The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 986

Chapter 986: Reversing The Tides Of Battle

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Masil was in the middle of controlling the two Behemoths to attack the Tang when he suddenly felt an intense killing intent, and his entire body shivered. He had been fighting constantly with Wang Chong for all this time, but for some reason, he now felt a deep fear toward Wang Chong.

But before Masil could understand, two enormous streams of Psychic Energy rushed toward the two Behemoths, blowing Masil's Psychic Energy to bits before he even had time to react.

"Masil, I won't let you get away!"

Wang Chong spoke each word with a heart-freezing chill. Bzzz!Taking control of the two Behemoths, Wang Chong then made one final attack against the remnants of Masil's mind in the Burning One's body. His mind transformed into a mighty flood that surged toward Masil.


Masil hollered in fear. Wang Chong's rage had made his Psychic Energy stronger than it had ever been before. Savage and unstoppable, it forced Masil into a complete rout. His face paled as he realized the great disaster he was facing.

At this moment, it was not just Masil facing disaster, but the tens of thousands of Arab soldiers on the ground as well, still chasing down the Tang soldiers. Their killing intent had been provoked, and they were all so excited that they did not notice anything going on above them. They had no idea that Wang Chong and Masil, these two powerful Psychic Energy experts, had already finished their battle.

They had also failed to notice that the two Behemoths which had been leading the vanguard, stomping down on the Tang army, had suddenly stopped.

"Killkillkill! Leave not one alive!"

The Arab officer leading the soldiers waved his scimitar in the air as he urged on his men. By now, he had killed more than thirty Tang soldiers, including quite a few Tang officers. The fighting and killing had so stimulated him that he could no longer stop himself.


Suddenly, he heard a panicked scream from his side, as well as sounds of turmoil.

"Damn bastards, what are you doing? Get in there!"

The Arab officer was infuriated. The Arabs currently held the advantage, and it was the perfect time to chase down their enemies, but now there was someone screaming and shouting as if intentionally trying to lower morale. This deserved nothing but death! But he quickly realized that something was wrong. Even though his men had heard his orders, the turmoil continued, and it was only getting worse. His panicked soldiers were shouting as they looked up, their faces pale and full of fear. It was clear that they were not faking.

"What's going on here?"

The Arab officer also raised his head, and was struck dumb. In the sky, he saw an enormous foot descending upon him with astonishing speed, the air howling as it fell.


The Arab officer trembled, his eyes flying open in shock, but before he could understand what was happening, the enormous foot smashed down. The earth rippled and shook, and the Arab officer gave one final scream before he and many other Arab cavalry were crushed into paste, their blood exploding out from under the Behemoth's foot.


The howling white bear Behemoth raised its foot, revealing a giant hole full of twisted armor and pulped flesh, almost unrecognizable as bodies.


"General has been killed! The Behemoth is out of control!"

The Arab cavalry who had been excitedly chasing the Tang felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured upon them. They began to panic, their formations falling into chaos as they scattered. But before they could get very far, the gigantic white bear raised its foot and stomped again.

And following the white bear, the other Behemoth also began to attack the Arabs.

"What's going on here?"

"The Behemoths have gone crazy! They've all gone mad!"

The attacks of these two Behemoths caused a swift reversal on the battlefield. One moment ago, the tens of thousands of Arab cavalry had been excitedly pursuing the Tang, but now, the Arabs had become the targets of the Behemoths. This shift had caught the Arabs completely by surprise, and their losses began to soar.

And this was not the only change on the battlefield. As the two Behemoths began to attack the Arabs, several hundred zhang away, the Burning One spread out its legs, opened its mouth, and sprayed a gout of flame one hundred meters long at a large group of Arab cavalry.

Caught completely off guard, these Arab cavalry were incinerated in just a few seconds.

The flames of the Burning One came in an endless flood, one stream after another sweeping across the battlefield, catching thousands upon thousands of Arab cavalry. The combined attacks of the three Behemoths inflicted devastating losses on the Arabs. Nine thousand, thirteen thousand, eighteen thousand, twenty-four thousand… The Arab losses had reached an astonishing number, and this number was continuing to climb.

