The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 980

Chapter 980: The Psychic World

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Who cares if you can control just one arm of the Consecrated! My abilities are far greater than yours! In a fight with me, you will still die!" Masil savagely retorted.

Bang! The ape's right arm shook, throwing off the left arm and punching once more at the ant-like Wang Chong on the left shoulder. Thud! A pitch-black elbow put itself in the way, blocking the ape's mighty punch.


Masil grimaced. They were both controlling an arm of the ape, but Wang Chong was much more flexible and skillful in the control of his ape arm. At the very least, Masil did not possess this level of freedom.

After all, Masil was an expert only of Psychic Energy, lacking in fighting techniques compared to Wang Chong.

"Haha, it's impolite to not reciprocate. It's my turn now."

Wang Chong sneered. It had never been his style to wait for death, and he quickly launched his own attack.


Wang Chong did not choose to attack the ape, instead sending another bolt of Psychic Energy through the ape's forehead, which traveled along various channels to collide with Masil's consciousness.

"Aaaah!" Unlike the other attacks, this one seemed to give Masil a sharp stab that made his soul shudder and scream.

"Haha, Masil!"

Wang Chong suddenly blurted out Masil's name. As he used Psychic Energy more and more, he began to understand more of the secrets hidden within it. In their successive clashes, Wang Chong had discovered a great deal of information, even the name of this Arab Psychic Energy expert: Masil.

"I've already exposed your secret. In front of me, you won't get another chance!"

Wang Chong was not a pure Psychic Energy expert, nor did he have any experience fighting with Psychic Energy, but in his battle with Masil, he had rapidly begun to understand and grow accustomed to using it.

More importantly, although Wang Chong didn't know the Behemoth Fusion Art or have as much experience as Masil, these techniques all had the same fundamental root. While using the Beast Taming Art, Wang Chong had understood a core principle of Psychic Energy.

The crux of Psychic Energy lay at the center of the forehead, in the brain. There were several unique channels in the human brain related to Psychic Energy. Circulating one's Psychic Energy through these channels was equivalent to hiding in a fortress and allowed one to greatly weaken any Psychic Energy attacks from the outside.

Thus, if he wanted to heavily injure Masil and remove the technique he had placed on the giant ape, he had to drive out Masil's Psychic Energy, piece by piece, from these areas.


Understanding this secret, Wang Chong sent another bolt of Psychic Energy into a channel, colliding with thunderous force against Masil's Psychic Energy. With no obstacles in its way, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy thorn had a completely different effect. Masil howled, his entire body writhing in pain. Even the giant ape was affected, its long and dense fur fiercely trembling.


Masil was both shocked and infuriated. He had never imagined that Wang Chong would be able to quickly understand this principle of Psychic Energy. If Wang Chong had just been a greenhorn before, he was now a proficient student, nearing the level of a master.

"I won't let you go! No one is allowed to act so brashly before me!"

His heart burning with loathing, Masil scanned the earth and suddenly noticed the retreating Tang soldiers. An idea occurred to him, and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

"Brat, do you really think I can't do anything to you? Do you think I don't know that what you care about the most is those puny soldiers? That you've only fought with me for so long to buy them time? Since this is the case, let me show you what happens to those who oppose me! I will kill them all!"

Masil's face contorted into a fierce visage.

Stomp! The giant ape raised its legs and began to charge at the Tang soldiers.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong paled. Just as Masil had guessed, he had been fighting with Masil to cover the Tang retreat. Masil attacking the regular soldiers was exactly what he feared, striking right at his weakness.

"Hahaha! You've finally been found out! You were trying to protect these soldiers! Let me have you taste a little despair!"

Masil smugly laughed as he controlled the giant ape into striding toward the thousands of retreating Tang soldiers. At the same moment, the three other Behemoths roared, raising their heads as they received the command.

Rumble! In the blink of an eye, all four Behemoths began to move, giving up on their targets and charging toward the Tang army.

