The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 979

Chapter 979: Psychic Energy The Art Of Beast Taming

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Zhiming, you know Lord Marquis's style! If he wanted to escape, nothing would be able to stop him, not even the Arabs and that giant ape. It's not that he can't escape, but he won't escape! …Haven't you realized it yet? Lord Marquis is using this method to draw the attention of the four Behemoths and reduce the army's casualties!"


Chen Burang's words made Sun Zhiming tremble and come to a stop.

"Zhiming, this is Lord Marquis's choice! If it were just for his safety, he would never have used up all his wealth and ventured to the southwest when everyone else believed it to be lost, and he would have never appeared here. He didn't retreat in the southwest, and he certainly won't retreat today… This is Lord Marquis's decision. You know that no one can change it!" Chen Burang sternly said.

He was no less willing to save the marquis. There were very few people in the world who were as devoted to their country as the marquis, and Chen Burang also knew that given the state of the army, there was no other choice. The marquis had decided to stand and fight, and no one would be able to change his mind.

Sun Zhiming's face turned deathly pale, and his fists were tightly clenched, but in the end, he proceeded no farther. After some time, he turned and began to head back.


On the other end, Wang Chong had not noticed any of this. His mind was completely focused on the giant ape, which was only getting stronger as time passed.

Booom! In the area around the giant ape, boulders were being blown into smithereens, transforming into lethal projectiles. As Wang Chong weaved through the air, barely dodging the giant ape's attacks, his Stellar Energy blocked all this lethal debris.

There must be a way!

Wang Chong leaped away from another of the giant ape's hammering blows. As he looked up at the enormous beast, its image reflected in his pitch-black eyes, countless martial arts and mantras flitted through his mind.


As he was thinking, a powerful ripple of Psychic Energy emerged from his brow, striking the giant ape's body like a hammer.

"Hahaha, it's useless. Did you think that it would still have the same effect? I no longer have a weakness now. Your mind is not stronger than mine, and now, my body is even stronger than yours! HAHAHAHA!"

Masil's laughter made no attempt to hide his contempt.

Although the Behemoth Fusion Art required paying an extremely heavy price, it was a price that was worth it. He had feared this infidel's strength before, but now, the infidel was just an ant in his eyes. Masil could play around with him like he was a toy. With a thought, Masil controlled the giant ape's body into sending another thunderous punch at Wang Chong.

The battle was already won. This Psychic Energy expert of the Great Tang was now a fish on the chopping board, waiting to be cut open.


Wang Chong showed no emotion in his eyes, and as Masil spoke, another thorn of Psychic Energy stabbed into the giant ape's body.

It can't be wrong! The weakness of these Behemoths is Psychic Energy! Although their bodies are large and their strength is inconceivable, Psychic Energy can't be nurtured. Their greatest weakness is definitely Psychic Energy! Wang Chong said to himself. His body somersaulted in the air before landing, but his foot had barely touched the ground and he was off again, barely dodging the giant ape's other attack.

Bzzz! Wang Chong immediately shot another bolt of Psychic Energy, but this time, his target was not the giant ape. Instead, he attacked the red lizard Behemoth, the Burning One, several dozen zhang away. Boom! Although nothing had seemed to happen, Wang Chong could see that the Burning One, which had been madly spewing flame, had frozen in place.

But after a few moments, another river of flame burst out of the lizard's open mouth, melting a giant hole through the ground.

It was effective! Psychic Energy attacks really can counter the Behemoths. But how can I injure them, or even control them…

Wang Chong's brow deeply creased.

He could feel that this was the right method, but for some reason, the effects were very limited. It was like he had found the right path, but he couldn't get the half-open door to open any wider. As he was pondering on what to do, he once more heard that familiar crazed laughter.

"HAHAHAHA! I overestimated you! You were no Psychic Energy practitioner at all. Although you possess a formidable Psychic Energy, you have no idea how to use it to attack!"