The entire army was in panic, and even Ziyad found it difficult to decide whether to advance or retreat.

Thirty thousand, thirty-five thousand, forty thousand… The Arab losses were getting larger and larger.


In the rear of the army, Bakr slapped the red-clothed attendant holding the bone flute in the face. The force of the slap immediately caused the attendant's cheek to swell, and blood to trickle from his lips. He even spat out a tooth.

Bakr's face was distorted in rage. "Hurry and control the Behemoths! Don't you see how many of our men are dying? Once Lord Governor returns, I'll have him execute all of you!"

As a famed general of Arabia, Bakr had conquered many countries, but now, the Caliph's Behemoths that he was commanding were actually beginning to slaughter the troops on their side! This was a disgrace that he could not accept!

"Milord, the Behemoths can only be controlled by Masil. We only serve as assistants," the red-clothed attendant said in panic, his body trembling in fear.


Bakr's face froze in shock. This answer was completely outside his expectations. With a hefty slap, Bakr sent this subordinate of Masil's flying into the ground, breaking many of his bones.

"Nothing but a pile of trash!"


As the three Behemoths threw the entire Arab army into chaos, the countless fleeing Tang soldiers showed a completely different reaction.

"These Behemoths… are attacking their own side!"

The sight of countless Arab corpses, as well as the charred remains of those incinerated by the Burning One, left the Tang soldiers stunned. They had all been ready to die in battle, but they had never expected a sudden shift at the final moment.

"Lord Marquis! It must be Lord Marquis! Lord Marquis has taken control of these Behemoths!" One of the soldiers from the Qixi Protectorate army suddenly began to yell out in joy.

Although they didn't understand what had happened, they instinctively associated it with Wang Chong. If there was anyone who could salvage this desperate situation, it could only be Wang Chong!

This was the unshakable conviction held by all the soldiers.

"Lord Marquis!"

"Lord Marquis!"

"Lord Marquis!"

The Tang soldiers who had been making a strategic withdrawal to the east quickly stopped and began to cheer. It started with the Qixi Protectorate army, then the Anxi Protectorate army, and finally, the mercenaries from the Western Regions and the pikemen of Greater and Lesser Balur began to cheer.

"Chong-er, you truly did not disappoint your father!"

At this moment, no one was more pleased than Wang Chong's father, Wang Yan. He could see his son standing on the shoulder of the giant ape, and while he felt a little heartache, he felt more pride.

"Pass on my order! We're changing plans! Gather the army! Launch a counterattack against the Arabs!"

Wang Yan seized the moment, immediately making the decision to assemble the army for a counterattack.


It took only a few moments for the soldiers to assemble. The tens of thousands of Tang soldiers took up their disciplined formation: shieldmen in front, axemen behind, cavalry in reserve. This was a beacon of order in a sea of chaos, and if there was one person on the battlefield that could do this, it could only be the veteran Wang Yan, who had always had a very stable and steady style of battle.

The Wang Clan was a clan of ministers and generals, and had a long legacy of battle. Although Wang Yan's strength was not on the level of Gao Xianzhi, his military experience was something that very few people in the world could match. The soldiers resuming formation, particularly the defensively potent infantry formations, rallied the rest of the army. The scattered army rapidly began to take up their formations, and even the fleeing mercenaries began to line up again.

This transformation was so abrupt that everyone who saw it was dumbfounded.

"Impossible! Even though the army was in such tatters, it was still able to reconsolidate, and the morale of the soldiers is so high! As expected, when fighting with the Great Tang, one must be careful at all times and never treat them lightly!"

Huoshu Huicang looked down from the high hill in shock as the Tang army finished consolidating and prepared to strike back against the Arabs.

Huoshu Huicang was a famed general of Ü-Tsang and one of its best Great Generals, someone who had exchanged blows with the Great Tang's Tiger of the Empire Zhangchou Jianqiong many times. But not even Huoshu Huicang dared to say that, in a large-scale battle, if the Tibetan army were routed as badly as the Tang army had been, he would be able to reform the ranks and rally the troops as quickly as the Tang had.