The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 990

Chapter 990: The Armor Of Bhemah

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Arabian Empire had an extremely strict hierarchy, and if the commander of the vital Behemoth Army died in battle because of Abu Muslim, not even he, hailed as the strongest Governor of the East in history, could bear the responsibility.

"Wang Chong, you will pay a price for this! I will personally kill you and have you buried together with Masil!"

Abu Muslim's expression was contorted with rage.

"Asmodai's Fury!"

Abu Muslim immediately unleashed his strongest attack. Behind him, Asmodai, one of the Seventy-Two Demon God Pillars, began to split its three heads apart, each one clearly showing signs of creating its own body. In this moment, Abu Muslim's power increase by nearly forty percent.

"Die for me!"

At almost the same time, Deputy Governor Ziyad grasped the bronze Ocean Ring and threw it at Wang Chong. These two highest commanders of the Arab army stimulated all their energy in their frenzied assault against Wang Chong.


The governor and his deputy unleashed a flurry of assaults on the giant ape, from the front and back, left and right. They covered every possible angle, saturating every last inch of the space around Wang Chong.

Space itself began to crack under their assault, pitch-black and twisted fissures appearing. The boundless power even made the earth drone and quake as if an earthquake was happening. Moreover, under the attacks of these two commanders, even the supreme Consecrated began to appear unsteady, large bruises appearing on its body as it was forced into a passive position.

For something as powerful as the Consecrated, this sort of situation was difficult to imagine.

"Abu Muslim, Ziyad, it's pointless."

Wang Chong stood on the shoulder of the giant ape and shook his head at the two Arabs. Darks clouds were gathering overhead, and as Wang Chong looked around, he could see fierce winds raging over the battlefield while shrill whistles like the wailing of ghosts filled his ears. But Wang Chong remained calm, his expression utterly unmoved.

"All of this is in vain. Your attacks can't even break the defense of the giant ape, much less threaten me!"

Wang Chong towered like a rock in the middle of a river. Abu Muslim and Ziyad had no idea that what they were facing was not Wang Chong, but the veteran and supreme War Saint of the Central Plains, an individual who had taken the last force of soldiers in the entire continent and fought with the otherworldly invaders for decades. This was a top-class commander who had been refined through blood and fire.

Boom, boom, bang! Neither Abu Muslim nor Ziyad slowed their attacks. On the contrary, they only increased their intensity.

"Impudent! I'd like to see just how long you can hold on!"

"Who cares if you can control the Behemoths! No matter how large a price must be paid, I will kill you! If I don't kill you, I will never be able to rest!"

Ziyad's expression was ice-cold. Although Wang Chong was able to control the giant ape, both he and Abu Muslim could sense that Wang Chong's own cultivation level was not high enough. He was only at Saint Martial Tier 8, not even at the Great General level.

If not for the fact that the Consecrated, the strongest of the four Behemoths, had constantly been impeding them, either he or Abu Muslim would have been able to easily pulverize Wang Chong.

Behemoths were no warriors. Their defenses could not be so tight. A flaw would pop up eventually, and that moment would spell Wang Chong's demise!


Just when Ziyad had decided to kill Wang Chong at any cost, the sky suddenly dimmed as a massive shadow fell over Ziyad. Ziyad's expression froze as he slowly turned his head, and what he saw was a giant figure with two scarlet eyes staring emotionlessly at him.

"The Burning One!"

Ziyad's heart went cold as he recognized this beast. This Fire element Behemoth had somehow managed to advance so close to him without his knowledge. But this was not the only reason Ziyad's heart went cold. As he looked around, he saw that all four of the Arabian Behemoths had surrounded this area. Together with the Consecrated, they blocked off the north, south, east, and west, surrounding Abu Muslim and Ziyad.

Although Ziyad and Abu Muslim were hailed as the strongest of the empire's east, these mighty and vigorous Behemoths made them seem like tiny ants.

"Didn't you want to fight? Then come."