Masil felt like he had discovered a new continent. He had originally been very fearful of Wang Chong, this fear spurring on his killing intent. But when Wang Chong attacked the Behemoth, Masil realized that he had been mistaken. This fellow was far from as powerful as he had imagined. It was apparent that he was just an amateur in the mental domain, a complete greenhorn.

"Oh? Do you really think so?"

Wang Chong's body paused, and then he raised his head and gave the giant ape a smile of ridicule. He suddenly understood what he needed to do. Although he was not a pure Psychic Energy expert, he knew many psychic techniques.

One of these was called 'Beast Taming Art', a technique that used Psychic Energy to control other animals. The only problem was that he only knew that this sort of technique existed, but not how to use it. In that apocalyptic world, the only animals Wang Chong encountered were tigers and wolves.

The Beast Taming Art had probably only ever been used to control animals of that size. Wang Chong had no idea if it would be of any use against creatures like the Behemoths.

I'll know if it's useful once I try it out. At the very least, it is a Psychic Energy technique!

Wang Chong's eyes shone with determination.

Wang Chong soared into the air like a hawk, heading straight for the top of the giant ape's head. In an exquisite fashion, he landed on the ape's arm and began to smoothly ascend.


Masil was stunned. He had never expected Wang Chong to still dare attack him even though he knew that he was much weaker.

"Damn it!"

The giant ape immediately sent an arm snatching at Wang Chong.

Wang Chong's gaze suddenly chilled, and a Psychic Energy different from any before emerged from his forehead.

"Beast Taming Art!"

This was a Psychic Energy as dazzling as the stars, yet also one suffused with the wild nature of a wolf or bear. It instantly burrowed through the giant ape's brow and connected with its soul. Bzzz! The ape's entire body began to quiver.

"No! Impossible!"

Masil's voice sounded it like it had encountered the most terrifying thing in the world. He had never imagined that this Tang youth had a technique similar to the Behemoth Fusion Art, allowing him to enter deep into the Behemoth's mind and control its soul.

"How could this sort of thing happen!"

Masil was so shocked that his entire body was shaking, but after his initial shock, he almost instinctively had a giant ape arm smash toward Wang Chong. In his rage, this attack was several times faster than normal. Just when it seemed like the enormous fist was about to impact with Wang Chong's body, certain to fatally wound even a Saint Martial Tier 8 expert like Wang Chong, the unexpected occurred…

There was another boom as the giant ape's other hand seized the descending fist and stopped the terrifying blow.


Everyone who saw this sight was left dumbfounded.

For a moment, the entire battlefield was eerily quiet. Even Abu Muslim and Ziyad had noticed this illogical sight.

"This, this… what's going on?"

"The giant ape is fighting with itself?!"

Everyone on the ground was still trying to digest what had just happened.


Underground, Masil gasped in shock, his eyes flying open.

The Behemoth Fusion Art was a secret technique passed down from an ancient and powerful civilization. Though it was somewhat damaged from the passage of time, there was no doubting its power. But while he was still controlling the Consecrated, that Tang had managed to successfully take control of one arm. This was absolutely unbelievable.

At the very least, Masil had never encountered anything like it.

"How could there be something like this? No technique should be the equal of the Behemoth Fusion Art!"

Masil clenched his teeth, his eyes nearly bursting out of their sockets.

"Hahaha, I warned you to not get so happy!"

A voice suddenly spoke in Masil's mind. Wang Chong stood on the broad left shoulder of the ape. The fur on this part of the ape was so thick that it reached his knees. He could sense the bulging and tense muscles beneath, brimming with explosive strength.

Wang Chong looked up at the enormous ape's savage head, a strange light glimmering in his eyes. The Beast Taming Art had been easier to use than expected.

The Behemoths are still essentially animals, and as long as they're animals, the Beast Taming Art can be used on them!Wang Chong excitedly thought to himself.

He had originally believed that the Beast Taming Art would be unusable or encounter some sort of obstacle, but he quickly discovered that the Behemoth's body contained the genes of all sorts of animals. Whether it was taming wolves, tigers, elephants, or lions… the Beast Taming Art resonated with all parts of the Behemoth's body.

The essence of this Behemoth was far weaker than the strength it displayed!