunched back was bleeding.


"I don't care how it is! I will kill you!"

Masil was flailing about, his body in a frenzied rage. Masil had a revered status, with all the nobles, governors, and generals showing him respect. In all the empire, no one except the Caliph could order him around. Indeed, he only followed Abu Muslim's orders because the Caliph had ordered him to do so.

If not for the Caliph, Masil would have already turned and left. Not even the Governor of the East could think about ordering him around!

But now, Masil felt utterly humiliated by the fact that some heathen from the east had beaten him into such a state!


His eyes spitting flame, Masil took control of the centipede monster and burrowed even deeper into the earth.


Wang Chong's pupils constricted, his brows rising in surprise at Masil's actions. But he quickly understood what was going on. Psychic Energy did not have unlimited range. The farther one was, the weaker the attacks would be.

It was obvious that Masil had come off worse in their contest and now wanted to pull back and get out of range of Wang Chong's attacks.

But Wang Chong did not pursue. The underground had always been a forbidden zone for martial artists. Without special techniques, it was very difficult to travel through the earth and do anything substantive against this sort of strange opponent. This was obviously one of the things his opponent had thought about beforehand. The vast majority of Psychic Energy experts had weak bodies and would not go onto the front lines unless they had ways of guaranteeing their safety.

The urgent task at hand is to deal with these four Behemoths!

Wang Chong stood on the boulder, his hair and clothes blown here and there by the fierce winds. Though his heart was fraught with concern, he did not allow a single speck of it to show on his face. The army could not be in a more perilous state, with both Abu Muslim and Ziyad having entered the fray.

The threat of these two alone was oppressive enough, much less together with those four apocalyptic beasts.

With this thought, Wang Chong quickly turned his focus to the Behemoths.

"Hmph, I didn't want to use this art! Brat, you forced me to do this!"

Masil's voice suddenly came from the ground, ringing in Wang Chong's mind. At that moment, a surge of Psychic Energy more powerful and vast than any Wang Chong had seen before shot out of the ground. Its target was not Wang Chong, but… the giant ape. Bzzz! In a flash, the Psychic Energy had disappeared into the ape's body.

This is—

So abrupt was the event that Wang Chong's mind was still in a daze. He was under the impression that his opponent wanted to avoid battle, but it was evident that he was wrong.

And in a flash, the battle between Wang Chong and Masil became one of a completely different nature. Rooooar! Several dozen zhang behind Wang Chong, the enormous ape known as the Consecrated opened its bloody mouth, all the hairs on its body standing on end and quivering like flames. Its body exploded with energy, a might that could swallow up the heavens.

"Foul brat, you're doomed! I'll swallow you whole!"

Masil's voice emerged from the ground one last time before he fell silent. Deep underground, Masil vomited blood, his face shriveling and turning both older and uglier.

The Behemoth Fusion Art!

This was a psychic technique recorded on the papyrus containing the method to raise Behemoths. It needed to be used with the Behemoths, and it could only be used by an Arab priest endowed with prodigious Psychic Energy. Even with the Behemoths, that extremely well-developed ancient civilization still had to deal with some incredibly powerful foes.

The Behemoth Fusion Art was meant to crush such foes.

And not only was the chance of success in using this psychic art very low, failure would result in severe backlash, even death. Even success required paying a heavy price. The soul would be torn at, one's Psychic Energy would greatly weaken, and one's life would also be decreased. Thus, all the Arab priests were very cautious in their use of this technique.

However, Wang Chong had displayed far too powerful a Psychic Energy, and Masil would not suffer another Psychic Energy expert of this level sharing this world with him. If his position had not been so threatened, he would have never used the Behemoth Fusion Art.

"Fuck! After making me pay the enormous price of ten years, I'll definitely have your corpse torn to such fine shreds that nothing will be left of it. You will pay an even greater price!"

Masil's eyes exploded with a loathsome light. With this thought, his head slumped down, his Psychic Energy connecting him to the giant ape above ground.


The sky dimmed as an enormous fist suddenly smashed toward Wang Chong. This was still the same giant ape, but its speed and power were on a completely different level. The ground shook, throwing debris several dozen zhang into the air. The giant ape's fist was even leaking out black wisps of energy.

Where the ape's fist struck, space itself seemed to have been twisted.

How could this be? When did it get so fast?

Wang Chong had barely managed to dodge this attack, and his mind reeled in shock. This giant ape had pursued him before, but never with such speed and strength. If Wang Chong had not reacted so quickly, his Psychic Energy keeping a watch on his surroundings and allowing him to dodge in advance, he would have received a direct blow.

Not only that, as Wang Chong turned back to look at that imposing beast, he could sense that this giant ape's body had become like a dark vortex, sucking up all the Origin Energy in the area.

Bolstered by the Origin Energy of the world, the giant ape was soaring in strength. Even its head seemed to be getting larger.

An expression of shock finally crept into Wang Chong's eyes.

He had never known that a Behemoth could grow stronger in this fashion. It was much like a martial artist.

"Die for me!"

Another mental ripple came from Masil, yet this time, it did not come from underground, but from the giant ape. Boom! Masil controlled the giant ape into sending yet another earth-shattering punch, agile and swift.

Masil was no longer Masil. He was the giant ape, and the giant ape was him!

And before him, Wang Chong was just a puny ant.


The Behemoth Fusion Art!

Upon successfully using this ancient art, Masil immediately unleashed a flurry of attacks at Wang Chong. The Behemoth's strength had more than doubled. The Behemoth Fusion Art did not only allow the user to directly control the Behemoth, but also allowed it to absorb the Origin Energy in a radius of several hundred li to strengthen the Behemoth.

The longer the time, the more powerful the Behemoth would become, until its strength reached unimaginable levels.

"Lord Marquis, hurry and go!"

Chen Burang, Sun Zhiming, and even Li Siye and his men, still fighting with the Skyquaking Giants, shouted out in alarm when they saw the Behemoth transform.

In their understanding of the world, the strongest martial artists were the Imperial Great Generals, who stood at the peak of both political and martial authority. But even the radiance of Imperial Great Generals dimmed before this Behemoth, appearing insignificant. And Wang Chong wasn't even a Great General, only at Saint Martial Tier 8.


The giant ape's bellows made everyone tremble in fear, and its attacks shattered and devastated the surrounding area. Amidst these attacks, Wang Chong was dodging left and right, barely escaping with his life each time, at every moment liable to be pulverized.

"No, Lord Marquis will die if this continues! He's simply in no state to deal with the Behemoth!" Sun Zhiming worriedly said.

Wang Chong was the person he respected the most, the one he devotedly attempted to imitate. If not for Wang Chong, he would still be Deng Mingxin and the Deng Clan's servant, suffering their bullying and insults. A true man should be like the marquis, protecting the common people and rendering great merit, defending the empire and resisting foreign enemies. This sort of aspiration and daring was what Sun Zhiming admired and longed for.

"No matter what, Lord Marquis cannot die here!"

Sun Zhiming rode off with his mind full of worries, charging in Wang Chong's direction.

"It's useless. Lord Marquis won't leave!"

At this moment, Chen Burang's youthful and powerful arm pulled Sun Zhiming back, his face solemn and grave.