The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 981

Chapter 981: Darkness The Abyssal World

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Boy! You think too highly of yourself! The world of Psychic Energy is not as easy as you imagine it to be!"

Masil howled, and the gigantic black hand of a demon god suddenly emerged from the sea of darkness, wielding a trident that seethed with black flames. It soared out of the dark waters, thrusting at Wang Chong's dragons of Psychic Energy.

Thump! A black dragon was pierced through its lower jaw by the trident and exploded into a cloud of smoke. The black demon god made another sweep, and in a series of explosions, another eight dragons were pulverized. The black demon god was clearly much stronger than the dragons.

However, even though the demon god was powerful, it could not stand against the attacks of thousands upon thousands of dragons. In the blink of an eye, the demon god vanished, its painful howl echoing in the air.

"It's useless. In the psychic world, I have an endless supply of demon gods. You are no match for me!"

Masil's sinister voice echoed through the world. Whoosh! One, two, three… thousands upon thousands of demon gods emerged from the black ocean and began to battle with the dragons. This was a gruesome massacre, with dragon after dragon falling to the assaults of the demon gods.

But before Masil could get too happy, the dragons in the sky suddenly morphed. The forehead of a dragon began to bulge, quickly transforming into a pair of coiled horns. Their bodies also began to rapidly swell, growing two times, three times, all the way to ten times larger. Each of them was now an enormous black dragon.


Masil's eyes widened in shock and disbelief at this transformation.

"Masil, if you're done with your moves, it's my turn now!"

Wang Chong's voice rumbled over the black ocean. Fwoosh! A gout of black flames erupted from the mouth of one of the enormous dragons, piercing straight through the chest of one of the demon gods. The black demon god looked down in stupefaction at the hole in its chest before exploding into smoke.

Fwoosh! One searing flame after another descended upon the thousands of demon gods, and the tide of battle was instantly reversed.

"Damn it!" Masil's mind was reeling from shock. "I won't lose to you, never!"

"Masil, what skills do you still have left?"

Wang Chong's voice came down from the sky, instantly provoking Masil's rage.

"Reckless fool! You've only touched the surface of Psychic Energy, and you think you can fight me? Today, I will let you know the terror of the abyss."

Masil clenched his teeth. As a revered priest and commander of the Behemoth Army, he would never allow himself to lose to some young rookie.

Rumble! With a thought from Masil, the vast black ocean transformed. All the water vanished, to be replaced by an enormous mouth.

This mouth was so large that all of Wang Chong's giant dragons were like grains of dust. Boom! The mouth swallowed up all the black dragons with a single bite.

"Did you think you had seen through all my secrets? Ridiculous! This is the true ultimate secret of Psychic Energy! Upon entering my Abyssal World, you should never think about leaving again! You will be my eternal slave!"

Masil's voice was high and triumphant, bursting with endless pride.

The domain of Psychic Energy was a strange and bizarre domain, home to countless techniques. But amongst all these techniques, the strongest technique was undoubtedly the 'Psychic World'.

As one of the strongest Psychic Energy experts, Masil had formed his Psychic World ten years ago. During the Arabian Empire's conquest of its surrounding countries, Masil had used this technique to make countless Psychic Energy practitioners and martial artists yield, imprisoning their souls and making them his eternal slaves.

The Abyssal World!

This was Masil's unique skill. Even the Governors and Great Generals of the Arabian Empire that could use Psychic Energy knew the origin of this name.

The Abyssal World could only be used once a month, and Masil's injuries from his battle with Wang Chong made it even more difficult for him to utilize this technique, but his extreme loathing spurred him on. He wanted to use the Abyssal World to forever trap Wang Chong's soul in his own mental world.

Bzzz! The sky suddenly dimmed as all the black dragons formed from Wang Chong's Psychic Energy were trapped inside Masil's Psychic World.

This ability…

Wang Chong narrowed his eyes. This Psychic Energy ability of Masil's was very special, and very strange. But Wang Chong could still sense a tiny hole in this Psychic World. This world did not seem as firm and tight as it appeared.

"Haha, let me see what you can do now! Anyone in my Psychic World will slowly lose all their memories, and in ten days, you will be my slave, taking only my orders and following only my lead."

The bottom of the abyss roiled as black energy surged in from all sides, condensing into the body of Masil. His face had a satisfied smile, brimming with the joy of victory.

A good method to avenge oneself on one's enemy was killing them, but an even better one was making them an eternal slave, dominating their will. It was only in this stage of his battle with Wang Chong that he finally felt that he had victory in hand.

"Is that so?"

A voice drifted through the air, and in a flash, the thousands of black dragons began to fuse. Wang Chong created his own psychic avatar and slowly descended from the sky, the armor on his body transforming from black to gold, exuding a revered and holy aura.


As Wang Chong spoke, a massive golden arm swatted down at the abyss below. The abyss immediately began to toss and turn with massive waves, the entire world beginning to shake and rumble.

Although Wang Chong was not a Psychic Energy practitioner and did not know many Psychic Energy techniques at the start, from the moment of his rebirth, he had one of the strongest Psychic Energies in the world. Moreover, his obsession made it so that his Psychic Energy was perhaps more tenacious and more powerful than any other expert in this entire world.

To a person that had died once, no Psychic Energy technique could make them submit.

Wang Chong's incredible insight from his time as the War Saint together with his supreme Psychic Energy made it extremely easy for him to learn Psychic Energy techniques. This enormous golden arm was a technique he had comprehended when he was gathering up and melding together his Psychic Energy to form this avatar.

This attack was far stronger than the psychic thorns he had previously used.

"It's useless!"

Though initially stunned, Masil quickly sneered.

"This is my world. It doesn't matter how great your abilities are. You cannot harm me here. My word here is law."

Wang Chong snorted and ignored Masil. He quickly began to condense his Psychic Energy into an even larger golden hand. This time, he swatted at Masil's avatar. Boom! Masil's avatar was pulverized, and the entire Abyssal World trembled.

But a moment later, Wang Chong grimaced and drew back his golden hand from the abyss. He could see that an inky liquid had stained the golden hand, creeping through the five golden fingers as if it had a life of its own to infect the entire hand.

Not only that, the thick inky liquid apparently possessed strong corrosive properties. As Wang Chong was withdrawing the golden hand, the fingers were already dropping off, piece by piece.

"What is this?"

Wang Chong's face paled.

"Now do you understand what true power is?"

Masil's cold laughter came from all around, his satisfaction fully bared. Several dozen zhang from Wang Chong, the black fog once more gathered, and 'Masil' once more appeared.

"The more you resist, the greater your injuries will be. You're just hurting yourself. In my view… you should just obediently give up and yield to me!"

A strange light flickered through Masil's eyes, and then the abyss vanished. At some point, a thick and corporeal darkness had begun to flood in, the same kind of darkness that had infected Wang Chong's golden arm.

Besides that, an enormous pressure came with the darkness, squeezing and pushing at Wang Chong with ever-increasing force.

"Just sit back and obediently accept your fate!"

'Masil' had already vanished, but his proud voice continued to seep in through the darkness. The darkness began to surge in at an even faster rate.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong grimaced, but there was nowhere to run in the Abyssal World. In the blink of an eye, the darkness had engulfed him, and as black smoke seethed on his body, his Psychic Energy began to rapidly diminish.

Masil had used the Abyssal World to completely subsume Wang Chong.


Deep underground, several hundred zhang from the surface, Masil's coiled-up body atop the centipede monster finally opened its eyes. It was only now that he could truly relax. This was truly the most difficult battle he had fought in his entire life.