The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 984

Chapter 984: The Eye Of The Demon God

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong was on the verge of taking control of both the Burning One and the Consecrated!

The stomping of the two Behemoths was inflicting serious casualties on the nearby Arab cavalry.

"Damn it!"

Abu Muslim's thick brows revealed a tinge of fury. Bzzz! He lunged forward, casting aside Gao Xianzhi and flying toward Wang Chong on the left shoulder of the giant ape. Boom! The sky darkened as an enormous black fist covered in golden armor rumbled toward Wang Chong, stirring gales that caused space to twist and crack.

This fist's power was far above Saint Martial Tier 8, even above the strength of average Imperial Great Generals. But then, a sharp bolt of Stellar Energy swiftly pierced through Abu Muslim's Seventy-Two Demon God Pillars fist.

Although this attack was weaker than Abu Muslim's, it had chosen exactly the right time and place to strike, hitting the fist energy at its weakest point. Abu Muslim's attack immediately evaporated to this assault.

"Abu Muslim, our battle isn't over yet. Where are you going in such a rush?"

In a flash of light, the armored figure of Gao Xianzhi appeared in front of Abu Muslim. Gao Xianzhi's face was so pale that it seemed devoid of blood, and his armor was in complete tatters, blood seeping out from the cracks. It was obvious that he had experienced an extremely grueling battle.

But despite all this, Gao Xianzhi had a smile on his lips, maintaining a relaxed and graceful demeanor.

"Gao Xianzhi! You are seeking death! You think that you can stop me in your state?"

Abu Muslim's face was a sheet of ice, and the fires of rage glimmered in his eyes.

Gao Xianzhi had been fighting consecutive battles and was now at the limit of his strength. Abu Muslim had believed that Gao Xianzhi would be tactful and move aside. Unexpectedly, he had made the suicidal choice of continuing to fight with Abu Muslim.

"A civil official does not grasp for wealth, and a general does not fear death. This is one's duty, and if this Gao craved safety, he would never have marched all the way to this city of Talas. No matter how today turns out, this Gao will not retreat a single step. Lord Governor should use whatever supreme technique he has!"

Gao Xianzhi grasped his sword in his right hand, with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes.

Abu Muslim's pupils constricted, and he looked over Gao Xianzhi as if he was knowing him for the first time.

"Gao Xianzhi, I take back my previous words. You are truly an opponent worthy of respect!"

A tinge of respect appeared in Abu Muslim's eyes as he slowly straightened his body and took out what appeared to be an extremely old bronze gauntlet. This gauntlet's surface was covered in ancient letters, as well as images of demons and angels, but the most striking image of them all was the enormous eye on its back.

The Eye of the Demon God!

This was the name of the bronze gauntlet.

The world to the west of the Cong Mountains had experienced a completely different course of development compared to the Great Tang. An extremely powerful civilization had once existed there, and had left behind numerous ruins and formidable artifacts. Unlike in the Great Tang, these ancient artifacts all belonged to the highest ruler of the Arabian Empire, the Caliph.

Abu Muslim had this Eye of the Demon God gauntlet because it had been gifted to him on one of his audiences with the Caliph. There were two of these gauntlets. One had been gifted to Abu Muslim while the other had been gifted to the Arabian Empire's most revered First Prince.

The laws and power contained in the Eye of the Demon God were beyond the grasp of this generation. The Caliph had gathered all the craftsmen and experts of the empire to research its secrets, but in the end, they had nothing to show for it. However, there was one thing that was certain. This Eye of the Demon God gauntlet supplemented Abu Muslim's Seventy-Two Demon God Pillars Art and could bolster his strength.

There was even a rumor that this Eye of the Demon God had been left behind by one of those seventy-two demon gods from ancient times.

Although Abu Muslim had possessed this Eye of the Demon God for a very long time, he very rarely used it, not even when facing extremely powerful opponents. As the dauntless Governor of Iron and Blood, Abu Muslim would only wear this gauntlet when facing those enemies worthy of his respect, and he would use this method of ending their lives to express his respect.

Abu Muslim was no stranger to the look in Gao Xianzhi's eyes. Those were the eyes of someone who had already resolved to end their lives here. There was no doubt that Gao Xianzhi had already accepted his death and had decided to use this method to buy more time for his army to retreat.

