The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Slaughtering The Skyquaking Giants

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Armor of B'hemah was sturdy beyond compare. It was capable of blocking the attacks of almost every kind of weapon and greatly reducing the power of attacks. Abu Muslim had felt like there was nothing in the world that could destroy the Armor of B'hemah. But now, this powerful Armor of B'hemah had been thoroughly shattered by the joint attacks of four Behemoths!

Abu Muslim was dumbfounded!

"Abu Muslim, I know you like to fight. Come; let's fight until the end!"

Wang Chong's voice resounded through the sky as he looked at the faraway Abu Muslim with a playful smile. No matter how powerful Abu Muslim was or how many of Arabia's treasures he had gathered, by mastering the four Behemoths, Wang Chong wielded the strongest force on this battlefield. No weapon could compare to this might.

No single party in this place could resist the simultaneous assault of four Behemoths!


Wang Chong had barely spoken when another enormous tongue of flame swept toward Abu Muslim. While Abu Muslim had been iron-fisted and callous before, daring enough to rely on the Eye of the Demon God to fight alone against the Consecrated, he was now restrained, his body dashing to the side to barely avoid the Burning One's attack.

"Hmph! Think you can escape?"

Wang Chong sneered, knowing that Abu Muslim was now completely following his tempo. Whichever one of the Behemoths attacked, they would drain his energy until finally, he would have to face three Behemoths at once, at which point his death could be the only result. Roooar! The Consecrated suddenly opened its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth, and then began to flail around both its arms as it lunged at Abu Muslim. It was swiftly followed by the Reaper and the other Behemoth.

"Asmodai's Fury!"

Abu Muslim paled and fired off a powerful punch, at the same time rapidly retreating to the west. But before he could get far, another gout of flame cut off his path of retreat. In the face of a full-power attack from the Burning One and without the Armor of B'hemah, even Abu Muslim was forced to evade.

"If you want to leave now, it won't be so easy!"

Wang Chong coldly smiled as he commanded the three other Behemoths to surround Abu Muslim. Abu Muslim was extremely strong, stronger even than Gao Xianzhi, and he also possessed astonishing defensive capabilities. In these aspects, Abu Muslim was the best Great General that Wang Chong had ever seen. But in terms of battlefield experience and techniques, Abu Muslim would not be able to find any advantage against Wang Chong.


A giant bear palm swung toward Abu Muslim from the front while another giant palm swatted at him from the rear. At the same time, Wang Chong commanded the Consecrated to get up close and swing down its arms over Abu Muslim's head with the weight of Mount Tai. The three Behemoths worked in perfect harmony, weaving together their attacks so tightly that there was no time to catch one's breath.

Abu Muslim dodged to the left and right to avoid this flurry of attacks, his face ashen and his grimace getting worse and worse as time went on, but he remained silent. At this stage of the battle, even someone as callous as Abu Muslim had nothing to say. Abu Muslim could not escape the blame for allowing the battle to descend into such a dire situation.

But as the commander of the army, even though he knew it was impossible to stand against Wang Chong, Abu Muslim still persisted, hoping to find that one last sliver of hope, hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and reverse this unprecedented rout.

But at this moment, a scream suddenly filled his ears.


Abu Muslim's expression flickered as he recognized the voice. His heart tensing up, he immediately turned his head and saw that Ziyad, holding the Ocean Ring, had been struck by a fierce flame from the Burning One. Behind Ziyad, Abu Muslim also spotted what appeared to be a monster in the shape of a centipede.

"That's Masil's pet!"

Abu Muslim recognized this centipede monster. At some point, Wang Chong had taken control over this monster and sneaked it around behind Ziyad. It was precisely the abrupt appearance of this centipede monster blocking Ziyad's retreat that caused Ziyad to be struck by the Burning One's attack.

On the surface, Wang Chong had been putting all his effort into dealing with Abu Muslim, but this had actually been a diversion so he could attack Ziyad.

Upon understanding this, Abu Muslim felt his heart sink, and he felt an intense apprehension toward Wang Chong. This young Tang commander had extremely meticulous plans, making him far more frightening than any opponent he had ever faced.

"An excellent chance!"

Wang Chong had been observing Abu Muslim this entire time. On the surface, the assault on Abu Muslim had just been a diversion so that he could deal with Ziyad, but Wang Chong's true goal had never really changed, had always been the highest Arab commander of the east. The moment Abu Muslim turned his head to Ziyad, Wang Chong immediately sensed that his moment had come.

