The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Dominating The Battlefield

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The white bear Behemoth roared as it shot forward, swinging down its enormous palm. A Skyquaking Giant raised his hands in fear and screamed as he was crushed into pulp.

At almost the same time, at Wang Chong's command, the giant ape punched two twenty-meter-tall Skyquaking Giants, rendering their dark-green Giant God Armor into scrap metal and their bodies into two. The power of the Consecrated was far greater than that of the Burning One or the other Behemoths, and the Skyquaking Giants were certainly no match for it.

"Kill him!"

Surprisingly, the sight of their comrades being slaughtered failed to strike fear into the nearby Skyquaking Giants. Instead of fleeing, their eyes filled with bloodlust toward the giant ape.

The call of a single Skyquaking Giant immediately caused the earth to thunder. Eight Skyquaking Giants, their heights ranging from eighteen to twenty-three meters, furiously roared as they heedlessly threw themselves at the giant ape.

Boom! These Skyquaking Giants, wielding shields and long spears, nimbly attacked the giant ape from all angles.

Raaaaa! Some of the Skyquaking Giants even leaped onto the giant ape's body and began climbing up towards its head. Their spears, shields and fists unleashed a storm of blows on the giant ape.

These Skyquaking Giants possessed incredible strength—one punch of theirs could shatter mountains and sunder steel. However, all of their attacks were blocked by the giant ape's tenacious hide.

Wang Chong could only shake his head at this sight. Boom! The ape's enormous arm descended from the sky, flattening the Skyquaking Giants that were trying to climb up its back. Blood squirted out from the green suits of armor in veritable waterfalls.


A savage giant holding aloft his shield as he leaped through the air was struck by a punch from its left arm. Kacrack! The shield shattered as the tremendous power of this punch shattered every bone in the giant's body and made blood gush out of every orifice. Thud! The Skyquaking Giant crashed to the ground like a punctured leather bag.

Boom! Bang! Crash! The giant ape was both swift and nimble. It slashed and swept with its arms, kicked with its feet, and slapped with its palms, using all kinds of techniques to paint the sky with the blood of these giants. A few seconds later, their corpses lay scattered across the ground, motionless.

It was far too easy for the giant ape to deal with these giants.

As the four Behemoths began to move, the Skyquaking Giants which had been like a thorn in the heart of the Tang instantly suffered heavy casualties. Twenty, fifty, eighty, one hundred and twenty… The Behemoths dealt with the Skyquaking Giant like they were cutting melons, and the mighty figures of the giants continually crashed to the ground.

As one batch of Skyquaking Giants after another charged fearlessly into the fray, another batch would be cut down like weeds. Finally…

"Run away!"

There was a wretched scream as the giants finally felt fear at the overwhelming power of the Behemoths. A Skyquaking Giant who was charging at the giant ape saw the bodies of his fallen comrades and stopped, fear appearing in his eyes as turned around and began to flee.

The first was the herald for a second, a third…

Although the giants had sacrificed intelligence for strength, becoming so dense that they had failed to notice the shift on the battlefield, they were still beings that possessed some modicum of intelligence. Even they knew to be afraid of death.

The rout was almost immediate, their courage crumbling rapidly. All the Skyquaking Giants finally lost their nerve and began to follow the Arabs westward.

By this time, nearly three hundred giants had already fallen.


With the crisis of the Skyquaking Giants averted, all the Tang soldiers breathed a sigh of relief. Taking out their weapons, they swept toward the distant Arabs in a lethal tide. Whether it was the Behemoths or the Skyquaking Giants, these were not normal beings that commonly appeared on the battlefield.

In the end, it was soldiers that fought soldiers!

That was their kind of war!


"Damn it! What is going on here? How did Masil's Behemoth Army fall under the control of these eastern humans? And where is the bastard himself?"

No one was more panicked and dismayed at this moment than the commander of the Skyquaking Army, Ghareeb Hassam. Even now, he couldn't figure out how this battle in which victory had been certain had morphed into a defeat. Even the illustrious Governor of the East Abu Muslim and his deputy Ziyad had fled. And his heart chilled at the fact that more than two hundred of the mighty Skyquaking Army had been killed in such a brief period of time.