"Didn't you want to save them? Let me see how you do it! I'm going to kill them all right now!"

Masil chortled. In his battle with Wang Chong, he had been almost entirely forced into a passive position, but now, he had finally found Wang Chong's weakness. Although he had no means of attacking Wang Chong, through his Psychic Energy, Masil could clearly make out Wang Chong's pale complexion, proving that his conjectures were correct.

He would now make the Tang youth pay a price for his arrogance!

A group of nearly six hundred Tang soldiers was in full retreat. Their armor was shattered and covered in blood, and they appeared exhausted to the very limit.

"Oh no, it's the giant ape!"

"It's coming at us!"

"Everyone, run!"

The soldiers scattered in panic when they saw the giant approaching.

"Heh, can you really escape? I'll kill you lot first, and then the others!"

Masil looked down, his scarlet eyes gleaming with a savage joy. He didn't use his steely fist, instead simply stomping down with his massive furry foot. With the giant ape's strength, a single stomp was enough to so finely crush these Tang soldiers that not even a corpse would remain.

"Come! Let me see how you'll stop me!"

Masil's expression was scornful and brimming with cruelty. He didn't care about these ordinary soldiers, but if he could hurt Wang Chong, he didn't mind personally killing them.


Wang Chong's eyes went red. Just as those nearly six hundred soldiers were about to be crushed to death, Wang Chong sent out a violet Sword Qi that vanished into the back of the giant ape's knee.

The giant ape's leg went momentarily numb, causing it to freeze in the air for two or three seconds.

"Damn it!"

Masil ground his teeth, immediately understanding that Wang Chong's attack had struck an acupuncture point of the giant ape that had numbed its leg.

"I'd like to see just how long you can struggle for their sake. You're just gasping at death's door!"

Boom! The Consecrated's enormous foot stomped down, sending rocks and stone flying and creating a giant hole in the ground. But Wang Chong's attack had bought the soldiers enough time for them to escape. Though frightened out of their wits, they were still alive.

"You can save them for a moment, but you can't save them forever!"

Masil sneered as he ordered the Consecrated to stomp its left foot down in pursuit. But to Masil's astonishment, the right foot that should have followed seem to gain a life of its own and stepped backward.

When the Consecrated's left foot stepped forward, it had placed its weight on the right foot, so the right foot's sudden disobedience caused the Behemoth to lose balance and fall backward.

"You! You! You… bastard!"

Masil was furious. He didn't dare believe that Wang Chong had managed to gain control over the Consecrated's right leg in such a short amount time, even causing it to intentionally lose its balance.

"I'll kill you!!"

Masil once more attempted to swat at Wang Chong on his left shoulder, but Wang Chong easily blocked it.

"Masil, you're too arrogant! As I said, I know all your secrets. You can't win against me anymore!"

Wang Chong's voice rang out in Masil's mind, and as he stood on the left shoulder of the ape, his eyes glowed with disdain. The comprehension ability of the supreme War Saint of the Central Plains far surpassed Masil's imagination. Even though he was no expert in the field of Psychic Energy, Masil served as the finest teacher.

Wang Chong had not only grasped the essence of Psychic Energy and understood Masil's secrets. More importantly, by understanding the secrets of Psychic Energy, he had obtained the key to dominate the battlefield.


A peal of thunder exploded in the mental world as Wang Chong's scattered Psychic Energy suddenly transformed into thousands of writhing dragons which began to throw themselves at Masil. Wang Chong's attacks were now hundreds or thousands of times more vicious than they were at first.

Boom! Bang! Boom! These dragons of Psychic Energy exploded in Masil's mind, biting, tearing, clawing, and lunging at his Psychic Energy and causing it to rapidly weaken. Wang Chong was no longer that green rookie. He wielded his Psychic Energy like he was one of the most powerful masters.

In Masil's life, this was the first time he had encountered such fierce and horrifying attacks.

As the furious and shocked Masil was battered down by Wang Chong's attack, his consciousness suddenly transformed into an endless ocean of black.