An expert of Abu Muslim's level had far too many skills and experiences to draw on. Even with four destructive and mighty Behemoths under his command, Wang Chong found it extremely difficult to kill him. Only by producing a slight flaw in his mindset would he have a chance of success.


The moment Abu Muslim diverted his attention, Wang Chong had the giant ape, white bear, and the third Behemoth form a triangle that surrounded Abu Muslim in the center. The three Behemoths attacked simultaneously, cutting off all of Abu Muslim's paths of retreat.

This was an incredibly rare opportunity that Wang Chong had been waiting for all this time, the strength in the Behemoths building up to incredible levels. Even before the enormous Behemoth palms had landed, the space in their center was made into a true vacuum by the sheer pressure. Without the protection of the Armor of B'hemah, Abu Muslim could only grimace at this terrifying assault.

For the first time in his life, the Governor of Iron and Blood smelled the pungent scent of death.

But suddenly, Abu Muslim's thick brows rose as if he had noticed something. Bzzz! Before the attacks of the three Behemoths could fall, Abu Muslim slipped, like a fish through a net, through a gap in the attacks of the three Behemoths and out of Wang Chong's lethal trap.

"Ziyad, hurry and get out of here!"

Abu Muslim pushed back the enormous Burning One with a tremendous punch, buying some time for Ziyad to catch his breath, and then swiftly fled into the distance. Although he was unwilling, Abu Muslim had finally decided to cease his struggles.

Although Wang Chong's Saint Martial Tier 8 level of strength wasn't even worth a glance from Abu Muslim, the intelligence and abilities he had displayed made Abu Muslim extremely uneasy.

Under his command, the four Behemoths displayed an unimaginable power that not even the Arabs could produce. Moreover, these Behemoths also worked together in astonishing harmony.

Despite Ziyad's injuries, the assistance of Abu Muslim allowed him to smoothly escape. Without the slightest hesitation, his body flashed forward to catch up to Abu Muslim.

This time, however, Wang Chong did not pursue.

What's going on here?

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil. He twisted his head to look at the nearby white bear, a dark cloud of worry on his brow.

Based on his original plan, the power of the three Behemoths was enough to either heavily injure or kill Abu Muslim, but when the three Behemoths had been preparing to deal the final blow, the white bear Behemoth had slowed down for half a beat. This minor delay had instantly created a gap in the trap that Abu Muslim had used to successfully escape.

I already have complete control over the four Behemoths: their limbs, torso, muscles, skin… How did this sort of thing happen?

Wang Chong was keenly aware that this was no normal development. But there was no time to think, and Wang Chong quickly turned his gaze to the front.

"All soldiers, hear my order. Reform and attack!"

Abu Muslim was fast, and Ziyad was only a little slower. Wang Chong would not be able to catch up to these two commanders, but it was different for the soldiers they had left behind. Moreover, besides the Arab soldiers, Wang Chong was still confronting one other enormous threat: the Skyquaking Giants!


The Burning One raised its head and fired a gout of flame, striking a Skyquaking Giant a hundred zhang away.

With a scream, the eighteen-meter Skyquaking Giant was set aflame.

Wang Chong only glanced at this scene before shifting his gaze to the overall battlefield. From his vantage point on the giant ape, he could see countless Skyquaking Giants roaring as they tore through the battlefield.

Although the Skyquaking Giants were strong, their lack of intelligence was on full display. Wang Chong had taken control of the four Behemoths and now dominated the battlefield, causing countless Arab soldiers to retreat to the west in panic. Even Abu Muslim and Ziyad had been forced to beat a temporary retreat.

But these Skyquaking Giants remained unaware, all of them immersed in the battle before them. More than eighty percent of the Skyquaking Army was still fighting and showing no intention of retreating.

"Truly stubborn things! No wonder Abu Muslim only waited until the critical moment to let them out," Wang Chong coldly said.

In the past, five or six of these enormous Skyquaking Giants would have been enough to deal a heavy blow to the Great Tang, but with the four Behemoths, these Skyquaking Giants were no longer worth mentioning.

The Skyquaking Giants might have been powerful, but before the dreadful Behemoths which were endowed with frightening offensive and defensive powers, they were little more than grains of dust.