The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 10

Chapter 10: That mysterious background

In the room.

"Bam" Once in the bedroom, Nian Xiaomu reached out to close the door. Then, she placed Xiao Liuliu on the sofa.

She studied the little girl before her carefully.

A head of fine and soft hair was knotted into a top bun.

The delicate little face had inherited Yu Yuehan's good looks. It was an uncanny resemblance; except that it was adorable for Xiao Liuliu, but cold as an iceberg for Yu Yuehan.

Looking at her small, giggly face and that sweet dimple...

Nian Xiaomu's heart was totally melting.

"Why did you want me to look after you? Do you remember me?" Nian Xiaomu walked forward and sat down beside her, fondly pinching her little face.

This was the only reason she could think of.

"Xiao Liuliu pain pain, lost a lot a lot of blood, saw pretty sister..." the little girl hastily replied to her question, even gesturing with her injured arm.

Although she was young, she knew who was kind to her and could remember them.

"Uncle doctor had said it was this pretty sister who had saved me..."

"Don't swing your arm!" Nian Xiaomu felt slightly flabbergasted and quickly held her arm down.

She carefully gave her a thorough check-up to make sure that the sewn up stitches had not torn apart. However, upon checking, she realized that it was time to change her wound dressing.

"Be good and sit here while you wait for me," Nian Xiaomu instructed as she looked around in the room for the medical kit.

Before she could find it, someone pushed open the door.

Fang Zhenyi swept a glance at the luxuriously decorated princess bedroom, her eyes dilating with amazement.

Then, she suppressed the greed in her eyes and raised her eyebrow at Nian Xiaomu.

"Young Master Han said it would be the two of us looking after Little Miss together. What are your intentions by hiding her in her room?"

"..." At first, Nian Xiaomu did not want to bother with Fang Zhenyi, but when she looked up, she saw that the medical kit that she could not find was in Fang Zhenyi's hands.

Fang Zhenyi looked straight at Nian Xiaomu, her face filled with smugness and making a show of the medical kit that she was holding.

"The butler said that it was time for Little Miss to change her dressing and was worried that you would not do a good job, so he specially sent me over."

As Fang Zhenyi spoke, she slapped on a smile and said, "Come, Xiao Liuliu, Big Sister will change the dressing for you."

"..." Xiao Liuliu rolled her big eyes and walked over to Fang Zhenyi. However, this wasn't to let Fang Zhenyi change her dressing, but to use her healthy arm to take the medical kit and bring it over to Nian Xiaomu.

She smiled until her eyebrows arched and sweetly said, "I only want Pretty Sister."

Fang Zhenyi: "...!!"


In the study room.

In front of a wooden work desk, Yu Yuehan rested his muscular body on the seat, holding a set of documents in his hand.

When he was halfway through reading it, there was a gust of chilly air about him, as if all the area up to a thousand miles ahead would freeze.

"Young Master, based on the damage to the car, it's likely that the misadventure that Little Miss suffered wasn't an accident..." The assistant tried to withstand the stress of submitting his findings.

"Bam" The documents in Yu Yuehan's hands were forcefully slammed against the desk as the assistant spoke.

Those soulful eyes were like a deep whirlpool, but the pupils were raging with fury like there were flames in his eyes. He forcefully suppressed the emotions and managed to calm himself down.

His thin lips parted, pausing with every word as he said, "Investigate secretly. I want conclusive evidence!"

"Yes!" The assistant respectfully nodded his head in understanding.

Then, he placed another two documents in front of Yu Yuehan.

"We have checked Fang Zhenyi and Nian Xiaomu's backgrounds. Fang Zhenyi's background is very ordinary with working parents, and she has always been prim and proper. Nian Xiaomu on the other hand..." The assistant pulled an uncomfortable face and hesitated to continue speaking.

"Hmm?" Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows.

"Young Master, we couldn't find any information about Nian Xiaomu before she was 20 years old. Nothing at all!"