The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Discord Amongst The Behemoths

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Deep underground, Masil's pupils constricted as if Wang Chong's voice had sharply jabbed him. 'All Psychic Energy is just illusion.' Wang Chong had lightly described one of the core principles of Psychic Energy, the consensus shared between all elite Psychic Energy experts.

However, saying it was one thing, but truly understanding it and putting it into practice was a feat that only very few succeeded at. Moreover, most people had a shallow understanding of this principle, taking it to mean 'Psychic Energy is fake'. But if this really was the case, how had he managed to subsume so many people and make them his puppets?

And if Psychic Energy was fake, why was it that when Psychic Energy was extinguished, martial artists would die with it?

The domain of Psychic Energy was not as simple as everyone imagined!

'All Psychic Energy is just illusion' was a principle that would never be overturned. However, those who could truly carry it out were one in a million, the true masters of Psychic Energy who could proudly look down upon the entire world. Only they understood the essence of this saying.

Masil had heard this saying twenty years ago, when he was still just a minor priest. But not even someone of as great talent and comprehension as him, someone capable of creating the Abyssal World, was able to reach this level.

Masil would never believe that someone could comprehend this supreme level faster than he could.

"This isn't real, it can't be… I don't believe it!" Masil's eyes were red as he hollered.

Rumble! The world shook with the sounds of collapse. As the end of the Abyssal World neared, the pressure at its core increased.

The sun formed from Psychic Energy finally began to be affected by this pressure. As the space in which the sun could expand shrank, the surrounding space began to twist. Even the surface of the sun began to ripple, shocks running through it.


Masil was overjoyed by this sight. He had finally regained the initiative in this battle. As long as his Abyssal Apocalypse could have some effect on Wang Chong's blazing sun, it meant he still had a chance to defeat this Tang youth.

But just when Masil was about to excitedly put more power into the Abyssal Apocalypse, a golden spear, hallowed and resplendent, descended from the sky and pierced through the collapsing Abyssal World. Kacrack! Countless cracks began to creep through the abyss, allowing energy to pour in.


Masil gave a howl of despair. The spear had pierced through his Psychic World and taken away his last sliver of hope.

The Psychic World was far more powerful than other psychic attacks, but in order for this supreme technique to be effective, one first had to be within the 'world' of the user. Now, however, the abyss had been shattered and could no longer reform.

"All of this is nothing but illusion. Masil, you've lost!"

Wang Chong's calm voice rang out, and then the Abyssal World collapsed, whisking Wang Chong and Masil back to the real world.


On the left arm of the giant ape, Wang Chong's body had half-sunk into the ape's thick fur. His eyes were calm and clear, as if they could see all secrets of the world. In terms of will, Wang Chong was far stronger than Masil.

"Now is the time to bring this battle to an end!"

Wang Chong's eyes glimmered with cold light. The part of his mind that had been battling with Masil merged back with his body, whereupon he swiftly launched a torrential assault against the giant ape's mind. His attacks this time were of a completely different nature, swiftly and meticulously driving Masil's mind from all the channels in the giant ape's brain.

Masil was thrown back again and again, constantly forced to give ground.

"Impossible! I can't lose!"

Masil bellowed as he poured all his strength into defense, but he could not stop Wang Chong's Psychic Energy, which was like a flood of magma that melted everything in its path. In the blink of an eye, Masil's control over the giant ape had dropped from ninety percent to seventy percent, and then fifty percent, thirty percent… Despite Masil's fierce struggles, he could not escape the fate of being driven out. With one last bang, Masil's Psychic Energy was finally thrown out from the giant ape.

But Masil's Psychic Energy did not return to his body, instead floating in the air before suddenly surging toward the Burning One several dozen zhang away. Whoosh! The Burning One turned its head, opened its mouth, and fired a blistering tongue of flame at the giant ape.

"Who cares if you can take the form of a sun! I'll never lose to you! In this battle, we will fight to the death!" Masil crazily called out as he made the Burning One breathe yet another gout of scorching flame.


The giant ape roared as its flesh was scorched and charred in two places by the flames of the Burning One. Although its flesh smoked, the giant ape's injuries were far less serious than they seemed. As the strongest of the four Behemoths, the Consecrated possessed an unbelievable defense. Not even the Burning One could hope to injure it relying purely on its flames.

"A grasshopper trying to stop a carriage! Masil, you've already lost! Cease your pointless struggle!"

The giant ape's scarlet eyes flashed cold, and then it spread apart its arms, bent its knees, and leaped at the Burning One like a tiger lunging at its prey.

Boom! The ape moved its head, barely dodging a gout of flame, and then its arm smashed with prodigious force at the Burning One's neck. With a howl, the Burning One's enormous body was flung over sideways in a spray of debris.


Countless people yelled and screamed as they tried to flee. The Arab cavalry were particularly panicked, their eyes bursting with fear and shock. They had taken the first attack by the Burning One on the giant ape as a coincidence, but they could now clearly see that things were not so simple.

"Damn it! What's wrong with the Consecrated? Why is it fighting with the Burning One?"

"It's not the Consecrated! The Burning One was the first to attack!"

"Ah! Watch out! They're coming at us!"

"Where's Masil? The Behemoths are supposed to be used against the Tang, so why are they fighting each other!"

The Burning One quickly got up and lunged, biting down on the giant ape's right arm. The two Behemoths quickly began to battle against each other, and the Arab soldiers quickly paled and began to retreat. Their disciplined formations instantly collapsed.

But the Behemoths were only beginning to fight.


The sky dimmed as an enormous foot stomped down. Several hundred pale-faced Arab cavalry failed to dodge in time and were crushed into pulp.

"Bastard! Masil, what are you doing! Hurry and take control of your Behemoth!" A furious bellow resounded in the sky. Abu Muslim was in the middle of holding down Gao Xianzhi, preparing to use this chance to finally kill the Anxi War God. But at this very moment, the Consecrated, a vital part of his own force, had suddenly killed his own men. This was a mistake that was very difficult to forgive!

But Abu Muslim was shortly after left stunned.

"Lord Governor, hurry… hurry and help me! I can't hold on much longer!" Masil's voice rang out in his mind, in a state of complete panic.

"What's going on!"

Abu Muslim was flabbergasted at these words. He had been entirely focused on fighting Gao Xianzhi, such that he had not paid much attention to what Masil was doing. He had never imagined that Masil would have been forced by someone else into this state.

"What could be happening? Is Masil not the one controlling the Behemoth?"

Abu Muslim was truly befuddled.

"…It's… it's that Tang boy! He's on the verge of taking control over the entire Behemoth Army! Lord Governor, hurry and help me deal with him!" Masil's voice was fraught with concern and a deep despair.


Abu Muslim's body trembled in shock, not daring to believe his ears. He knew that the newly-arrived Tang commander was an incredible strategist and talented warrior, but he would have never imagined that he was able to contest with Masil in Psychic Energy as well, pushing the commander of the Behemoth Army to these desperate straits.

Bzzz! Abu Muslim scanned the battlefield and quickly noticed Wang Chong standing on the Consecrated's left shoulder.


Just when Abu Muslim had turned his eyes to the ape, the giant stomped down on some Arab soldiers several zhang away. "Aaaaah!" The earth shook and screams filled the air as hundreds more Arab cavalry were crushed underfoot.

And across from the giant ape, the fire lizard was beginning to move more slowly, and the flames it spat out were unstable and inaccurate, striking left of the ape, then right. This was definitely not normal for the Burning One.

This was a sign that in the psychic domain, Masil was gradually being forced out of the Burning One by Wang Chong.