The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 982

Chapter 982: Unthinkable Art Blazing Sun

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Masil held a high status in the Arabian Empire and also had the assistance of the Behemoth Army, so he had never before been forced into such a miserable state. His physical strength was at its limits, and even the Psychic Energy that he had always been proud of had been greatly reduced.

But now, he could put the final period on this chapter.

Any person would find it hard to resist the power of the Abyssal World. This was a top-class power that even the best priests of Arabia would find difficult to escape from, let alone anyone else. This Tang infidel might have been powerful, but he was still bound to be subsumed by his world and become his eternal puppet.

But then, he suddenly sensed an intense ripple from his consciousness.


In Masil's mental world, a blazing ball of fire like the golden sun exploded. This golden sun exuded endless heat, casting aside all of his corrosive darkness.


The corrosive energy of Masil's Psychic World melted away like snow having boiling water poured over it.

"This is impossible!"

Masil's expression was like he had been struck by a lightning bolt, the blood completely drained from his face. The enormous shock made his body tremble so badly that he almost fell from his centipede.

"Impossible! How could anyone resist the strength of my Abyssal World! This can't be!!"

A Psychic World was the strongest technique any Psychic Energy expert could possess. Even the Great General with the hardiest resolve would find it impossible to leave if they carelessly fell into Masil's Psychic World. If it weren't for the fact that Masil's body was too feeble and he was worried that it would be hurt in a confrontation with Imperial Great Generals, he would have long ago used such methods against them.

In the Psychic World, everything was different.

"No, no! This must be a coincidence… No matter what, I will kill you!"

Masil's eyes closed, as he poured all his Psychic Energy into the mind of the Consecrated. The more Psychic Energy one poured into a Psychic World, the more powerful it would be, but the greater the risks would be.

Failure might mean crippling injury, even death.

Thus, even though the Psychic World was a supreme technique, almost all Psychic Energy experts chose to use it very cautiously, and when they did use it, they would not use all their Psychic Energy.

Psychic Energy was one's soul. If it were all consumed, the soul would die.

But Masil had gone mad in his effort to deal with Wang Chong, and no longer cared.


Masil's mind returned to the Abyssal World. In its depths, Wang Chong's aura was no more, replaced by a blazing golden sun bursting with endless destructive energy.

This world of darkness was now home to the brightest sun!

Masil had never seen such a thing in his life!

"This can't be! No one understands the secret of the sun! Just how did you do it!"

Although he knew that Wang Chong wouldn't answer, Masil still couldn't help but blurt out this question. Psychic Energy experts could transform into almost everything they wanted, all except the sun. To them, this was unthinkable!

In the history of Psychic Energy arts that Masil knew of, many supreme experts had been able to transform their mind into the moon, but nobody had ever succeeded in taking the form of the sun. At best, they could take the form of a ball of light. This was because no one knew the true appearance of the sun. Some people once imagined the sun to be a large ball of fire, but all they had managed to create was a ball of fire, not the sun.

Yet this sun was bright and true, exuding a heat that was far purer and higher-level than Masil's Abyssal World. This was the dream of all Psychic Energy practitioners since ancient times. Even Masil had lost his composure before this power.

The endless heat exuded by this 'sun' was setting the Abyssal World aflame. No Psychic Energy practitioner could this, only the true and authentic sun!

"The secret of the sun?"

Wang Chong's chuckling voice came from the heart of the blazing sun.

"What secrets does the sun have? Isn't it just the corona, the atmosphere, sunspots, solar flares, and the core?"

As a person who had crossed over from another world, Wang Chong regarded the sun as a very ordinary thing, and he found Masil's reaction to be much ado about nothing.

"Corona, atmosphere, sunspots, solar flares, the core…"

Masil's face was the picture of confusion. He recognized the words Wang Chong had spoken, but put together, they made no sense.

He had never seen these words in any scripture or heard them from any Psychic Energy expert.

He instinctively sensed that this was a core secret that every Psychic Energy expert desired, but he had no means of understanding it.

"I'll see for myself what this corona and solar flare are. Once I absorb you and make you my puppet, all your secrets will be mine to use!"

Masil's eyes shone with a vicious light. If this were a true Psychic Energy practitioner who could transform their mind into a pure sun, Masil would have immediately turned tail and fled. However, this Tang had clearly only imitated this power by accident. His level, experience, and other aspects were clearly still not at that dreadful level. This was an exceedingly rare chance that Masil had to seize!

Rumble! The world began to shake as the abyss came to life. A pure and corrosive darkness began to pour in, wave after wave layering upon each other.

The Abyssal Apocalypse!

This was the strongest offensive ability Masil's Abyssal World possessed. It gathered up all the power of the Abyssal World to create a psychic attack ten thousand times stronger than normal. This was Masil's move of last resort, one he used only against the strongest of foes.

Although it was powerful, the Abyssal Apocalypse was only effective against people trapped in his Psychic World.

The sun created by Wang Chong had a stifling pressure on Masil. The Abyssal Apocalypse was the only move he had left.


The Abyssal World instantly collapsed, contracting with astonishing speed. The pressure within the world increased, multiplying the burden on Wang Chong's body by one thousand times, ten thousand times. This was a power strong enough to break Wang Chong's soul.

The moment Masil's Psychic World collapsed, Wang Chong's sun also began to transform. The blazing sun first began to retract inward, and then it began to rapidly swell. In a flash, it was a hundred times larger, and then a thousand times larger, spreading its bright and righteous energy throughout the world.

Hissing loudly, Masil's strengthened corrosive darkness burned away at astonishing speed.

If one looked carefully, one could see that the sun manifested by Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was growing more and more detailed. The corona of this sun was rising and falling, with waves of heat splashing across its surface. Farther down below, countless streams of turbulence could be seen surging through the atmosphere with a complexity many times greater than before. Moreover, the stable sunspots and solar flares along the sun's surface suddenly began to appear and disappear with much greater frequency.

In short, if Wang Chong's sun was initially only ten percent similar to the real sun, through application of his Psychic Energy, Wang Chong had pushed it to nearly forty percent. As a result, the heat exuded by the sun grew greater and greater, sweeping through the Abyssal World with unstoppable pressure.

"This can't be real!"

Masil stared as all this happened, his teeth grinding against each other in frustration. Wang Chong was maturing far too quickly, and was displaying a strength that no Psychic Energy practitioner had ever displayed before. But the greater the abilities Wang Chong displayed, the more they inflamed Masil's killing intent.

The Abyssal Apocalypse could not be stopped. Once it was used, it had to be carried out to the very end, or else the user would suffer a severe backlash.

Boom! The Abyssal World began to collapse at an even faster rate, producing even more pressure. It was like a giant invisible hand squeezing the blazing sun in the center.

Boom! As the Abyssal World retracted upon itself, Wang Chong's blazing sun grew even larger and even more detailed.

"Masil! It's useless. Your strength has no effect against me," Wang Chong calmly proclaimed from the center of the blazing sun. Wang Chong had no idea that Masil had used his strongest technique, but as he fought against Masil, he gained more and more experience.

If Wang Chong had to accumulate this experience alone, he would have needed ten years, perhaps even longer. But with Masil's 'training', Wang Chong had skipped several steps, rapidly reaching an extremely high level of attainment. Moreover, in some aspects, the fusion of Masil's experience with his own insight allowed him to even surpass Masil.

"All Psychic Energy is just illusion. No matter how many moves you have or how great your abilities, it's all just a minor itch to me! You no longer have any chance of winning!"