Wang Chong coldly smiled at the pair, and with a thought, all four Behemoths moved as one. Thunder seemed to boom as the entire world lost its luster to the attacks of the four Behemoths.


Two enormous palms swept toward Ziyad from the left and right, sending him flying. At almost the same time, a dazzling tongue of flame brighter than the sun and three beast palms as large as mountains collided with the Governor of Iron and Blood.

"Pillar of Asmodai!"

Abu Muslim was stronger than Ziyad, so even though he also had not predicted that all four Behemoths would gather here, he still managed to react very quickly. The dark clouds in the sky churned as rivers of black energy gathered in front of Abu Muslim. As light and shadow shifted, an enormous pillar of gold and red appeared and engulfed Abu Muslim.

In the myths of Arabia, Asmodai was a demon god who protected treasure. It had buried countless priceless treasures all across the sea, any of which was sufficient to drive a human king to madness. As the protector of these treasures, Asmodai also possessed an impressive defensive ability to complement its power. This ability was the Pillar of Asmodai.

That Abu Muslim had been able to conquer so many countries and fight with so many Great Generals while emerging unscathed was largely due to this technique. At his peak condition, Abu Muslim could use this technique to block a joint attack from three Great Generals.


The Burning One's flame and the palms of the other Behemoths struck the Pillar of Asmodai. Several explosions and shockwaves swept through the air, smoke and flames covered an area of more than one hundred zhang, and destructive winds and streams of energy swept over the entire battlefield.

Clang! A steel wall that weighed tens of thousands of jin was struck by a stream of energy and was blown off the ground, crumpling into a twisted pile of scrap metal. On the other end, the distant city of Talas also suffered a massive blow. The entire city quaked and trembled, causing dust to cascade from its walls.

Even the massive gates forged from Xuan Metal groaned as they caved in.

In the air, the battle of Abu Muslim versus four Behemoths was quickly decided. The enormous Pillar of Asmodai had only been able to last a secnod before exploding into smithereens. Even the stronghold of the Pillar of Asmodai could not stop the attacks of four Behemoths.


Abu Muslim rolled through the air like a cannonball, traveling one thousand zhang. However, at the final moment, Abu Muslim managed to use an invisible energy to go from extreme movement to a sudden stop.


At this sight, the heavily-injured Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and Wang Yan, who were all watching from a distance, were stunned. Even Wang Chong, who was watching from the shoulder of the giant ape, couldn't help but widen his eyes. He was well aware of the sheer power of the Behemoths.

Putting aside the power of Abu Muslim's attacks, the impressive defensive capabilities he showed were enough to chill one's heart.

But suddenly, there was a crack! The deep black armor Abu Muslim wore, made from some unknown material, cracked all over, and then it exploded into countless shards that rained down over the battlefield.

Abu Muslim's expression froze, and then he lowered his head and grimaced.

The Armor of B'hemah!

In the Arabic language, 'B'hemah' represented the great earth, firmness, and war. B'hemah was an enormous beast of hell, and it was rumored that B'hemah was born from the earth itself, subsisting on war, slaughter, and fear. Because it was born from the earth, it was endowed with impressive offensive and defensive powers.

It was the basis of an armor that all commanders who enjoyed war and slaughter would greatly cherish!

From the moment it was created, the Armor of B'hemah had passed through the hands of more than two hundred legendary commanders and Great Generals. This armor had an extremely long history, and almost no one west of the Cong Mountains did not know of this most precious suit of armor. Twenty years ago, during his conquest of the Sassanid Dynasty, Abu Muslim had obtained this suit of armor from the tomb of a legendary Sassanid marshal.

Abu Muslim had always treated it as a precious treasure, one even more valuable than the Eye of the Demon God.

Abu Muslim was able to stand invincible on the battlefield and rise above the countless powerful generals of the Arabian Empire to become the most powerful, most intimidating, and most iron-fisted governor in this history of Arabia's east through the power of this Armor of B'hemah.