"Hurry and leave this place! These Tang are far stronger than rumored. We can't stay and fight here. If we don't flee, we really might die here!"

Ghareeb Hassam was panicked and anxious as he endeavored to flee. But then, he noticed something that immediately made him fume with rage.

"These bastards! They're actually running away faster than me!"

Several hundred meters in front of Ghareeb Hassam, the Skyquaking Giants were fleeing for their lives, outrunning Ghareeb Hassam. This made Ghareeb Hassam want nothing more than to catch up to them and knock them to the ground.

Just when Ghareeb Hassam was prepared to catch up, he suddenly felt a strange feeling. In the blink of an eye, a flame more dazzling than the sun exploded in front of him. Ghareeb Hassam reeled back in shock.

But this was not the end. Booom! Something whistled through the sky, stirring up a storm as it crashed down in front of Ghareeb Hassam. When he saw the giant ape that had emerged before him, Ghareeb Hassam paled in consternation.

The Consecrated!

Ghareeb Hassam had never imagined that this strongest of the Behemoths would appear to block his path.

"Everyone else can leave, but you should obediently stay!" came a voice from the giant ape's shoulder. Wang Chong looked down with a scornful gaze, his expression callous and his voice determined as he spoke to the giant commander.

There was no one more powerful in this army of giants than the 'King of Giants'. He was nearly thirty meters in height, standing out like a crane amongst chickens, even amongst the other giants. But this was far from the only reason Wang Chong was determined to make him remain. Wang Chong's gaze swept from Ghareeb Hassam's head to his neck, chest, and finally to the enormous war halo under his feet.

This King of Giants was not different from the other giants merely because of his title, but because of that vast sea of energy that Wang Chong could sense from him.

Wang Chong had encountered giants in the war of the southwest, but this was the first time he had encountered a giant that knew martial arts. He had vast Stellar Energy reserves, and though he was not at the Brigadier General level, in terms of pure 'power', not even twenty Brigadier Generals could compare to him. Not even Great Generals could compare to him in this aspect.

In Wang Chong's eyes, this was a moving and breathing Stellar Energy warehouse.

With this battle going on and Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and Wang Yan all badly injured, the King of Giants could not be allowed to leave.

"Foul brat, don't get too arrogant. You think I don't know that you're the one controlling the Behemoths? Although I can't beat the Consecrated, I can easily defeat you," Ghareeb Hassam roared at Wang Chong.


Wang Chong's eyes widened in surprise. If this King of Giants was able to see the crux of the problem, then he was apparently smarter than he looked.

"A giant that can provoke me is truly interesting. But you should still just obediently lie down for me!"

Wang Chong grinned and swiftly ordered the giant ape to attack. Boom! The air howled as the ape's steely fist thundered toward Ghareeb Hassam. Ghareeb Hassam's expression flickered, and all he had time for was crossing his arms and taking up a defensive posture.

Ghareeb Hassam was very powerful, but there was still a large gap between him and the giant ape. Bang! It struck Ghareeb Hassam on the left shoulder, shattering the armor there and launching him like a cannonball. Boom! He crashed into the ground, creating a giant pit.


But punching Ghareeb Hassam not only brought little pleasure to Wang Chong, but made him stop. His brows furrowed as he looked down at the giant ape's arm. Wang Chong was under the impression that the giant ape's fist would strike Ghareeb Hassam's chest, not the left arm. Such a blow would have been sufficient to heavily injure Ghareeb Hassam and deprive him of all his fighting strength. But for some reason, the Consecrated's attack had veered off at the last second.

"What is going on here?"

The sense of wrongness that Wang Chong felt was getting stronger and stronger. Whether it was the gap the white bear had revealed while trapping Abu Muslim or the sudden shift of the Consecrated's attack, Wang Chong felt that ever since Masil had died, his control over the Behemoths had become much less smooth.