But even though Abu Muslim's heart was full of respect, he could not allow Gao Xianzhi to succeed.

"Gao Xianzhi, out of respect, I will use this gauntlet to personally end your life!" Abu Muslim gravely said as he raised his gauntleted hand. Suddenly, he lunged toward Gao Xianzhi, and a powerful force began to surge out of the gauntlet, pouring into Abu Muslim's body. In that moment, the already formidable Governor of the East rose to an even more terrifying level.


A pitch-black fist of energy flew toward Gao Xianzhi at unimaginable speeds, instantly pulverizing Gao Xianzhi's Sword Qi. Plush! Gao Xianzhi vomited blood and his armor crumbled as he was blown backward.

"Lord Gao!"

Wang Chong, who was in the midst of a mental battle with Masil, noticed what had happened and instantly paled. Awooooo!The Burning One roared and breathed fire, though not at the ape, but at Abu Muslim.

In his battle with Masil, Wang Chong had already taken control over sixty percent of the Burning One, including the Burning One's ability to breathe fire.

"Lord Governor, save me!"

At almost the same time, Masil gave a wail of despair. Under the fierce attacks of Wang Chong, his Psychic Energy was now less than a third of what it had been, and Wang Chong was continuing to weaken it. He could already smell the scent of death.

Boom! Abu Muslim turned his head and blew apart the Burning One's flame with a single punch. Abu Muslim was also extremely frantic. The situation was slowly slipping from his control. The Behemoths that he had requested from the Caliph were slowly getting out of control and stomping his own troops.

From the sky, he could see that each step of both the Consecrated and the Burning One was landing in the Arab army, and screams were ringing through the air. Countless Arab cavalry were dying, crushed so thoroughly that no corpse was left behind. In just a few short moments, the Arab losses had reached nearly five thousand, and the number was continuing to climb.

But what worried Abu Muslim most of all was Masil. He was the commander of the Behemoth Army and a rare Psychic Energy expert, as well as the Caliph's most favored minister. He was of extremely high rank and importance in the empire.

The Behemoth Army had only come to Talas because of Abu Muslim, and if something were to happen to Masil, the Caliph's ire would be provoked. As the highest commander in the east, Abu Muslim would not be able to escape the responsibility!


The more worried Abu Muslim became, the fiercer his assaults on Gao Xianzhi. Hwoooom! The sky darkened, and fierce winds began to gather around his body, apparently summoned forth by the strange power in Abu Muslim's body.

Behind Abu Muslim, an enormous demon god with pronged horns, bull hooves, and a grotesque face manifested, its appearance extremely vivid.

A golden-red pillar also appeared behind the violet-black-scaled demon god, exuding a mysterious aura as the characters of an ancient language flickered in and out of existence behind it, each of them imbued with the power of destruction.

Boom! As a fist punched, space itself seemed to cave in.


Cheng Qianli lunged over, but another punch sent him flying as well. The Seventy-Two Demon God Pillars Art contained the power of an ancient civilization, and even Cheng Qianli was no match for it. As he smashed into the ground like a cannonball, his chest caved in and he vomited blood.

Sorrowful and furious shouts could be heard on the battlefield, and all of the Tang soldiers went deathly pale at this sight.


Wang Chong's eyes went red. Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli were the two highest Tang commanders of the Western Regions, as well as people that Wang Chong respected. These people had fought for the people and the country, were true heroes who had spent half their lives fighting on the frontier. They could not be allowed to die here.

"Abu Muslim, you're seeking death!"

A furious roar shook the heavens, and the earth began to shake. The giant ape suddenly extricated itself from its fight with the Burning One and began to charge at Abu Muslim, its mouthful of white teeth fully bared.

The giant ape was as fast as lightning, and an enormous steely fist was soon blocking out the sun as it shot toward Abu Muslim.

The agility and flexibility the giant ape displayed was far above Masil's abilities. It was like the abilities of a martial artist had been fused into the giant ape's body, allowing it to display both incredible strength and astonishing technique. This was the giant ape in a perfected state.

The giant ape's punch caused the air to explode as it shot forward with unimaginable power.

Abu Muslim had just been ready to go after Cheng Qianli and Gao Xianzhi to finish them off when he sensed the fierce winds and terrifying strength coming up behind him. His face flickered in surprise, but then it turned cold. He turned around and immediately threw a punch of his own.